A R Rahman lives in his joint family. The family consists of himself, his wife Saira Banu, his 3 sisters (Raihana, Talath and Israth), his mother (Kareema Begum), his two daughters (Kadhija and Raheema) and a son ( Khwaja Mohammad Roo mi Rahman ).His sisters Raihana, Talath and Israth are professionally trained musicians. They often sing for him, and appear on stage performances as well.

Sister Raihana’s son, GV Prakash is a born talent, and he’s into music. He has sung songs for Rahman and now is an emerging music director.

Rahman’s mother and wife do play the most important part in his music – they are his critics.

Rahman got married at the age of 27. And unlike in the Indian movies, it wasn’t love at first sight.

Rahman had told his mother what his bride needed to have: some education, some beauty and loads of humility! His mother frequented the same Sufi temple as Saira and her family. His mother first noticed her there.

She cried Eureka when she saw this young girl praying in that Sufi temple. The girl’s parents also were looking for a bridegroom for their elder daughter, 21-year-old Saira. Her father is a Madras-based businessman, who belongs to Kutch , Gujarat originally.

Saira is sister-in-law of the Tamil actor who’s also called Rahman, and being a Rahman fan herself, she couldn’t let him down.Rahman remembers, “My first meeting with Saira was rather amusing. Back then, she only spoke Kutchi. I asked her whether she was interested in marrying me. I’d also told her what kind of life was going to be offered to her. She was very quiet then, but now I know she is anything but quiet! I had to smile throughout our three-hour meeting and, by the end of it, it was almost a pain.”

Rahman’s mother chose genuinely friendly Saira Banu to be his wife. Theirs was an arranged marriage. Saira and Rahman got married on Wednesday, March the 12th, 1995 in Chennai. It was a gala event.

About his personal life, Rahman once said “I’m very passionate about music and have very little place in my life for anything else. But whatever time I have after my recordings, I try and spend with my family, especially with my younger daughter. She listens to most of my songs and even has her favorites. It’s so wonderful to see your child growing up. I don’t want to miss out these little pleasures in life.” Saira and Rahman are blessed with two daughters and one son.

When asked ‘How much time do you spend with your family?’ he answers, “I have realized that I must spend more time with my family if I want them to listen to me.” He takes his children on small trips and picnics. His elder daughter Kadhija doesn’t like the autograph hunters running after him, so she restricts him from coming to her school. His younger daughter Raheema has interest in music. His son is too young, who shares the birthday with his father. He was born on 6th Jan 2002 and Rahman on 6th Jan 1966


Many people contributed to making Rahman what he is today.Though he completed his schooling from the prestigious Padma Seshadri Bal Bhavan in Chennai, and then shifted to the Madras Christian College , Chennai.there are many others who contributed to his success – as gurus and teachers.

Music Teachers

Dileep’s initiation in music happened in the early years. He obviously took the first music lessons from his father, RK Sekhar.

According to a story behind his music baptism, once a music director and colleague of Sekhar, Sudarshanam Master found the four year old playing a tune on the harmonium. Master covered the keys with a cloth. It made no difference. Dileep replayed the tune effortlessly. This impressed the music director who suggested that he be trained in music.

Dileep started taking his first music lessons on a piano and a pedal organ when only four. He also began to formally learn Indian classical music, carnatic from Dakshinamoorthy and N. Gopalakrishnan and Hindustani from Krishnan Nair. He took classes in film music from Nithyanandham and Western Classical from Jacob John. All this learning experience enabled him to earn a scholarship to the famed Trinity College of Music at Oxford University London, from where he obtained a degree in Western Classical Music.

Once back in India , he continued to be a part of various music troupes called Roots, Magic, Memosis, Aristocrats, and Nemesis Avenue etc . He also learnt the Sufi Qawwali style from Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, in 1997, when he visited Lahore and met the great Pakistani Sufi singer.There is one more in the list – his favorite singer Hariharan – who teaches him Ghazals in relation to Hindustani classical music. In late 1998, he formally learnt the ‘Hindustani Khayaal Gayaki’ from siblings Ghulam Kader Murtaza Khan and Ghulam Kader Mustafa Khan.

In 1998, while composing for Subhash Ghai’s ‘Taal’, he thought learning Hindi and Urdu would help him compose music for the North Indian style, and got in touch with Anand Bakshi, the famous lyricist.

Spiritual Teachers

When his sister was ill, he came across Pir Quadri. This was well before Rahman was ‘born’.and Dileep was still ‘alive’. Pir advised him frequently and taught him the purpose of life.

For Dileep, the meeting with Pir was an inner awakening and cleansing. Pir taught him a different perspective of life. Soon he and his family accepted Islam. Thus Dileep became Abdul Rahman.

It was Pir Quadri, who gave him the first lessons of Islam. After the demise of Pir Quadri, he came in contact with Mehboob Aalam and Mohammad Yusuf Bhai, who now continue to be his spiritual guide, mentor, adviser, and guru.

For Rahman, learning is divine process. He says: “You’ve to learn from the inside out. No one can teach you, none can make you spiritual. There is only teacher, and that is your soul.”


After his father passed away, the burden of earning the bread and butter for his family fell on Dileep’s shoulders at the very young age of 11, and because of that, he had been struggling extremely hard for some years.His family went through a rough patch following his father’s death, which literally shook their world. He even had to work in amateur Kannada plays at the age of 13, to earn money for his family.

Because of these hardships, sometime afterwards he stopped believing in the God. He believed that there was no God. There was a feeling of restlessness within him. But later when he stabilized himself, he found that the concept of God in Islam was very appealing to him.

He learnt that there can be no life without a force governing, without God. And then he found what he was looking for – in Islam. It all happened around 1988, when one of his sisters fell seriously ill, with similar inexplicable conditions as their father. Numerous attempts to cure her failed. Her condition progressively worsened. The family tried everything from medicine to religious methods like havanas and prayers in the church.

The family had given up all hope; when they came in contact with a Muslim Pir called as Pir Karimulla Shah Qadri or Sheik Abdul Qadir Jeelani Sahib or Pir Qadri.

The family had earlier gone to the Pir when Dileep’s father had similar troubles, but were too late to save him. With Pir’s prayers and blessings, Dileep’s sister made a miraculous recovery. Pir Quadri advised the family frequently. It was Pir who taught them the purpose of life, and also led Dileep and his family members to accept Islam.Rattled by the bad experiences earlier in the case of his father and now his sister, and influenced by the teachings of the Pir and the succor that they found in him, the entire family converted to Islam. So great was the influence of the Pir on the family, that Dileep started using the place which he had blessed first as his music room, and later, when he started becoming successful, a studio. When the family shifted to their current house, they resolved to stick to the devotion. So he and his family – excluding one of his sisters – converted to Islam. But it was not an instantaneous decision – it took them whole 10 years to come to that decision.

The meeting with Pir was, for Dileep, an inner awakening and cleansing. He started feeling, that it is not about being Hindu or being Muslim or anything, but there is this one feeling and that is God – The Almighty.

Both his father and mother were strong believers in Astrology. His mother took him along once to an astrologer called Ulaganathan, in Chennai, to get the horoscope for her second daughter Bala.

