Rahman’s Yuvraaj will be out on October 17th 2008

12 09 2008

Super Cassettes Industries Ltd aka T-Series will release the music of Subhash Ghai Film Yuvraaj on October 17th. “It is a pleasure for us to make the announcement of the release date of the music,” said a T Series spokesperson. “We are proud of our association with Showman Subhash Ghai for all Mukta Arts ventures. Since October 17 is an auspicious day, we decided to go in for the release on that day.”


Yuvraaj is produced and directed by Subhash Ghai, starring Salman Khan, Anil Kapoor, Mithun Chakraborty, Katrina Kaif, Zayed Khan and Jawed Sheikh. A R Rahman has teamed with Gulzar Saab for the Music of the film. The film is Subhash Ghai’s next much-awaited musical after the stupendous success of Taal in 1999. When a company has the music rights of a film’s songs composed by the Mozart of Asia A.R.Rahman, then there is no need to get worried about the success of sales of the music.

Talking about the music of the film, veteran director Subhash Ghai says “The music of Yuvraaj has an international feel. It blends both Western music with Indian classical music and folk music. It has some peppy numbers and some excellent melodies. It has a larger than life feel to it. Rahman has done his best”

Shiamak Davar, who choreographed a dance for Yuvraaj last week at Filmistan Studios, refuse to accept payment for the same. Saying that it was an honor to be associated with Ghai, the choreographer and dance instructor returned the cheque to the filmmakers production department. Shiamak had earlier worked with Ghai in Taal and, again, in Kisna. “Working in Subhash-ji is a learning experience too,” said Davar, leaving the filmmaker speechless. Incidentally information has heard some of the songs of Yuvraaj is mind blowing. It would not be and exaggeration to say that A R Rahman is in top form once again. His orchestration, especially, is remarkable.”

So the point is clear that Rahman has composed a Western Classical Album and overall we can expect a chart buster again from the maestro.





20 responses

12 09 2008

ohhhhhh…… on October 1-a? cool cool…

innum 18 dayz… 😦

12 09 2008

wow!! a great news buddy!

12 09 2008

ITzz Eidd on that day… So 18 more days to Eid and musiq release .. he he…

Thanx for the comments.

14 09 2008

The most awaited soundtrack ever since ‘Taal’ which so far is the most brilliant score in recent times. None to beat heard so far.
It is believed that with ‘Yuvvraaj’, the Ghai-Rahman combination shall again be nothing less than an unbeatable combination.
We look forward to some great musical score with unmatched brilliance in the Indian music industry, it is believed.
The musical score is awaited most eagerly.
With best wishes to the Maestro and wishing a great scuccess for’Yuvvraaj’ !

15 09 2008

That’s right Farzad! It’ll hopefully make for a fantastic Eid present! Thank you for the update.

Also, maybe you could compile a similar list with A. R. Rahman’s songs only?!

18 09 2008

i am waiting for this album.
i hope it’s going to be hit.

why Kay kay’s songs are just few in AR Rahman’s music?
he sings songs in the film of AR Rahman, Sapnay and Saathiya.
What’s the reason?

3 10 2008

The music is Great

The song Zehereela sung by A.R.Rehman is rocking

and the second song in the album which is title song is superb, The saxo in that song is beautiful

the remaining songs are aslo good

Rehman Rocks again

But the price of the CD is bit High

3 10 2008

The Music of Yuvraj is great, a.r.rahman and subhashghai combination rocks

Title song is very nice

the song rendered by A.R.Rahman ,zehereela is nice

3rd song by madhushree is very nice, nectar voice accompained by beautiful orchestra

the remaining songs are nice

but why the album is having only 6 songs

more songs are needed

Rahman rocks again

Please dont pirate or download. Though the price is little bit high

Its a Worth buy

4 10 2008

well i think the music of yuvraaj is releasing on oct 10 & KK has a few songs in A R REHMAN music because A R REHMAN provide varieties in vocals as well as music.

4 10 2008

The music is already in stores, Its superb

5 10 2008

Why Kavita Krishnamurthy’s songs are just few in AR Rahman’s music?
She sings songs in the film of AR Rahman, Taal,Bombay,Zubeida,Mangal Pandey,Pukaar, Hindustani,Jeans and many other hits.There was great combination kavita voice and rahman music…….
What’s the reason?

6 10 2008

The album is already released brother not on 10th The songs are very nice

contains six songs

top is jehareela sung by rahman sir

2nd is tu hi tho mera dosth hai

3rd is aawaaz hu main

and the remaining are okay not upto the mark

12 10 2008

great bought the cd all the snogs are brillant

1. jehreela
2. awaaz hoon main
3. tu hi toh mera dost hai

Others are slow songs will take to grow and will be liked also

13 10 2008

my top fav





14 10 2008

hii jss waitingg forr tha mussic,
salmann lookingg so cool

15 10 2008

What is Zehereela song..I cant see anywhere in track list..

15 10 2008

1. jehreela
2. awaaz hoon main
3. tu hi toh mera dost hai

I cant see first two songs in track list..from where did u get them..or its fake review..as a rahman fan..you shouldnt be doing it.. 😦

15 10 2008
hitrack check

Hi, track check ony the first two songs are available only in the special edition release those two songs are not included in ordinary release

dilemma on the existence of the songs in ordinary release caused the delay of the album otherwise the album was to be released on october 1st

and i think those songs will be added in second release of the album

15 10 2008

why zehreela song is removed from the regular album ,

The song is so good

fans miss that song

rahmans voice ,,,, very nice in that song

18 11 2008

rehman….indeed the best of all..
master of all

tu meri dost hai….is the melodious one..

wat say???


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