Vinnai Thaandi Varuvaaya ~ January 12

15 11 2009

After the stupendous success of the film Vaaranam Aayiram starring Surya, Sameera Reddy and others, Gautham Vasudev Menon is currently directing a breezy entertainer titled “Vinnai Thaandi Varuvaayaa” starring Silambarasan and Trisha in the lead.

The film which has been under production has been shot vtvextensively at Chennai, Kerala and Malta. With an urban look to it, the story is set between two young people who fall in love. The film is almost complete with some portions and the climax to be shot. The authenticity and mood of the film is maintained by shooting at some realistic ambience in and around Chennai and some picturesque locations at Allepey, Kerala.

A much awaited musical from the Oscar Award Winning Composer A R Rahman, the film is sure to churn out some magic in its own special way, rendering some unforgettable and soulful numbers in the composer’s style, shot to the creative visuals of Director Gautham. The musical got a shot in the arm when Vinnai Thaandi Varuvaayaa’s music director A R Rahman was nominated for 3 Oscars and bagged two.

With five song situations in the film, three songs have been composed already, out of which two songs have been shot extensively in Malta at some virgin locations.

The song “Hosanaa”, sung by Vijay Prakash of “Jai Ho” fame, penned to the lyrics of Thamarai and a rap by Blaze is a sure hit among the young crowd for its peppy beats and stunning visuals shot by Manoj Paramahamsa at Malta corresponding to the stylized choreography by Flexy Stu of Adiye Kolluthey fame.“Omana Penne” written by Thamarai too and sung by A R Rahman himself, holds a style of its own in the way it has been sung and programmed.

This song too has been shot at Malta with choreography done by Flexy Stu and is a sure favorite for all A R Rahman fans!

Manoj Paramahamsa (cinematographer) with his captivating visuals adds to the beauty of the film, with the ambience authenticity envisioned by Rajeevan (art director) and the crisp cutting of Anthony (Editing).

Nalini Sriram adds to the appearance of the film with striking costumes for all the actors in the scenes and songs. The costumes made for the songs are eye catching elements that are hard to be missed by the audience!

The film also has Ganesh, Babu Anthony, Kitty, Uma Padmanabhan and Lakshmi Ramakrishnan playing pivotal roles.

The film is produced by Madan and Ganesh (Escape Artists Motion Pictures) and Kumar and Jayaraman (R.S.Infotainment).


Omana Penne
Singers: Benny Dayal, Kalyani Menon
Malayalam Lyrics: Kalyani Menon

Anbil Avan
Singers: Devan Ekambaram, Chinmayi

Vinnaithaandi Varuvaayaa
Singers: Karthik
Additional Vox : Vivek Agarwal

Singers: Vijay Prakash, Suzanne, Blaaze
English Rap Lyrics: Blaaze

Kannukkul Kannai
Singers: Naresh Iyer

Singers: A.R.Rahman, Shreya Ghoshal

Singers: Alphonse
Malayalam Lyrics: Kaithapram


HOSANA | Singers: Vijay Prakash, Suzanne, Blaaze

OMANA PENNE | Singers : Benny Dayal, Kalyani Menon


KANNUKKUL KANNAI | Singers: Naresh Iyer

ANBIL AVAN | Singers: Devan Ekambaram, Chinmayi

MANNIPAAYA | Singers : A R Rahman, Shreya Ghosal

AAROMALAE | Singer : Alphonse



44 responses

18 11 2009
R M S Venkatesh

A.R.Rahman ji pls do atleast 2 Tamil films per year.I am longing for your Music

24 11 2009

Waiting for Telugu version of it….

25 11 2009

A long wait for the tamil audience..

26 11 2009

counting the days!! just reading tht makes me so light and heavy all at once!!

27 11 2009

The starting is similar to Azhakiya Cinderella from Kangalal Kaidhu Sei!.. Neverthless the tune is original, different and engaging!

29 11 2009

rahmanji ethra vaikellaaaaa kathirinnu maduthuuu

7 12 2009

please, i want v t v online full song.

10 12 2009

Superb song

i am eager to watch Yuvasamrat NagaChaitanya in thissong
thanx to AR Rehman for giving such a Beautiful song..
Chaitu with his cupid looks might break all the hearts of young ladies
in Andhra…

thank u once again

10 12 2009

hi reheman bayya,
pls update telugu version as well..

Jai Ho Chai..