She asked the astrologer to suggest an Islamic name for Dileep. The astrologer immediately suggested ‘Abdul Rahman’ and also asked him to shorten it to AR Rahman. When his mother asked the astrologer why the other initial ‘R’, the astrologer replied “Give him a name with those two initials and mark my words, he will grow up to be a great man”. His mother did accordingly.This happened around when the production of the cassettes of ‘Roja’ was going on. The producers had decided to credit the composer as Dileep on the inlay cards of cassettes of the film. Dileep’s mother immediately approached director Manirathnam, and placed this unusual condition – to credit Dileep with a Muslim name. The new name of the 25-year old composer was: A R Rahman! And the rest, as they say, is history!

The initials A and R later became ‘Allah Rakha’ on the suggestion of renowned Hindi music composer Naushad Ali. Thus A Sekhar Dileep Kumar became Allah Rakha Rahman. This was around 1988.

He says, “Family problems and the need for peace of mind made us change the faith. Sufism has given me peace. As Dileep I had an inferiority complex. As AR Rahman I feel like I have been born again.”

Rahman adds: “I am whatever because of my parent’s prayers to God. I am whatever I am – because the prayers I pray conscientiously, sincerely and with full faith. I will be whatever I am – only because of Him, I know it. He has given me everything. He can take everything away and I accept His decision without any questions, without a murmur. He is everything to me. I am just an infinitesimal creation of His. He has created me for a specific mission. I will be committing a sin if I don’t fulfill that mission. That’s my only belief. That’s the only thing that matters to me. I don’t care for all the other temptations of the world. I am born for music. I live for music. I will live for music till the very end. My life and death are in His hands. I will live only till He wants me to live. I will die only when He wants me to die. It’s all God’s will… Insha Allah.!”Religion is a very personal affair for this sober young man from Chennai. He prays five times a day, carrying his prayer mat with him on his tours, and retiring to the prayer room he has had built next to his studio during recording. He says, “It’s like a meditation. Each time I pray, I die, my soul departs, and then I am like born again.”


Dileep was quite happy in his world of advertisements. He had no intention of joining the film industry as a music composer.Around 1991, ace Tamil movie director Manirathnam was on the lookout for a new music composer for his films. His long-standing, fruitful association with the doyen of Tamil film music Ilaiyaraja had come to an end when the latter reportedly made some disdainful comments during the making of Manirathnam’s ‘Dhalapathi’.

One day, at an awards function for excellence in the field of advertising, Manirathnam chanced upon Dileep, who received the award for the best ad jingle, which he had composed for the popular Leo Coffee ad.

At the celebrations party that followed the awards presentation ceremony, Manirathnam was introduced to the young composer by his cousin Sharada Trilok of Trish Productions. Rahman had produced some outstanding work for Trish Productions.

She (Sharada Trilok) had words of praise for the young composer. Manirathnam got curious and requested him for a sample of his wares. The composer readily complied and invited the director over to his studio.

Manirathnam turned up at the studio only after 3 months, where the 24-year-old lad played out a tune that he had been pushed into composing by his school friend G. Bharat Bala alias Bala when they both had been greatly disturbed by the socio-political tensions in South India over the Cauvery river waters issue.Listening to the tune that was played, Manirathnam was hooked instantly. Dileep effortlessly ‘qualified’ in Manirathnam’s eyes as ‘deserving’, and thus, when the appropriate opportunity came along, he decided to give him a ‘break’.

Without a second thought he signed on the composer to score the music for his next venture, produced by the veteran Tamil director K Balachander for his respected ‘Kavithalayaa’ banner. The film was ‘Roja’. That tune took the avatar of the song ‘Thamizha Thamizha’ in ‘Roja’.

Rahman’s D-Day arrived when ‘Roja’ was released on Saturday, August 15th, 1992 . It was awaited with curiosity since it was Manirathnam’s first film without Ilaiyaraja. Skeptics doubted the ability of a 25-year old debutant. The entire film world and filmgoers were in for a pleasant surprise. Rahman delivered the goods and how? To call the music just a ‘Super Hit’ would be an understatement. The music of the film became a phenomenal success and revolutionized modern day Indian film music.

Rahman became a household name in Tamil Nadu overnight. ‘Roja’ won every conceivable award in music that year. Rahman even got the ‘Rajat Kamal’ for best Music Director at the National Film Awards, the first time ever by a debutante. Every producer was trying to impress upon Rahman to work for his/her projects. Because of all this, Rahman decided to leave the jingles world and concentrate on film music.Throughout India , Rahman’s other work were also received wholeheartedly by music lovers. However, it was a Ram Gopal Varma’s ‘Rangeela’ – Rahman’s first original Hindi score – which truly established him as one of the prominent music composers of Bollywood. In North India too, Rahman became a ‘star’ overnight, and as is the tradition in Bollywood, suddenly all kinds of producers were seen queuing outside his house.

Rahman however, wisely chose to stay selective and took on only projects that interested him. He also made it a point to work entirely on his own terms and conditions. He still works only from Chennai where he lives; has his own studio in his house from where he works; likes to work only at nights.

Since ‘Roja’, he has created music for mega blockbuster films including ‘Pudhiya Mugam’, ‘Gentleman’, ‘Kizhakku Cheemaiyilae’, ‘Duet’, ‘Kadhalan’, ‘Bombay’, ‘May Madham’, ‘Indian’, ‘Muthu’, ‘Kadhal Desam’, ‘Love Birds’, ‘Sapney’, ‘Jeans’, ‘Dil Se..’, ‘Kadhalar Dhinam’, ‘Sangamam’, ‘En Swasa Katrae’ and many others.

His 1995 soundtrack for ‘ Bombay ‘ crossed 5 million units and Rahman had arrived as the ‘King of Indian Music’ with sales of more than 50 million albums over a period of 3 years. The success continued with films like ‘Dil Se…’ with Manirathnam, and ‘ Taal ‘ with Subhash Ghai. After working in many movies of the typical popular genre, several offbeat reputed directors and producers like Govind Nihalani, Shyam Benegal, Deepa Mehta have worked with Rahman in movies like ‘Thakshak’, ‘Zubeidaa’, ‘Fire’, and ‘1947 Earth’.


Playback Singer

When the final re-recording of the song ‘Chinna Chinna Aasai’ of ‘Roja’ was being done in Rahman’s studio, director Manirathnam was present. When he heard a boatman humming ‘Yelelo Yelelo..’ in the second interlude of the song, he asked for the person who sang it. Rahman told him that it was his voice. Manirathnam noticed that the voice had the zeal and passion, which was very different.

After the huge success of ‘Roja’, when Manirathnam signed on the composer for their second combination ‘ Bombay ‘, he insisted that Rahman sing at least one song. Thus was born Rahman the playback singer.

He sang ‘Andha Arabic Kadaloram’ aka ‘Humma Humma’ song in it. Same story repeated for director Shankar, who also had liked the ‘Yelelo’ part in ‘Roja’ song. Shankar too insisted that Rahman should sing at least one song for his film. Rahman did that job for their next combination, ‘Kadhalan’. The song was ‘Oorvasi Oorvasi’, which instantly became a huge hit throughout the world.

