Happy Birthday Allah Rakha Rahman !

9 01 2010

Some 18 years ago, singer Unni Menon was given a call way past midnight, awoken in his slumber, and was told that accomplished director Mani Ratnam is recording songs for his new film and Menon’s voice was required for one of those numbers. Who works at this hour, Menon asked himself.

Happy Birthday ARR

But due to the fact that the name involved was called Mani Ratnam, Menon freshened himself up and rushed up to the mentioned recording studio, where he saw a young composer calling the shots.

Mani Ratnam, who so often works with Maestro Ilayaraja, has discovered a new talent to associate with in the music department. Menon wondered continuously if this young guy- whose name is AR Rahman, could really live up to the humongous expectations of having to compose for a Mani Ratnam film. He was given the song lyrics, the tunes were discussed, and on the wee hours of that one day back in 1992, Menon recorded a song called ‘Pudhu Vellai Mazhai’ (A new white rain), and went back home, back to his slumber.

The doubts that he had before recording the song existed even after that- he didn’t think he had sung the catchiest of tunes. Little did he know, that when he went to sleep that day, just like lyrics of the song proclaims, he has witnessed a new white rain, that will reign the Indian music arena over the following two decades.

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In close with Rahman ~ Family of Music

14 04 2009

A R Rahman with Saira Banu

He has begun to loom in the music world as one who comprehends global trends in music. Rejecting formalism with experiments in sound and texture, he has produced music that speaks to the masses and is true to their sensibilities.

At the KM Music Conservatory that he founded in 2008, he says: “I try to bring out something unique in the general spirit of the situation without benefit of experience from the past, so that each piece is a piece in perspective; new, different, free and without outside interference.”

It would perhaps be appropriate to quote the great Urdu poet Behjad Lakhnavi on his aspirations and their gratification.

Aye jazba-e-dil gar main chaahoon, har cheez muqabil aa jaye manzil ke liye duo gaam chaloon aur samne manzil aa jaye. Passion can see the realization of a dream Two measured steps and the goal is reached. Rahman has composed several pieces on political themes.

From his wildly powerful Vande Mataram to the haunting music in Bombay, his music liberates, but also provokes his millions-wide audience to feel and think along different lines. Rahman firmly believes that a career in music is a viable option. It is in this context that the intermediate courses in technology have been conceived at the KM Music Conservatory.

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A R Rahman answers specially for his fans

4 08 2008

In an interview for Leading Tamil Magazine, Music maestro A R Rahman answers to the questions of his crazy fans about Political leader’s to his best music composition ever. Here we go…

Do you consider you have achieved in the field of Music ?

Music is not a running race. Its a spiritual journey. If some people, say, its good, it cant be believed, and if some say its excellent, then too it cant be believed. The future generations have to make a garland out of the beads, whichever is suitable

Who is your favorite Political leader ?

After the period of Umar Nabigal Nayagam, there was a person by name Umar, who ruled. He behaved like a servant, by lying down in a bed made of ropes, and lead a very simple life. I came to know of all this, after reading his bibliography. After him, I like Mahatma Gandhi very much. I don’t know much about World Leaders, but amongst the few people, who have had impact on me, these people play a prominent role. A good leader must have patience and forbearance. He shouldn’t have differences between the rich, poor, good and bad, and must have the benefit of the nation and the people to be at his top priority.

You have cherished your long standing dream of starting a Music College. What next ?

Starting a Music College has been my first desire, and it is over. There are a lot of faces which follow to the school, and they have to be done, and the school has to be converted into a moral school. I have the intention to transform it that way.

Which country doesn’t love Music in the world ?

There is no nation, which doesn’t love music. Music is the common language of the world. Is there a nation, which doesn’t love the language. If so, please tell me ?

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A R Rahman & BlaZe working on Thirukkural.

29 07 2008

In spite of his busy schedule, music director A. R. Rahman has managed to find time to carry out a project, which is very close to his heart. After kindling the spirits of youngsters with his album ‘Vandematharam’ with which he retuned our national anthem ‘Janagana Mana’, Rahman is now working on an album based on Thirukkural.

It may be recalled that Ilayaraja had rendered an album on Thiruvasagam with loads of spirituality in it. Rahman in the company of rap singer Blaze is working on the world famous Tamil literary work Thirukkural now.

‘We want to take Thirukkural to the next generation. We are doing it with utmost care and dedication in such a way that the poetic genius of Thiruvalluvar is retained’ says the highly talented Rahman. Rahman is producing the album which is sure to captivate the hearts of the young.

In a recent interview to a tabloid, A R Rahman expressed his desire to release the Tamil verse collection Thirukkural in rap format. He replied so when asked what would be his contribution to the younger generation.

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Changing the face of Rahman’s music

25 06 2008

Rolling Stones Interview

The most celebrated musical address in Chennai lies beyond a partly corroded gate whose colour has so far eluded consensus. It’s purple, said the first samaritan who attempted to guide me through the maze of bylanes that is this part of Kodambakkam. The second kind soul said lavender, and a third leaned towards mauve. Ten minutes later, standing in front of this entrance of apparently indeterminate hue, I decide to go with mauve. Mauve. It feels nice to roll around the tongue. It sounds sophisticated.

This mauve runs through the most unexpected spaces in Allah Rakha Rahman’s recording studio. It’s on the borders of the doors in the waiting room, doors whose signs indicate that they open out to Studio 3 and Studio 2. (Studio 1 is invisible from where I sit.) It’s on the ceiling, on the yards of gauzy material diffusing the light from lamps overhead. It’s on the fabric of the ergonomic chair in front of the keyboard behind me, a Fender Rhodes Mark II Seventy Three Stage Piano. Perhaps Rahman will complete the theme. Perhaps it’ll be on his person when he walks in.

But Rahman enters in a maroon kurta that’s as rumpled as the hair on that boyish face. Once you’ve sold over a hundred million albums worldwide, you can apparently dispense with combs. And hearty pleasantries. The mumbled greeting almost doesn’t make it, fighting its way out through a smog of sleep.

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Music that Rahman loves to hear !

6 06 2008

Being a Rahmaniac, isn’t it always curious for us to know what songs Rahman used to hear. Now, its the time to list down the favorite tracks of A R Rahman in different genres. From International Pop to Ghazals and from Fusions to Own compositons, here comes the Musical Mantra of the Maestro.

In Indi Pop, Rahman’s all time favorite is Breathless. According to him “The song is well sung by Shankar Mahadevan and also beautifully composed”. Next comes Rabbi’s Bulla Ki Jaana in the list. Rahman adds ” The song sound different to the ear’s…..nice”. Then in the list comes his favorite Sufi singer Kailash Kher’s song Saiyyan. “Kailash is a good artiste and this is one of his better works.”

In International Pop, Bohemian Rhapsody of Queen is an all time favorite of Rahman. Then Rahman often listens to the sweet, hummable track “Time to say good bye” by Sarah Bright man and Andrea Bocelli.

Kate Bush track “Oh to be in Love” makes Rahman for great listening, anytime, every time.

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