19 12 2009

was this audio released on 18dec in london,, please send me updates asap
eagrly waiting for the audio

22 12 2009


23 12 2009

Hi all,

Audio is launched but i think CDs are not available in store. I have heard that CDs will be launched on 14th Jan in India. i feel this is just an stupidity. If it is alreayd launched then CD should be available in store. i think this will be flop. more you hype more you go down. Just misusing the ARR name and making money business. ARR sir plz avoid the things.. I feel just name should not fetch the money. I love you ARR and your music. But this is just an nonsense publicity is going on. I am very dispointed with this. i think i have lost all the interest in this album now. Please dont release it instead and stop playing such publicity stunt. i think this album will be flop .

24 12 2009

shut the f… up!!!!!!!!!!!1

29 12 2009

thank as&*H*(e

I also hope ARR ablum never be flop. but mostly surprize think is . CD is available in Amazon on 30dec but still not available in India yet 🙂
Credit goes to Sony Music and to publicity team. these guys are really stupid. it should be available in india then rest..

30 12 2009

Hi Maa ki chut..

album will be release on 25th Jan haa haa haa comdey.. i think they should stop the release. Maderchod.

25 12 2009

shut your mouth asshole!!!!
i love A R RAHMAN…we love A R RAHMAN…..the entire world love A R RAHMAN

26 12 2009

thanks……..alot brother
GOD bless

27 12 2009

ARR Rocks…. none of his album will be flop hereafter…. Just buy original music and enjoy his music… Jai Ho!!!!1

29 12 2009

HI Balz,,

I also hope that ARR album will never be flop. but most surprizin fact is CD is available in Amazon on 30Dec. But still we dont have the CD available in India.. That gr8 news. thanks to Sony Music and As^&*ole Director.. superb publicity.. superb hype… gr8.. I think in india CD should be available in 2020 🙂

29 12 2009

We R waiting For Audio Release .. i think VTV Gets World Record In Audio Cd’s Sale!!!

2 01 2010

witch date available in store&site vtv songs
iam waiting for that songs………………
Advanced Happy birthday
I am loving you arr

3 01 2010
sanjay music

hii frnzzz since vtv one song has been released fully it made a very big hype fr this album tht song is hosana oh it is a master piece by our musical god… jus wait fr some more days to hear all the songs …cds are not even available in other countries which i checked with my frnz and relatvies outside india…advance wishes to rahman sir and his son ameen…….

3 01 2010

we are the A R RAHMAN fans ………………………!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

5 01 2010
Saravanan K R

Hi… ARR .. Wish u many more happy returns of the day and it advanced b’day wishes. U r going to gift for u r b’day that is Vinnai thandi varuaya songs… Thank u

5 01 2010

hai sir i hearing the song of “Hosanna” song its very nice
We need melody songs. u r only playing Hindi films melody ex: yuvaaraj etc..
But u can playing upcoming films in Tamil u can give the good melody…….
Take care
Happy birth day ar rahman sir by meeraa

5 01 2010



6 01 2010

Hi All,

I have heard the song hosana. i think this will be the best song of the album. I have heard this song quite a no of times now.

I think this song starts well and also builds the good tempo in between, it has the romatic feel to it. but i really unhappy with the end. it try to increase the tempo more at the end, which is i think spoiling the song. so best way to listen to this song is to remove last part of song. So song is good upto 04:40. After that it is like any ordinary song. So i feel last part is not good. So from 04:41 till end should be removed.

I think last part may be required for movie we need to wait and watch.

overall song is amazing.. it will take you to different world. till 04:40


11 01 2010

hi all

I have heard all the songs. superb album. it is treat to listen. Here are the review. Yes it is initial review. It is review after 5-6 time listen. I think as you know like other ARR album it will take some time to grow on you.

Ommna penne – Very Good Song, Very different. Benny voice is avg. I think ARR Sir should have sung this song, I think we all have listen to previous leaked with ARR voice. So song is very good. but i think ARR should have sung this song. I hope ARR will record his hit in his voice some day and launch as new album. it will be a dream album. PLease Sir think about this once. Release one Album with all best songs of you with you voice. I think this should be there in that album. Very good song 3.5/5
One point to note malyalam lyrics are very good. i love that malyalam part in the song. The marriage music blend with the song is also very good. well so initially i gave 3.5 in this blog. but after all above points it is 4/5 . yes its ARR for you.