Rahman had lent his voice to his compositions earlier too but they had been part of the chorus or bit pieces like ‘Oleywo Oleywola’ in ‘Mukkala Muqabala’ in ‘Kadhalan’ or background pieces in the film, and of course, the interludes like ‘Yelelo’ in ‘Roja’. But ‘Humma Humma’ in ‘ Bombay ‘ was Rahman’s first complete and full-fledged song. With ‘Humma Humma’, Rahman came to be regarded as much a playback singer as a composer. His song ‘Musthafa Musthafa’ from ‘Kadhal Desam’ was another hit that made Sony take notice of Rahman and ask him to sing the songs for it’s non-film album ‘Vande Mataram’.

Rahman says, “I have always been forced to sing. It is extra tiring to sing and get the words right. I sing only when forced to, because singing is very different line of work. You need a lot of Riyaaz and other things to be a good singer.”While he continued lending his voice to several un-credited songs, his solos such as ‘Dil Se Re’ from ‘Dil Se..’ have made his fans crave for more songs from him. It has become an amusing and common sight at various award functions to see the compeers trying to cajole Rahman into singing on stage and Rahman coming up with hilarious excuses to avoid the same.

Later it became quite a regular thing to have Rahman’s voice in his own songs. For most of those Rahman was not credited in the film or the audio release. Mainly he has sung songs in Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, English and Urdu. With his soft soothing and to a certain extent guttural vocals, he has created magic. It is noticed that when there is lots of passion or pain or patriotism in his songs, the singer is Rahman himself!


It was 1996. Rahman was looking to come out of the monotony that had set in after working on films, 4 years continuously without a break. When he had started out as a composer in 1992, he hadn’t thought of limiting himself to India alone but he also wanted to find a foothold in the international market.While working on movies, he had to do things according to the producers’ wishes. This limited the creativity of the composer, and it was even harmful for the composer’s independence growth.

Rahman has always liked doing film music, but at the same time he felt composing for films would be very restrictive, and that he should get out of the rut of film music. For long he had thought films were enough but now he was waiting for the right occasion to do a non-film private album.

In the same year, Rahman was in Mumbai attending the Screen awards ceremony. In Mumbai, when he was in his hotel room, he called up his childhood friend G Bharat alias Bharat Bala. Bala was Rahman’s school friend, and had produced more than 100 jingles for which Rahman had composed music five years earlier. Bala met him and discussed music. Suddenly an idea struck and they decided to come up with an album with the theme of commemorating 50 years of the Indian Independence in 1997.

Ever since composing music for the patriotic movie called ‘Roja’, Rahman had had been thinking of working on music that would evoke patriotic instincts in Indian minds. The idea eventually took off.

At the same time, in 1996, the International music giant Sony Music wanted to enter in the Indian market in a big way. The first person to be signed up by Sony Music from the Indian sub-continent was Rahman. Vijay Singh, the managing director of Sony – India , approached Rahman who in turn suggested this idea. The plan was immediately accepted and the project got started.Rahman composed, arranged and sang all the songs on the album. Musically speaking, it was hard job for the composer, because it had to be done in such a way that it should appeal to the young generation.

Eventually, it started off as three songs on the three colours of the Indian flag. ‘Maa Tujhe Salaam’ was for Saffron, ‘Revival – Vande Mataram’ was for White, and ‘Gurus of Peace’ for Green. Later it ended up with some more songs. Interestingly enough, Rahman got the chance to work with the legendary Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, on the song ‘Gurus Of Peace’. Bala had asked Rahman to approach Nusrat saab. They got kids from London , and the Peace song was recorded overnight in Lahore .

With ‘Vande Mataram’, Rahman became the first Indian artiste of popular music to go international when it was released simultaneously in 28 countries across the world under the prestigious Columbia Label of Sony Music on August 15th, 1997 . The album was a mega success and sold over 1.5 million copies in India alone, and did extremely well internationally too, becoming the largest selling Indian non-film album internationally.

With ‘Vande Mataram’ Rahman left all his contemporaries far behind and moved into a new dimension. The song has become a cult with the whole nation. Also, the World got to see the other side of Rahman — the actor posing in front of the camera. The album came out with a video-audio version. This was first time Rahman himself appeared in front of camera. It was a surprise to see him in a music video with a new hairdo, singing and acting. Earlier, he had preferred to keep a low profile. It was a different experience for Rahman too.Initially, he was nervous and refused to go before the camera. Bala told him that it would be like writing a letter and not signing it if Rahman won’t do that. Rahman had to go ahead. The songs of the album were in Hindi, Sanskrit, Urdu, English and Tamil.

From being the No.1 music director, Rahman also became a top pop star, though he didn’t appreciate ‘Vande Mataram’ being branded as a pop album.

In five years of his film career, by doing a non-filmy song like ‘Vande Mataram’, Rahman reached out to the Indian heart, irrespective of religious differences. The team worked very hard on the music and concept, and their efforts paid off. They got a great response, and phenomenal success. Rahman was happy because he got to do something that was different.

All this success has not been without its fallouts for Rahman. Some spread canards in early 1998 that Rahman was funding Muslim fundamentalists in Tamil Nadu. Later in the year he began receiving threatening calls from the fundamentalist groups for singing ‘Vande Mataram’ and was accorded armed protection by the Government. He received threats from the Hindus and from the Muslim fundamentalists too, from the Hindus for ‘defiling a Hindu song’ and from the Muslims for ‘singing an anti-Islamic song’. Many absurd stories were heard about Pakistani terrorists threatening Rahman for appearing on the ‘Vande Mataram’ music video and dissuading him from doing a follow up.

But, Rahman -a true patriot – dismissed all these controversies saying that his religion with patriotism is very important to him.He said, “Being religious without being patriotic takes you nowhere. Patriotism for country should

no way be inferior.” This was the first time ever that Rahman displayed his patriotism in front of the people. He expressed his views regarding all issues saying, “God, religion and patriotism are very personal things. Now it has become politics. I think it all should be left to an individual. ‘Vande Mataram’ is about a mother and the message is peace be upon you. Mother is the country and when you say peace be upon you, it should go beyond politics. When one makes something, there is always the good and the bad. You have to choose what to take. With ‘Vande Mataram’, we wanted to give something to the youth. We felt there was nothing, no song that this MTV generation could relate to, something they could identify with.”

“No Hindu, Muslim or Christian can impose the ‘Vande Mataram’, it should be a natural thing. It should neither be imposed nor rejected. It should be left to the individual.”

He added: “We get our basic recognition from this country and it is a part of you, whether you are Hindu or Muslim or anything else.” He said, “‘Vande Mataram’ only means ‘Mother, I salute you’. Perhaps because the words are in Sanskrit, people don’t understand this. We have taken the essence of the song, and it doesn’t disturb any religion. After all, the Koran says, ‘at the feet of the mother lies the Jannat’. And the Prophet says, “Whichever country you are in, you have to respect the laws of the land, because it is the land above all, which gives you life.”

Incidentally, a devout Muslim called Mehboob composed the lyrics of the popular version. Despite all these controversies, the song was on top of the charts for almost a year, and bagged many awards. Three years after the successful ‘Vande Mataram’ Bharat Bala and Rahman worked together in another historic album called ‘Jana Gana Mana’. This was a project in which several top artistes of the nation came together to sing or play the National Anthem ‘Jana Gana Mana’.The project had started as ‘Desh Ka Salaam’ which was telecast in Indian TV channels and on the web on August 15, 1999 , in which several greats of Indian music, from the classical to the contemporary, came together to give a soulful and modern rendition of the National Anthem.

