The Twenty 5 facts of A R Rahman

18 12 2009

1. Rahman has no nick names. All the family members including sisters and his mom call him “Rahman” with full fleged love and affection.

2. Due to the family situation Rahman discontinued his studies in Padma Sheshadree Higher Secondary School during his 9th.

A R Rahman Grammy

3. Rahman doesnt celebrate his birthday in a grandeur way. Early morning prayers, orphanage visits are the activities he do on that day peacefully.

4. Rahman eats just for his hunger. Takes on any food he gets in his house. His stomach gets filled for even “Rasam Sadaam”.

5. Rahman has 0% affinity towards gold jewellery. Slim Platinum ring is what he wears at times. He doesnt wear a watch in his hand.

6. Loves to listen M.G.R and Shivaji’s songs. At times he also sings those songs in his house which closely related people only are aware.

7. During the composition of a film or an add when Rahman sings “Pudhiya vaanam Phudhiya bhoomi engum pani mazhai pozhigiradhu” loudy that indicates all the work related with him is done.

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Blue Music Review ~ Stirred & Stylish

15 09 2009

“Blue” is the first soundtrack from the Double Academy Award winner Rahman Sir after his famous win and his second for this year after “Delhi 6?Untitled-1which got both public and critics appreciation . Though his genius needs no approval but Delhi 6 just show-cased it once more to the whole world why Rahman deserves the Academy more than anyone else. For a fan like me expectations are always high from his every album but after such a win the spotlight on him has just got much more brighter

Chiggy Wiggy | Kylie Minogue, Sonu Nigam, Suzanne: The song created especially for a promotional music video purpose, has Kylie who will appear in the music video with Akshay crooning her Chiggy Wiggy way that somewhat reminds you of kylDeep within the Bamboo grove. But as this is Rahman’s track, you can always expect something new in it. Listen to halfway of the song and enter Sonu Nigam with an out-of-the-blue bhangra rhythm, now this is fusion of a high-order. Inovative-ness hardly comes in a better package. I am hooked to the 45 second segment from 2:15 to 3:00. The western sections suit Kylie fine, and the bhangra section suits Akshay’s image fine. You can already imagine how the music video is gonna be now. A good track which will take some time to be liked.

Aaj Dil Gustakh | Sukhwinder Singh, Shreya Ghosal :  Aaj Dil, which is a fire and ice duet featuring Sukhwinder Singh and Shreya Ghoshal. Nothing is predictable about this song which draws inspiration from jazz, Carnatic, funk and what have you! Just like dozens of Rahman songs heard in the past, this one takes its own time to register with the listener. Not at all an easy song to have been composed, written and sung, that has a slight Western touch to it. In the first few hearing ‘Aaj Dil’ appears to be a late 90s style composition by Rahman but after a dozen odd hearing, the song just sits pretty much in your head and it is impossible to get rid of this addictive tune. Read the rest of this entry »

Passage ~ Music out on September 8.

9 09 2009

Shekhar Kapoor is on cloud nine. He has just finished a short film in Argentina, for which the music was by A.R. Rahman, and has been asked to sculpt a structure inspired by the film that will join likes of Salvadore Dali and Picasso in a museum in Europe. The 25-minute film “Passage” stars Haley Benett, Lily Cole and Julia Stiles.


Speaking about the music of Passage, Shekhar Kapoor quotes “Rahman composed a classic opera song that he recorded in India in an Indian female singer’s voice from his KM music institute in Chennai. When I played the song in Argentina, they said, ‘Oh My God, what a great opera and an operatic voice ‘ Their jaws fell open when I said both were Indians”

Rahman’s all compositions are mind blowing for this movie. The film was shot in Argentina. There is a beautiful song named Aria in French. I ask people to guess where it is from, and they search for all the great composers of the western classical form. And are stunned when I tell them the piece was composed by A R Rahman, sung by an Indian girl called Kavita Baliga from his Music Academy, and produced in his studio in Chennai.”

