“Oh wait… coloring books”.. Rahman’s gift

25 09 2008

Recently, six winners of a “Sakkarakatti” contest organized by Sony at Music World, including a father and his cheerful little kid, got the chance to meet A R Rahman personally. As they were preparing to leave, Rahman suddenly said, “Oh wait… coloring book!” As everyone looked mildly confused, he picked up a bright green children’s coloring book from one of three neat stacks on one side of the room and gave it to the child with a smile.

And as this reporter watched in amusement, the remaining young adults in the room promptly lined up to get one themselves. Moral of the story? When A R Rahman hands out something, you go pick it up. Even if it’s a pea-green coloring book for five year olds.

Sakkarakkatti became famous for its song `Taxi Taxi’, which was an instant hit. Its sheen and popularity even compelled the filmmakers to re shoot the original video. A R Rahman, before starting to compose for this film,promised that his work in this film will make everyone undergo the same pleasant feeling they had when they listened to him for the first time in Roja. Well, the maestro has fulfilled his promise.

Sakkarakkatti will be a wholesome youthful entertainer with its peppy music by A R Rahman, incredibly beautiful narration by Kala Prabhu, fresh and young faces and excellent cinematography by Andrew.




3 responses

25 09 2008
Aslam Saja

Hey Farzad… Really they were lucky to meet most kind person in the current world.. He is not only a legend.. Good hearted person..

25 09 2008


5 10 2008
Farzad khaleel

Lovely 🙂

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