The ‘Jana Gana Mana’ was released on January 26th 2000 to mark the 50 th -year of the Indian Republic . Rahman – a genuine patriotic- later took many films that had hardcore patriotism or feel of patriotism. Like ‘The Legend Of Bhagat Singh’, ‘1947 Earth’, ‘Lagaan’, ‘Swades’, ‘Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose – The Forgotten Hero’, ‘Mudhalvan’, ‘Nayak the real hero’ etc…


One very interesting aspect of Rahman is his preference for untrained voices. Rahman says “a defect in the singing adds a human touch.”Rahman uses many different voices in a film, irrespective of whether they suit the character or not just for variety. He thinks otherwise things would get monotonous. He says, “There was a time when the album of an Indian film would have only two voices. Today different singers sing for the same character. The times have changed. The attention span of the average listener has decreased and his geographical purview has broadened. The listeners no longer think in terms of perfect or imperfect. They want different voices, standards be damned.”

Rahman is well known for experimenting in the music. He introduced several new, relatively unknown and professionally untrained voices into the mainstream playback. He has shown an extraordinary flair for experimenting with untrained voices. Singers, who have worked with him, have repeatedly said that Rahman’s open approach during recording sessions has spurred them on to giving their best.

Suresh Peters, Nabron Ghosh, Shahul Hameed, GV Prakash, Noel James, Yugendran, Blaaze, Aslam Musthafa, Sukhwindara Singh, Srinivas, Shankar Mahadevan, Soorjo Bhattacharya, Devan, Harini, Anupama, Sunitha Sarathy, Madhushree, Sujatha Trivedi, Reena Bharadwaj, Mahalakshmi Iyer, Richa Sharma, Poonam Bhatia, Shoma Banarjee, Dominique, Minmini, Shubha, Febi, Hema Sardesai are just few of the singers who have thrived after the advent of Rahman.

Singers like Hariharan, Asha Bhonsle, Sujatha, Unnimenon have had successful comebacks in the industry after working with Rahman. Unnikrishnan, Bombay Jayshree and Nithyashree Mahadevan who are successful Carnatic classical vocalists also have been introduced into film playback by Rahman.Another attention-grabbing characteristic of Rahman is his wide use of singers from different languages. He used singers like Udit Narayan, Sukhwindara Singh, Madhushree and many other North Indian singers in Tamil; and in addition to this, he also used Tamil singers in Hindi. This was done on experimental basis, and greatly appreciated by his fans too.

He experiments not only with his singer’s voices, but also with different kinds of sounds in music. His songs expose very different kinds of sound, which makes one easily identify his songs among other music director’s songs. His experiments with untried and unusual sounds are noticed since his very first venture, ‘Roja’. The music of his film ‘Kadhalan’ was totally experimental, which had very exceptional, outstanding and brilliant compositions like ‘Mukkala Muqabala’, ‘Oorvasi Oorvasi’, ‘Gopala Gopala’, ‘Ennavalae Ennavalae’, and ‘Pettai Rap’. All these songs had something fresh and innovative in them. This album was appreciated worldwide by even non-Tamilians.

Speaking about experiments with sounds, Rahman tells, “Experimenting with different sounds in music is a real joy. Yes, people accept experiments, but musicians should know the limits of experimenting too. Even experimenting has its boundaries. People cannot take in experimentation in every other composition. So as a musician, I think that it is good enough to wait until people are ready to digest new kind of compositions, and when they are, then take the compositions out from bag.”


Rahman’s life story is somewhat similar to a Bollywood movie. It is clear that not every person can face life’s tragedies like him. He says it is mainly because of music, that he is alive today. Since childhood he has been into music. It was his mother, who inspired him by telling stories of his father. Thus when composing for the first time, his first inspiration was his father.As a child he had noticed many musicians around drink and smoke to get inspired. But for the child, it was Ilaiyaraja, who proved one can make good music without indulging in bad habits. Ilaiyaraja is a very religious person, who made good music without taking alcohol or smoking.
Since Ilaiyaraja had worked for Rahman’s father in the past, he regarded Rahman as his own son.

Speaking about his inspirations, Rahman states, “Personally, I would say that a sense of spirituality helps a great deal. And it is important that you study life as well. Both these things will make a better human being, and therefore, a better composer out of you. Life teaches you what real pain and happiness are, and these things help in creating better compositions. It works like this: if the film demands happy music the composer only has to tap into the wellspring of happy experiences from his own life to create the right ambience for that tune. I think this is more important than learning all the technical gymnastics of music.”

When he composes music, his mind needs to be in vacuum state. Perhaps that is why he prefers to compose at night. He prays, and then composes. He says music comes to him directly from God. He believes that God has helped him a lot in stabilizing himself, and has given him everything. Never one to boast or brag about his accomplishments, he credits all his inspiration and success to God.

Explaining why he does so, Rahman says, “The problem is, you can create only as long as you have the gift, only as long as the Almighty wishes. After that, even if you stand upside are not likely to compose. If God wills it may happen to me too. I can take that. I believe that every individual, even an atom, can move only with the will of God. I don’t want to take the credit for doing all this. If I do, then I would fall flat. And talking about myself, the destiny has been the biggest influence in my existence. Without the will of God, how would I have reached where I am today? That’s why I believe I am like a boat in a river without a sail and a firm destination”. The skillful prodigy credits all his inspiration and success to the Almighty.The man behind the music is still much of an enigma. “If a music artiste wants to blossom into a full-fledged person, it’s not enough if he knows only classical music; nor is it enough if he’s well-versed only in Raagas and techniques. Instead, he should be a knowledgeable person interested in life and philosophy. In his personal life there should be, at least in some corner of his heart, a tinge of lingering sorrow,” he says.

“Music is God’s gift and every note should be blessed. Otherwise music becomes noise if it is not blessed. I am influenced by Sufism, which is also connected with music. Before composing I pray and beg to God to give me something. I believe every song should have a pure soul in it to reach people.” He states.

At the age of 39, when many others are just starting out, Rahman has garnered achievements that many others cannot in a lifetime. He started out as a film music composer in 1992, and in this short span of 13 years, has changed the very face of film music in India and with touching heights that no music director ever had previously. He has built up a repertoire of scintillating scores that anybody would kill for. He has become a national icon. He is also arguably the most well known Indian composer of popular music internationally. He has successfully taken popular Indian music international. He has fans not just among expatriate Indians but also among natives of places like Brazil , Sweden and Australia . He took Tamil music global and established the universal appeal of his music, whatever the language the lyrics are in. He set the standards by which music came to be rated in India . The benchmarks set by him were what others aimed to achieve. The soundtracks of his unsuccessful scores sold more than the successful soundtracks of the other composers. Every director of repute yearns to work with him and every actor hopes to dance to his tunes, literally.For Rahman, who eats music, thinks music, breathes music and lives music, the bottom-line is that his music should reach out to the soul of humankind. A very low profile in public life, credits all his success to the Almighty, and apart from the Almighty, to his mother- who encouraged him to take up music when his interest lay in electronics.