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A R Rahman : God’s own Musician.

31 08 2009

The Indian composer AR Rahman, recent winner of a pair of Academy Awards for his jaunty songs in Slumdog Millionaire, has over the years demonstrated a keen talent for reaching new, rapidly appreciative audiences.

Rahman playing piano

This talent is typically discussed in reference to his work outside India, which began early this century when he collaborated with Andrew Lloyd Webber on the saccharine West End confection Bombay Dreams, pairing reworked versions of some of his most outstanding songs from the 1990s with some of his worst original music.

Since then, his work has featured on Broadway and in Chinese and Hollywood films. All this, particularly the Slumdog Oscars, has made Rahman the first Indian composer to find substantial audiences beyond the already large world of his country’s film industry.

But Rahman’s first, more impressive feat of border-crossing occurred much earlier, when he became the first Indian composer with a pan-Indian audience. So often is Bollywood used as a symbol of the entire Indian film industry that it is easy to overlook the country’s diversity of other regional cinema. Outside Mumbai, other sizeable film industries operate like self-contained planets, producing movies in the languages of Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam and Bengali.

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A R Rahman meets Vangelis in Greece

24 08 2009

How could A R Rahman become the first Indian musician to hold an Oscar? This rhetorical question arises from the signs, over the years, that if the genius from Chennai found his way to global recognition, it would be through the Grammies.

Ar rahman vangelis

That was the international award I thought he’d win first, this restless pop-rock explorer whose far-flung voyages of musical introspection have consistently reshaped the landscape of the film song. There was the unmatched finish in his albums, for instance — the kind of sonic spit-polish we’ve encountered only in international records.

Then there were the influences that shaped Rahman — Osibisa, Jim Reeves, Switched-On Bach, Chick Corea, Vangelis and Dave Grusin, none of which appear, at least at first glance, capable of being co-opted into the traditional five-minute film song.

Vangelis Music was always an inspiration to Rahman. This is what Rahman has to say, when he met Vangelis in Greece recently.

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Blue ~ Music Released on 8th September

20 08 2009

The wait for Bollywood’s most ambitious and promising project, the much anticipated India’s first underwater action adventure extravaganza BLUE is over.

Blue - A R Rahman

The first glimpse of BLUE was unveiled at Cinemax in a grand media event by none other than Music Maestro A.R. Rahman, sound expert Resul Pookuty, Director Anthony D’Souza and Producer Dhilin Mehta as they presented a unique ‘Sound Promo’ of the film.

Audiences too will get a sneak peek of the extravaganza on their television screens and on the big screens too as the theatrical promo opens with the weekend releases. An underwater action thriller BLUE captures the fast paced action, above and below the ocean as never seen before in Indian Cinema!

All set to hit theatres this Diwali on October 16th, Blue is produced by one of the biggest production houses Shree Ashtavinayak Cine Vision Ltd., which has tossed out landmark films like Jab We met, Bhagambhag, Golmaal,  etc. And this time, producer Dhilin Mehta has once again defied norms and raised the bar in film-making.

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Rahman to perform free at Sydney 2010.

19 08 2009

Sydney Festival announced today that Academy Award-winning composer of the Slumdog Millionaire soundtrack, A.R. Rahman, will give an exclusive free concert at Parramatta Park on Saturday 16 January as part of the 2010 Festival program.

ar rahman live in sydney

NSW Premier and Sydney Festival President Nathan Rees yesterday made the initial announcement at Sydney Olympic Park at the India Australia Friendship Fair, to an extremely appreciative Indian/Australian crowd. “Oscar award-winning artist A.R. Rahman has generously agreed to offer a one-off, free public concert, as part of Sydney Festival in January next year. The NSW Government in conjunction with Sydney Festival will host the event at Parramatta Park.” The Premier said.

“Without doubt one of the world’s great talents, I am sure Rahman will show Sydney why he is one of the all-time highest selling recording artists. I congratulate Mr Rahman for his leadership and goodwill. We all look forward to having him here next year.”

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