2. Anbil avan: Wow. Refreshing. After listening to this song i will go on road with my car and put this song with full song. And go for long drive. It has good temto very fast. really supperb song. I think best song of the album no doubts. Voice of both singers are spot on. Youthful song. 5/5. suddenly in between you hear church sound. Best


First listen i feel like it is avg song. on second song i hook to one line. marupaaaya. vinnaithaadi viruvaaya.. from third listen i notices the background music superb. then after some more listen i fell in love. Supperb song. but after 1:40 till end i have gone mad. amzing piece of music. i am keep repeating this track from 140, feel like initially someone is just requesting for love.. but after 140 he gets his love. superb song. 4.5/5

4. Hosanna:

amzing. this song has everthing. beginnin slow and romantic and some pain in it. We can pain the pain initial part of song. You will be in pain then suddenly vocal start from master voice of Vijay feel superb. amzing song. then again one more turn you will get to hear rap of blaze. it sound also superb. then you move to hello……. and hosanna.. then again vocal start feel really superb . but after 440 i feel song is not ending it properly. it goes vey high. but overall song is superb except ending. 4.6/5


Starting music is good. But song start with typical tamil feel to it. nothing new init. but song take very good turn when singer sing with high pitch i love that part. but i dont know the lyrics. overall ok song not that gr8. 3/5


again very gr8 song. none another than ARR himself. he rocks in this song. Shreya is ok . But she is giving very routine voice. But ARR voice is gr8. superb song. Pain in this song. i think this will become best song of album. after i listen some more. 5/5

7. Aaromale:

Very good song. but i feel i have heard one english song like this. I dont remember this song though. It is almost similar to that song. But still song is very good specially vocal is good and malyalam lyrics are good. Good. it is same as english song then i will give 2/5 if it is not then 4.5/5. I am searching for that english song. But song will make you mad. gr8 song.

Overall i think album is good. Personally i feel it album lack very sad song. on is there but still music like Ankahee from Pritam was the till date saddest music till now. Gr8 music from ankahee. I am waiting for album like Ankahee from ARR. Sad feel it to. the Pain in the songs. Sir if you are reading this. Please give us one album like Ankahee feel. Song which has pain. pain and pain..

Overall rating 4.5/5

Njoy the album // I am waiting for original CD now. So that i can buy them. i have heard the song from internet pirated version. But i always buy original CDs once it is out. I heard pirated songs because the i could not control my self. i was waiting for this album badly. Thank you ARR for good album

11 01 2010

I dont Know why A.R.Rahman has done like this. It was not to the expectation
I really feel very bad to say this.Still I will be waiting for a album like bombay, Uyrie,Thiruda Thiruda, Lagaan,Rangeela,Guru etc..
But still VTVY overall its ok..

11 01 2010

Yeah absolutely 😦

I felt the same.

12 01 2010

dei!!!! ur tellin this stupid comments like ur a.r.rahman;s tutor…
stop doin this busy body things and shut ur ass n get out….f@#$!!!!!

12 01 2010

except hosana all songs were flop

12 01 2010

all songs except hosana was not upto my expectation

12 01 2010

Average when compared to ARR Standards. I guess he gives his best only to Mani Ratnam.

13 01 2010

I am die hard fan of A.R.RAHMAN.I am not satisfied with the latest album.
But still expecting for the next album.

14 01 2010

AR RAHMAN i is really rocking. He is back again with his own form to TAMIL
The songs are in the VTV is really rocks.

Thanks to AR Rahman

14 01 2010
R M S Venkatesh

Excellent Songs in VTV by A.R.R. Great !!!!

15 01 2010

@everyone who says vtv songs are nt upto the level..u will realise the full satisfaction during the release of movie…it always happen with our musical god when u hear frsttime i wnt be a big hit but later u hear it conti u will simply mesmerised ..i simply love all the songs and techs he used is simply amazing sir..u r simply rocking….2010 is awesum treat for rahamaniacs VINNAITHANDI VARUVAY AND OUR UPCOMING ENDHIRAN (ROBOT) so ella pughazhum rahmanukey ……….thank u sir

16 01 2010

Omana penne!!! —- For th ones who have not listened to this track, its part of the New Vinnai Thandi Varuvaaya OST. I personally liked this one the most. Smudgy lyrics (thats a bad point), Benny’s RnB voice with Melodain , Pitch right or some form of Vocoder plugin to give the T Pain effect,blend of good base line and authentic Jalra sound, The best of all the Bilahari Raag on the Nadaswaram….Absolutely stunning!

22 01 2010

thanks arr. all songs r rocking. quality speaks in every beats. mannippaya and omana are my picks. jai ho rahmanji!

5 02 2010

hi ARR

14 02 2010

Ar.Rahman please make as many movies as possible im always listening to your music

27 02 2010

i need vtv bgm:):)

29 06 2010
Flexy Studio

working with such beautiful music was our pleasure.

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