His maxim is that only total dedication and concentration to one’s profession can help in producing good work. Rahman is certain that this dedication must increase with fame. All this success has not uprooted him from his roots. Amidst all this heady success, Rahman still remains unchanged. He is as humble, modest, shy, silent, low profile, unassuming, self-effacing, devout and down-to-earth as he was at the beginning of his career.A man of few words he believes in letting his work do all the talking. He prefers to save his energies for his work instead of fighting out numerous controversies. His personality is summed up in his favorite prayer which goes thus “O God, if I worship thee for fear of hell, burn me in hell, and if I worship thee in hope of Paradise , exclude me from Paradise , but if I worship thee for thy own sake, grudge me not thy everlasting beauty.”

The man has given immense pleasure to millions of music lovers worldwide with his compositions, music that brings a cheer to one’s face and helps in forgetting one’s troubles. It is probably these very divine qualities that made him the great man he is today and the same will hopefully help him touch greater heights tomorrow.


Rahman is still at his prime and yet has already worked with internationally reputed artistes.Rahman has collaborated with artists such as L. Shankar, Zakir Hussain, David Byrne, Talvin Singh and Apache Indian – both in recording and on tour.

On a trip to India , acclaimed prodigy David Byrne met Rahman. So impressed was he with Rahman and his work, that he went on to record some sessions with Rahman for his own project, on which he was working that time, but sadly, this project has not seen the light of the day yet.

Rahman was an invited member of the jury of the prestigious music festival ‘Voice of Asia’ competition held annually at Almaty, Kazhakstan. The jury comprises of top musicians of the world. He was also invited to be the judge for channel [V]’s nation-wide talent hunt program called ‘Samsung Super Singer.’ There he assisted Adnan Sami.

In October 1999, Rahman performed a song ‘Ekam Satyam’ in a charity oriented live concert in München (referred as Munich in English) city of Germany with Michael Jackson called ‘MJ and friends’. Bharat Bala and Hindujas arranged the meeting between Rahman and Michael Jackson. Rahman and his troupe performed with Michael Jackson in the concert. The song was partially in English and partially in Sanskrit. Jackson sang the English part and Rahman sang the Sanskrit part. Lyricist AR Parthasarathy from India penned the Sanskrit part. Melodious strains of ‘Sathyameva Jayathey’ by Rahman provided the closing to the concert by pop king MJ.

Music ArtistsRahman has collaborated with almost all big names, though he doesn’t like to it to be mentioned.

His first chance of collaborating with an international artist was offered by Sony Music in 1996, when he was working on ‘Vande Mataram’. Sony had asked him to choose from any of its international stars to work with and supposedly even suggested the name of Celine Dion. But Rahman settled, very appropriately, for the Pakistani Sufi music star Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and Dominic Miller.

Explaining his choice, he said, “I don’t want to collaborate with just a name. I must feel something for the person and relate with his work. I’ve seen several famous names collaborating on songs and albums, but they remain just two names. There’s no chemistry. It’s like oil and water. They can’t come together.”

This perspective of Rahman has shown magic. The people he chooses – don’t know where he finds them – do their life’s best with Rahman. To date he has worked with almost every Indian legend.

Just to name a few of them: KJ Yesudas, SP Balasubrahmaniam, Lata Mangeshkar, Asha Bhonsle, sivamani, Pt. Vishwamohan Bhatt, Zakir Hussain, Kunnakudi Vaidyanathan, L. Shankar, Kadri Gopalnath, Vikku Vinayakram, Ustad Sultan Khan among many others.

Internationally, he has been associated with Nusrath Fateh Ali Khan, Yak Bondy, Jolin Tsai, Michael Jackson, Apache Indian, Dominic Miller, Andrew Lloyd Webber for one or more works.

DirectorsMany talented directors from the film industry – both well settled and new comers – have worked with Rahman. Many directors restrict themselves to work with Rahman only. Also, as observed, many directors convince their producers to work only with Rahman.

The directors with whom Rahman has worked are:

Hindi: Ramgopal Varma, Deepa Mehta, Priyadarshan, Farookh Siddiqui, Subhash Ghai, Govind Nihalani, Raj Kumar Santoshi, Khaled Mohammed, Shyam Benegal, Shashilal Nair, Shekhar Kapoor, Kailash Surendranath, Ashutosh Gowariker, Shaad Ali, Ahmed Khan, MF Hussain, Atul Agnihotri.

Tamil and Telugu: Manirathnam, Shankar, Suhasini Manirathnam, P Vasu, K Balachander, Sangeeth Sivan, Kadhir, K Muralimohan Rao, Rajeev Menon, KS Ravikumar, Bharatiraaja, Suresh Menon, Balu, K Subhash, Vikraman, Manoj Kumar, B Gopal, Pravinkanth, Suresh Krishna, Vasanth, Saran, Azhagam Perumal, Arjun, AM Jyoti Krishna, SJ Surya.

Chinese: He Ping.


Music is language itself. It should not have any barriers of caste, creed, language or anything. Music is one, only cultures are different. Music is the language of languages. It is the ultimate mother of languages- Film music in India is like pop music in the West. Movies are the channels for this music. But music stays on long after the films. – If a music artiste wants to blossom into a full-fledged person, it’s not enough if he knows only classical music; nor is it enough if he’s well-versed only in Raagas and techniques. Instead, he should be a knowledgeable person interested in life and philosophy. In his personal life there should be, at least in some corner of his heart, a tinge of lingering sorrow.

– Music is a gift from God and every note should be blessed. Otherwise music becomes noise if it is not blessed. I am influenced by Sufism, which is also connected with music. Before composing I pray and beg to God to give me something. I believe every song should have a pure soul in it to reach people.

His Prayer to GodO God, if I worship thee for fear of hell, burn me in hell, and if I worship thee in hope of Paradise, exclude me from Paradise, but if I worship thee for thy own sake, grudge me not thy everlasting beauty.

Whom do you consider your closest rival?
“The man who’s inside me and constantly trying to distract me from doing good work.”

How does it feel to be on top?
“I don’t really think I’m at the top. Basically, I came into this field not to intrude on anybody else’s success.”

“I am like a boat without an oar. I let life take its own course. I know only my work and God, I pray a lot. You get dejected if you plan something and it does not happen.”

“I like music that is able to stir my soul. My music is a spiritual exercise” “Criticism is fine – at the end of the day, my music speaks for itself”

“You can’t have everything in life: What one thinks is possible might not always be so. I try to do my best but, finally, everything lies in God’s hands. I consider my skills as a musician to be a blessing from God. Even today, before I perform, I am unsure of whether I will be able to move my audience. I leave everything to Him… He pulls the strings in my life.””I dont have time to cherish the joys and repent the failures in life . I go on with my work not caring about the response i have got of my previous works”

“Rather than making money I believe in making people happy, all other things are secondary.” Money isn’t important, creative satisfaction is.

“Swades” is right from my heart. It is simple and sweet music.

How would you describe A.R.Rahman in your own words?
“A.R.Rahman is a failure and slowly he is trying to reach something.”

In my case, dust has become gold.””I feel at home with my food and my people.”

