Couples Retreat ~ Music on 13th October

19 09 2009

Couples Retreat

Hollywood star Vince Vaughn might do something for AR Rahman which he has never done before for anyone else. Sources from the industry are saying that the actor is expected to strain his vocal cords for the romantic comedy Couples Retreat for which the South Indian musician and composer has been roped in for the soundtrack.

Vince has never sung in a movie but had performed for the soundtrack Hollywood to the Heartland in a comedy show called 30 Days & 30 Nights. An insider tipped us about the development, “Rahman is scoring the sound for Couples Retreat in which Vince plays the lead.

When Rahman was in the US sometime back, they had met up and had a discussion about the project. It is here that Rahman apparently bounced off the idea that Vince should sing for him in the movie and Vince was very excited about it. It is learnt that he will be singing a romantic track in the movie. This film will have Rahman composing the score for a totally different audience. It will have pure Western sounds.” Rahman remained unavailable for comment.

Couples Retreat is a comedy that narrates the story of four diverse couples who settle into a tropical island resort for a vacation, with one of them there especially to work on their failing marriage.

Kailash Kher has also sung in Couples Retreat. “I have sung a’tarana’ in the film for Rahman and working with him is always a unique experience,” said the singer while adding that he is open to other offers from the west but will only accept work of quality.”

Voice it!

According to reports, Rahman will not just score for the film but also make lead actor Vince Vaughn croon. According to Hollywood tabloids, Rahman had a melody in mind, which he hummed for Vaughn. Apparently, Vaughn took to the tune immediately and started humming it as well. And that’s when Rahman suggested that he lend his voice to the tune.

No Slumdog hangover

Rahman who recently travelled to US for a meeting with the studio executives, will soon record the song with Vince. Sources reveal, “The song has no hangover from the Slumdog tunes. They are totally different and Rahman will be working with western musicians and composers on the film.”

Singing it

The Vaughn track is supposed to be a romantic song that he will sing to Kristen Bell during the movie. “It is not yet clear if he will sing the entire song or just a verse. That creative decision lies with Rahman and the director”, says a report as per CNN, Asia show.


Sajna | Music Composed by A R Rahman

Kuru Kuru Kan Afro Nisha | Music Composed : A R Rahman

Jason & Cynthia Suite

Nana | Music Composed : A R Rahman

Tour of the Villas | Music Composed : A R Rahman

Meeting Marcel | Music Composed : A R Rahman

Itinerary | Music Composed by A R Rahman

Undress| Music Composed : A R Rahman

Sharks | Music Composed : A R Rahman

Salvadore| Music Composed : A R Rahman

Intervention | Music Composed : A R Rahman

The Waterfall | Music Composed : A R Rahman

Jason & Synthia Piano Theme| Music Composed : A R Rahman

Animal Spirits| Music Composed : A R Rahman

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Also well known French actor Jean Reno has mouthed gruff dialogues for many blockbuster Hollywood movies including Mission Impossible, The Pink Panther, Godzillaand The Da Vinci Code, but has never exercised his vocal cords for a song. But now the award-winning actor is expected to make his singing debut for AR Rahman’s Hollywood production Couples Retreat, written by funny-man Vince Vaughn.

A source close to the development says: “Jean Reno is expected to record a voice sample to be used in one of the songs in the Hollywood production, for which Rahman has given music. Vince Vaughn is also recording a song for the composer. Rahman seems to love Jean’s deep, husky voice and felt that it would be apt for a particular comedy song.”

However, the actual meeting between Jean and Rahman will happen only when the production gets underway. “But Rahman has already consulted the film-makers and Vince about his idea and they have given their nod. He is expected to travel to Hollywood next month and record both Vince and Jean’s voice samples. This will definitely be Jean’s first song in a movie,” adds the source.




21 responses

19 09 2009

Hey Farz

Thanks for the scoop on Couple’s Retreat:

First of all the tracks sound fresh and totally western orchestration( Slight hint of Tabla signatures). I can’t imagine an Indian singer singing a Flamenco song. ARR has chosen Kailash wisely and present a magically addictive track.

The Coming Back track has a tropical essence in it. One can literally feel the breeze flowing in the song.

Its long since we heard ARR croon and love him in the Kunu Kunu track. Now where would these tamil verse fit in the movie this would show the directors ingenuity.

Listening to the above tracks I can’t wait for Vince’s and Jean Reno’s rendition.

Farz, Any idea what track ARR’s son Amin is singing?

19 09 2009


Lot more tracks to be added. So lets wait đŸ™‚

20 09 2009

Original and unique. Is it not refreshing musical approach for Hollywood films? I am impressed!

21 09 2009

woooow!! thanks for the songs.. btw . the first song is – “kuru kuru kangaliley” … its mispelt as “Kunu Kunu Kan Kuruvae” …i understand its tuff to make out what he is singing… The song is in the tamil language !! …
the 1st line is …”kuru kuru kangaliley…enai aval vendraale ” roughly translates to ‘ with her sharp eyes,she won over me’

21 09 2009

Where do you get this stuff from :)!!! Anyway, awesome and thanks!!! Can’t wait for the audio!!

21 09 2009

Can’t stop listening! The first 2 tracks are awesome!!!

24 09 2009

I doubt these are ‘Couples . . .’ track. Sounds very Indian and Tamil.

25 09 2009

Look at this website to get a glimpse of the awesome background score..(don’t click on anything, just let it remain in this page)

Based on the same raaga as the song “Hai rama yeh kya huva..” from Rangeela.. just awesome…look at the way he has used indian bells as rythm… can someone extract and post it..

26 09 2009

One more Hollywood Musical Big Bang!!!!!!!!

27 09 2009

Hey, first of all your doing a great job with this website! I was just curious as to what happened to the “coming back” track. It was simply an amazing composition. Thanks for your time, take care.

27 09 2009

Thanks very much for the track! The song, ‘Kuru Kuru kangaliley…’ was sung by Afro Nisha. The voice is strikingly similar to that of AR’s. Any idea of who the singer is?

16 02 2010
Sandeep Chettry

Yep Pravin,

Even I felt the same when I hear the song everyday…
Its a good no. and I would love to listen that many times.

27 09 2009

Whoohoo…….can’t stop listening to Nana and Sajna!!
Thanks Farzad!

28 09 2009

For every album I feel this is the greatest album of Rehman (sorry for the ‘e’, but i have known him like that only and will be so). Couples retreat.. marvelous, awesome, superb, awestruck, magnificient… the words are less..
Hindi, Tamil, Sanskrit in Hollywood flick!!!
I expected CR to be different but this is height of being so different.
I am just spellbound to its variety yet a common theme (sajna re..).
I dont know about boxoffice success but I am dead sure that its now turn of Americans to be R’e’hmaniac..

30 09 2009

wooooooooowwwwwwwww amaaaaaazinnnnnnnnggggggg
songs are very different and i love all songs

thanks a lot

3 10 2009

Which is the song by Aleem? Rahman’s child

3 11 2009

Who is the actual singer of sajna?

16 02 2010
Sandeep Chettry

Its P J Morton.

The lyrics are by A R Rahman and Blaaze

9 11 2009

Though we not yet seen the film his music gives us the feel of that situation. Great ! work by Rahman. Jai ho…

9 12 2009

i saw the film.really nice music by Rehman and good film special for married couples!beautiful locations and worthy film.

20 12 2009

will couples retreat music leave an immpression on hollywood music?

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