“Awards come with the blessings from God and it encourages you. At the same time it is not the end and it’s a promise and you feel ashamed and ask yourself “What have I done to get this?”

“If a musician wants to blossom into a full-fledged person, it’s not enough if he knows only classical music; nor it is enough if he’s well-versed only in raagas and techniques. Instead, he should be a knowledgeable person interested in life and philosophy. In his personal life there should be, atleast in some corner of his heart, a tinge of lingering sorrow.” — A.R.Rahman”The search is more important than the destination” “You are what your deepest desire is. As you desire, so is your intention. As your intention, so is your will. As is your will so is your deed. As is your deed, so is your destiny.” –The Upanishads



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31 03 2008
Anilkumar Algundagi

Respected sir,
Lord of the music,
Mr. Ar. Rahmanji,

I m a great fan of u since i listened Roja music……after that gentlemen, chor chor/thiruda-thiruda/donga-donga, kadalan/premikudu/humse hai Muqabla, love birds, Bombay, Dil-se, Rangeela, Lagaan, till Jodha akbar….. i have seen all three language films…… i was dream to meet you once in my life….its really a dream come true if you think ……….. i m presently staying in Secunderabad , Andhrapradesh…… My cell no is 9885725661 and my mail id is and my website is

Kindly reply me ….

Anilkumar algundagi

12 04 2008

Shri AR Rahman

Respected Sir,

I am herewith introducing Smt.Lalgudi S.Alamelu who was the disciple of Shri.Lalgudi Gopala Iyer father of Shri.Lalgudi Jayaraman.Shri Alamelu learned violin the full time adapting to those Gurukulam days from age 5 along with Shri Jayaraman.

She dedicated her life to teaching profession in Madurai and she accompanied great musicians like DK JAYARAMAN, T.N.SESHAGOPALAN and many special music events like SHETHRANJALI. Today she is settled in chennai and she teaches many students mainly referred by Shri JAYARAMAN.
Her experience will be of great help to your new venture KM and she will render her service if required.

I am the daughter of her and I will be very glad to meet you along with my mother. My address is –

No5, Melony Road, Flat no 8, Vasanth Apartments, T.Nagar, Chennai-17 my telephone no is 42694000,42694001 and 42694002. Cell 9840222890.



24 04 2008
sajid moideen


7 06 2010

Respected Rahman Sir,

I myself is a keyboard player and having Rec.Studio here at Bhuj.
We met at Misic Sitting at Bhuj.

That day Sairaji told that she from Kutch can you give me more details regaring her birth place, name of school she studied in kachchh,her father and mother name etc. These details are to be printed in Kutch Magazine so please send me those details if possible or u can call me at 09825537890.


14 05 2008


I am in no position to measure your genius, yet all I can say is Thanks a lot for whatever you have given to the Indian Music, to the world – as a musician and as a human being.

I know you believe in the philosophy of Redemption from Darkness to Light.. so I pray that God always makes you happy and shows you light everywhere you go.

God bless you Sir and may A.R.Rahman get whatever he defines as “satisfaction” .

31 05 2008
Santanu Barua

I like you @ your music.I am from Bangladesh.Wish you good luck.Buy

31 05 2008
Mohamed Yasheer

Isaipuyal A.R.Rahman the musical legend.I Love His Music.

Long Live A.R.Rahman

Proud to Be An A.R.Rahman Fan

7 07 2008

hi sir,
i intro myself…am srini frm thiruvannamalai. am die hard fan to not learn any music and i love music
i learn any one intrument in my life i need gud advice , please help kid age i interest to learn music bt my family back ground vry poor.past 22 yrs i listen music, i dream music..
nw am in chennai..working in pvt concern. i love music so please help me sir.

waitng for ur reply
97504 22447

13 07 2008

Hi farzad, can u provide me the link for downloading A.R.R’s JANA GANA MANA videos performed by various LEGENDS to me.

reply to my mail id also,

16 07 2008
Pranesh Subbarao

To me ARR is a realized soul, because only when some one is one with god can such pure music flow. He is like Meera, someone who is become one with eternal peice. Music is a way of devotion, that is the reason why all religions have musical notes to pray – be it bajans, choros or qawali’s.

He is a saint/realized soul and I am sure more and more great music is going to flow from him. I am happy to be born along in an era when ARR lived and breathed.

21 08 2008



22 08 2008

Its a great work dude, i’m great fan of ARRahman its really satisfied me

30 08 2008

Truly, all the religions are saying the same thing in different manner. Good Music goes beyond all religions,languages. In one way we can reach god easily through music.
Please don’t mingle religious politics with good music. Once Mr.Illayaraja was on toppest music director(ofcourse he ), he was very proud, & sometimes speaking hard. I hope ARR won’t do like that and i wish him to be a down to earth personality always. And if he often start helping the poors he become the divine personality.

In the want of Good Music,

7 09 2008

well sir i have no words.i feel i am half dead.when i came to know about your biography a tear from my eyes dropped,that time i came to know that people have struggled so much in thier life.well a music entry from great music maestro illayaraja.the new born artiste..feel very proud of you a.r.rahman.i swear that in my future i will build a temple for u who consider u as a music god..u really rock.wen i hear u r music it just makes me go somewer my mind reaches the beats u have composed..ur truly my aim in life is to bcom a music director like u.really love ur compositions sir ..u rock….

7 09 2008
sam t vimal

good work by the publisher and iam sure the biography would be a boost to all music enthusiasts

9 09 2008


23 09 2008
aravindh sankar


16 10 2008

If thr was anyone who got me to listen to indian music it was Rahman,he is deifnately Allah Rakha…….. Long Live A.r.r…

11 11 2008
Vasanth R

AR Rehman,
‘Talla’ as I call this greatest composer India have ever gifted to the world.His songs were gave me the energy and passion as a teenager.
His songs were the motivation and inspiration when I was struggling during the grey patch of my life.Still his songs are my are my fighting sprits against course of life.

Reading this Biography I now realize why his songs are so special.Because they are inspired by his oun life.
Talla you are great…..
Thanks for gifting us the music which has touched and inspired so many lifes throughout the world.

21 12 2008
Girish appu

you made good biography of rehman sir.

25 12 2008
Shuchita Tripathi

hi farzad.. can u plz tell me frm where to download A.R.Rahman’s song which he made for Taj Mahal..

5 01 2009

“Each time I pray, I die, my soul departs, and then I am like born again” – These words are really Excellent.. What a great soul.. ! Im impressed by these words a lot!!

Though Im also like other persons, who like AR’s compositions.. No doubt his compositions are excellent!!

I never stopped long time at any of his interviews or biography…
Some how today when I was browsing something got into this biography and got many good things from AR’s life.. Really a good biography about a true person.. Gods Own Son!! or A person pictured his life in the frame of god?

Long time back, I was moved with a phrase in an interview with ‘The Hindu’ – The phrase (Dont remember exactly) – “What god wills it so .. it may happen to me..” Its true and awakening to many other souls who are in the same path..

Brother, Let me pray for your good life .. peace and happiness ever.. all through your long blessed life and for your sweet family members too.. Happy new year 2009 and year ahead..

May god be with you and guide you always and bless you!!


12 01 2009

Thanks for being a trendsetter and a living example

Will pray for all your compositions and let your deeds turn meaningful

22 01 2009

hello Mr.Akshaye,

This is not a place to shit whatever you want. This board is created for A.R.Rahman fans not for any religious or communal dispute.

Rahmaniacs aren’t filthy maniacs like you…

I hope this comment will be erased.

3 02 2009

“Master Peice”

10 02 2009

first of all i m more than happy 2 discover this site
good work
the boigraphy ……… good research
but not to sound harsh i had like to make a point
he (arr) was a hindu by birth there family converted to hinduisn n he was named alla rakha rahman
i think this should find a place here

11 02 2009
sheik dawood

assalamu alaikum

AR Rahman sir,

i am one of your fans. congratulations for golden global award. i will pray to allah for oscar award. This site is very useful to know about you sir. your bibliography said your hard work, effort everything. i will start any work in the blessings of god. All the best for many more success…. assalamu alaikum..

23 02 2009
jiju thomas

Hai its nice,i am one of your fans. congratulations for golden OSCAR award

23 02 2009

Hi Sir,

First of all, i would like to congratulate for winning 2 oscar awards.

May god bless you.

24 02 2009

Congratulations for Oscar awards !!!
I have no words…. to wish you, all the best.

1 03 2009

What is there to right… when he is under the blessings of the Creator Himself… Allah Rakkha… as the Indian Express exclaimed (after he won the Oscars). Rahman has quoted Rabia Basri… (his favourite prayer… )… and his son is named after Khwaja… and Rumi (Maulana Jalaluddin Rumi., of Konya., Turkey… the writer of Masnavi-e-Manavi..). When he has read Sheikh Abdulqadar Jeelani of Baghdad… and Rabia Basri… and Maulana Rumi.. where is the room for a commoner like me.

You are in great company., AR. God bless you. I depart now.

6 03 2009
shanavas trivandrum

you are a genius music director in world

6 03 2009
shanavas trivandrum


6 03 2009
shanavas trivandrum

APRIL14 th

nu kanam……..
shanu vattiyoorkavu(trivandrum)

12 03 2009
navaz khan

RAHMAN ji iam ur old friend navaz khan (cine musician & music director) pls i want to meet at ur home to wish u , my mobile no.9940178271 & 9382127434
iam a piano student of mr.jacob john (musee musical chennai)
i love ur music & ur prayer
thank you

18 03 2009
Kavi Akbardeen

Kavi Akbardeen
Writer and freelance journalist, poet,
Song writer, script writer and motivation speaker.

Dear brother,
I came to your house and gave personally to you ten Islamic sons with the help your PA Noel.You read the songs and said all are wonder full and you would,Insha Allah,make an album wih the songs. I went back o Malaysia. After that I came to your house three times to see you. You were not available.
Dear brother, you have done a meritorious service to cine field.What have you done to Islamic World?Will our brothers not ask you? So kindly make an album with my Islamic messages in your melody and send them to our brother and sisters.Will you please give me your response as soon as possiblr?
Thanking you
Kavi Akbardeen

21 03 2009

hi rahman your music

27 03 2009
charu latha

congratulation mr,ar rahman for oscar award.
may god bless you all the time.
well,im your huge fan.
im also a musician.
i love your music and there are no words to describe your tunes.
its really amazing.
plz do email me at
“jai ho” “jai ho” to the legend ar rahman.

28 03 2009

Hi Guys,

Rahman itself illayaraja is guru.But ARR guru passage not mentioned illayaraja

actually both AR RAHMAN AND ILLAYARAJA are two legends of tamilnadu dont compare them


Comparisons are merely present only in India, especially in Bollywood and Kollywood where you don’t get to see even a single media channel ending it’s day without pulling one’s legs by raising one’s name above them.
Now it has turned to be a hot topic in South India, especially the Tamil Film Industry where many have been debating the issue of who’s greater between ‘Ilayaraja’ and his protégé ‘A.R. Rahman’. None are least or greater than anyone. If you ask us, it would be the apt reply. Perhaps, we’re sure there isn’t any big reason other than this.
A.R. Rahman was bit distressed addressing the throngs gathered for his felicitation on Sunday Evening where his mentor Ilayaraja and M.S. Viswanathan were present. Speaking on the occasion, he said, ‘I was bit disappointed watching media channels especially certain websites that were continually passing abusive comments by comparing Ilayaraja sir with him. He’s the great master of all times and I’m nothing when compared to him… Elder Musicians like him laid the foundation and I’ve represented them for these awards’.

12 01 2010

dei sakthivel!!!!!!! perya puliti maari sollathe…….nee eenathan sonnalum, A.R.RAHMAN sir-e adicchikka mudiyathudaa!!!!!!

3 04 2009

Hi Guys

It was real pleasure reading this article about a great person and his great music

i have request to
one person name was used ie Pir Quadri

“The family had given up all hope; when they came in contact with a Muslim Pir called as Pir Karimulla Shah Qadri or Sheik Abdul Qadir Jeelani Sahib or Pir Qadri.”

Pir Quadri is different from Shaik Abdul Khader Jilani

Shaik Abdul Khader Jilani was Sufi Shaik ie hundreds of years back

so please change that line in this article as

“The family had given up all hope; when they came in contact with a Muslim Pir called as Pir Karimulla Shah Qadri or Pir Qadri.”

7 04 2009

i was eager to know the biography of A R Rahman.what given here is very useful.Rahman is a real human being.great!!!

7 04 2009

congratulations Rahman ji for ur OSCAR!

7 04 2009

ARR…..;You are rocking. Keep doing experimenting with music and We pray to the Almighty to give you power and strength to rule the world of MUSIC.

20 04 2009

Mr. A.R Rahman
the King Of World Music

20 04 2009

Mr. A.R Rahman
the King Of World Music

plz do mail me

20 04 2009

Love you Rahman and also your Music
I want to see you Rahman

Take care dear

God will always be there with you

And My heart pray for you till it stops pumping

And My soul will be around you forever

Love you dear

with lots of love and care


22 04 2009

iam shameer frome malappuram mamburam
you are a genius music director in world

welcome calicut condact 9995261444

28 04 2009


4 05 2009
suraj vyas

hi sir
i want to ask that
“what is your full name”

10 05 2009

Dear Mr a r rehmansir
i have been great fan , lover of your music. i remember i listen to your tunes first time “thiruda thiruda” even though i am not at all known to that language
i remembered all the wordings and that was just because of your magic.
i wished that time that this muisic director must do something for Hindi films also. and within few months i came to know @ ROJA.
since i am like buying only your cds and only yourcds. i stopped listening to english music. i just can not explain how much i try n find out @your new songs and their detailings. sometimes my friends laugh at me but it doesnt matter to me . i love you sir.

14 05 2009
Tijender kumar

I have honor to state that recently i have finished M.Phil degree from
Punjab University, and my research topic was “Sangeetkaar A R Rahman ka jeewan parichay tatha sangeetik yoogdan”( music director A R rahman’s life introduction and his contribution to music). It was so much insight and informative !00 pages research work that I have done I belive that it is very inspiring and knowledgeable for youngsters who are looking forward to be a musician . Hence I have decided to pursue further research work in same topic for PhD and I have enrolled from Music Department Punjab University Chandigarh Prof. Saroj Ghosh is guide for my PhD research work.
It is my prayer that after finished my PhD work I surely would like to publish the thesis for
the benefit of young generation musicians and those who found of music
Therefor, it is my humble request to support me to begin my PhD research work and also help for further information regarding this research studies. I shell be very grateful to your kind consideration.
Thank You.

14 05 2009
Tijender kumar

I have honor to state that recently i have finished M.Phil degree from
Punjab University, and my research topic was “Sangeetkaar A R Rahman ka jeewan parichay
tatha sangeetik yoogdan”( music director A R rahman’s life introduction and his contribution to music). It was so much insight and informative !00 pages research work that I have done I belive that it is very inspiring and knowledgeable for youngsters who are looking forward to be a musician . Hence I have decided to pursue further research work in same topic for PhD and I have enrolled from Music Department Punjab University Chandigarh m
Prof. Saroj Ghosh is guide for my PhD research work.
It is my prayer that after finished my PhD work I surely would like to publish the thesis for
the benefit of young generation musicians and those who found of music
Therefor, it is my humble request to support me to begin my PhD research work and also help for further information regarding this research studies. I shell be very grateful to your kind consideration.
Thank You.

30 05 2009

Dear Rahman,

I’m your fan.Really god grace to get you from Tamilnadu.You are finding the easiest to way to reach god.that way is music…Our illaiyaraja reached to god definitely…Make this world peaceful and grow our youth with powerful by your songs…..Really I love a lot of your song that is “Vellai Pookal Ulagam Engum Malarave……..Vidiyum Boomi Amaithikaga Vidiyave…..Mannail Mannil Manjal Velicham Vizhugave….Malare Sompal Murithu Ezhugaveeeeee…”.Never End……….Go Ahead….Thamizha….

19 06 2009

its so great 2see this site

19 07 2009




3 08 2009
shashank bhardwaj

sir music is my life. i am very joy in music. please says me how to apply in your school.

11 08 2009

@ Shashank : Please log into

10 08 2009

WOW…really nice songs…

13 08 2009
amir ali

Hai , Salam Rahaman ji.

ur music is the one which is greatest in the Universe.
I dont like that, another one is ur no: 1 fan. Coz , I think dats me.

Wish u god bless

24 08 2009
Arun kumar Tripathy

sir iam a big fan of your compositions espically of your orchestra work,sir iam a keyboard player iam learning it form one trinity affilated school i want to become a good musician and not good as you because i know becoming as you is an imposible task

your music rocks.
you are my bethoven you aremy mozart

24 08 2009
Arun kumar Tripathy

sir iam a big fan of your compositions espically of your orchestra work,sir iam a keyboard player iam learning it form one trinity affilated school i want to become a good musician and not good as you because i know becoming as you is an imposible task

your music rocks.
you are my bethoven you are my mozart

18 09 2009
Deepak Kumar Eshwaran

Hi Sir,

Like others even i am a boy/man with wishes,in my life always face a new colour, while facing one of them i was at a place where i saw you walking. the fortune was i felt something is good today, The unexpected smile of you motivated me to move & move in my life, I decided to work at the same place where i saw you after falling again and again i am here today working with a passion in me one day i will be working under you not as a musician but atleast as a sweeper its not an attitude but a strong belief. I dont expect anything in life even, i was going through your pictures found this blog just wanted to paint my feelings, hope if you go through it that will be biggest thing.
Thank You

25 09 2009

I cnat……….

Its me here till now for your composition.

I having your music as a treatment on me like medicen.

i cant thank toooo


18 10 2009



28 12 2009

Please provide update on 2010 year admission details like date, fee details and age limit if any. Any further relevant details will also be much appreciated. Please reply soon.

7 01 2010

wow!!…..tis z supr…….nw i got much more informations about our arr sir,,…………………..
n im wishing him a vry vry happy bday……

12 01 2010

ur the best and will be the best!!!!!!!!!!

2 02 2010
anil kumar katta

hello Sir,

Its very happy to know about yourself in deep..
I like your songs verymuch.
and i would like hear more songs like Vandematharam.

**** I would like to say one thing… In our india we have lots of stage performers than teaching gurus. Because of that we are not able to tranfer our great indian music ( Hindusthani,Carnatic and other local folk style) to next generation and as well as to the world.
So i request you to teach your students, followers, fans and who ever loves your music to spread Indian music through out the world.

Anil Kumar Katta

20 02 2010


23 02 2010

I am an ardent fan of ARR. I want to seek an obligation from ARR.

I have been a subscriber to WorldSpace Sat Radio of wihch ARR was the Brand Amb. Many persons like me, esp. elderly people living alone, had a lot of solace listening to 24 hrs. music of all varities, which has stopped.

With his influence and position, can ARR do something urgently to revive the service – it is a question of employment for 300 people and service to lakhs of listeners.

Jai Hind


3 03 2010
Vijay Shah

Happy Birthday from Fans of Dhoomfm Radio Station, New Jersey, USA. 732 939 4570

3 03 2010
Vijay Shah

Happy Birthday from Dhoom FM Radio station of New Jersey, USA. Thanks. Vijay Shah, Sanjeev, Yagnesha,

31 03 2010



10 06 2010

hello sir,
i like ur songs and request u to use sama,thvijavanthi and nagaganthari ragas in ur next composion

7 07 2010
Ashwin Renju

Hi Rahmanji

I still remember my dad bringing the audio cassettes of Roja..and Kadhalan, after which i have never missed any of your music, it has been some kinda of addiction and obsession to your music, your style, your way of creativity. Hats of to you sir. I am a big fan. I composed music at home, had been in a band, now set up my personal studio at home and each and every time, am trying to create somethin new, experimenting..
i really dunno how to approach you, but i wish to be a trainee programmer under your guidance and work with you. my email is
a few of the songs that i have composed and worked on are at this link

I am a God fearing person and music is a passion for me. Hope you will come across my request some day, since, you are my idol.

God bless you Rahmanji. May you create more and more magic with your music.

Ashwin Renju

19 07 2010

A.R. Rahman is the best music performer as far as i known.Thanks to god for giving him such a talent.U r always best rahmannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn………………………………………………..Jai hooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooojai hoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.Please give me one chance to see u in my life.My mail id is

30 08 2013
Shajitha Nasrin

Hai Rahman anna,

Assalammu alaikum.. Thrice i met u in my dreams in last 1 yr.. i hope i ll meet u in my real life too.. Al de best anna.. Ur voice r givin me lots n lots of happiness in life while i feel very bad about my life.. Special Salute.. i cant express how heartily i am saluting u in word but while type my tears r roolin down in my cheeks..

Yours die hard fan
Shajitha Nasrin.M

19 02 2014

I am really thanking GOD for blessing me with hearing ability, otherwise I could not be able to listen to RAHMAN sir’s songs. How lucky I am. There is no meaning/point to have ears without listening to RAHMAN sir’s wonderful and ever green songs. Proud to be TAMILACHI….LONG LIVE RAHMAN SIR

4 03 2014

I am big fan of ur songs before u got the askr award…but aftr that i bcam a big fan of ur words..”YELLA PUGALUM IRAIVANUKKEY”!!!!!

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