Rising Star of Rahman ~ Benny Dayal

31 08 2008

The Rising Star, the latest find of Rahman is the voice to watch out for in the music business.

Most of the songs that he has sung seem to reflect his personality to the Tee fun, confident and passionate. Twenty three-year-old Benny Dayal has had the dream start in the music industry that many dream of. His debut was with A.R. Rahman and from then on he has gone on to wield the microphone for the likes of Harris Jayaraj, Vidyasagar and G.V. Prakash.

His first song to hit the airwaves was Maduraikku Pogadhedi, from the film ‘Azhagiya Thamizh Magan’ in which he has also sung Nee Marylin Monroe Cloninga, both of which can get you to shake a leg or two. But it wasn’t just luck, there’s a lot of practice and exposure that earned him the call from Rahman’s studio.

Based in the Gulf, Benny came to Chennai to earn a graduation degree from MCC. That’s when he participated in SS Music channel’s talent hunt contest and became a part of the then-famous S5 band. A few years later, he was also spotted in Vijay TV’s ‘Paadum Office’, a singing competition between professionals working in corporate offices and is a part of a Rock and Roll band called “Rainbow Bridge”.

He has also sung a few ad jingles. And all this with the Tamil he had picked up while in Chennai, and that’s really good going by his songs.”I don’t know how but somehow I must have got noticed and that’s how I got a call from A.R. Rahman’s studio to sing in the chorus”, confesses the singer. From a chorus singer for the song Balleilakka in ‘Sivaji’, he was chosen to lend his voice for his first solo song.

As a newcomer, it must have been quite an experience to sing for A.R.Rahman. “Yes. It was great. He is very sweet and very chilled out. He does not loose his temper and sees work as fun. He makes things easier for the singer as well so that it is a win-win situation for both”, he comments. “In the song Maduraikku Pogadhedi, the female chorus singers accidentally laughed during the recording and Rahman thought that sounded nice and used it instead of a line in the song”, recounts Benny reflecting on Rahman’s adaptable and spontaneous working style.

Love of music

You needn’t be a psycho-analyst to find out how passionate Benny is about music and singing when he says “I have no expectations. I just want to be recognized and make people happy with my songs. Music to me is the food of life. I live to sing”. He has been learning Carnatic music for 14 years and is also learning Hindustani now. “I try to be versatile and am always ready for the worst. For instance, if they want me to sing like a person who can’t sing then I have to know how to do just that. “On stage, he is his usual fun-self. “I enjoy singing and that’s shown on the stage as well. When we perform on stage we need to be more interactive”, he feels.

Benny is making a splash in Bollywood as well with his songs Pappu cant dance and Nazrein Milana from the film ‘Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na’. He attributes his success to his parents, brother and his friends – Akhil, Arindam, Eben, Sandeep and Christopher. But success hasn’t changed him one bit, he assures. “I don’t let success get into my head. So when I don’t change, people around me don’t change as well.” Rest assured.

Quick bites:

Favorite song: All the songs from ‘Kandukondein Kandukondein’

Favorite Artist: Shankar Mahadevan, Kishore Kumar, S. Janaki, Asha Bhonsle, Chitra, Chinmayi, Shreya Goshal.

Difficult Song so Far : Neeye Sol from ‘Polladhavan’

Competition in the industry: We’re all Good friends.

Maduraikku Pogadhedi, Nee Marylin Monroe cloninga ~ Azhagiya Thamizh Magan

Neeye Sol — Polladhavan

Dhikku Dhikku, Pudhu Pudhu — Dhaam Dhoom

Theneeril Snehidam — Subramaniya Puram

Orey — Jayam Kondan

Pappu Can’t Dance, Nazrein Milana — Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na

Chinnamma Chilakkamma — Sakkarakatti

Taxi Taxi ~ Sakkarakkatti




60 responses

1 09 2008

Nice post.. Was looking forward this post when u told me u were blogging.. kekeke.. Started liking Benny in a show called “Isai Kudumbam”. He sang dil se re… I was soo moved by it.. Such a soothing voice he had!! A R R choices of singers are simply superb.. Singers like Shreya Goshal, Chinmayi, Naresh Iyer, Karthik, Blaaze and now Benny.. Etc..etc.. Simply love them… 🙂

30 08 2009
Malar Priya

Benny,,I have been really amazed listening to ur songs..Wat a voice yaa..I m a big fan of urs..I m so happy hearing tat i too was born on ur same date of birth..I love all ur songs,mainly,songs from sakkarakatti,subramaniyapuram .etc.. I listen to ur songs atleast 10 times a day,mainly the song nanbanai partha.. frm ninaithaalae inikum..I became a fan of urs after listening to Malarey song..
Keep on rocking..

2 09 2008

his voice is amazinggggggg……………… 😛 (like yours loooool)

2 09 2008

nice post.. but nowadays ther nuthin on ar rahman…!!

3 09 2008

ur rite Naz

7 09 2008

he rokZ..[:)]

29 09 2008
Vinaykumar chulliparmabil

yes really a talented singer..

3 10 2008

benny………u have amazing voice……i became a big fan of urs after listenin 2 chinnama song(sakarakathi)…..best of luck…keep on rockin…lots of luv..

15 10 2008

Beeny is my college mate in M C C.. he never felt tired for music.. if u ask him to sing 100 songs he will do that.. for him music is not life.. its more than that…

17 10 2008

Benny Dayal is very good. I never knew he had sung these many songs.. He ROCKS !!

17 10 2008

hi benny
i really became a great fan of u not after listenin ur songs
but seein the movements u dance 4 ur song
after listenin to the songs in s5 ,even at tat time itself i guessed tat u would bcom a big head
any way all the best to grow more
with love

19 10 2008

You are an amazing personality. Can`t get tired listening “Tu Hi To Meri Dost Hai”; therefore, I wanted to know more of you and your songs. Here you are – MCC`ian, and I am proud to be a MCC`ian. I was in Thomas Hall, UG of 1996, now live and work in Tokyo.

My 10 months daughter loves to hear “Tu Hi To Meri Dost Hai”. Do drop a mail at rajeshsis@hotmail.com, so I can start inspiring my daughter Riya to learn Karnatic and Hindustani classical.


30 10 2008

benny was my senior in my school adis………..
in abudhabi……….
didn’t know that he add such talent..
keep it up yaar..

31 10 2008

I became a big fan of you. I like all of your tamil songs. But most favorite is chinnamma chellamma. All the best for your future.

4 11 2008
sandesh regmi

hi me sandsh from nepal i love ur voice very much tu hi to mera dost is very very good after kk u are the up coming kk

7 11 2008

Heard that he is working in some Software company!
Any idea, where he works? 😛

13 11 2008

A well known Alumini of Abu Dhsbi Indian School 2000 batch…

18 11 2008

hey benny, ur song “tu hi toh meri dost hai” fro yuvraj is simply AWESOME!!!!! TOTALLY!! i dint lik d lyrics so much but ur voice jus adds on 2 da luvly music wch makes d song so lovable…….u reli did a gud job….

19 11 2008

I really like Benny Dayal’s “Tu meri dost hai” from movie “Yuvvraaj”. So stylish voice in this song. Really he’ve got such a stylish and modern voice. I didn’t recognise him before but from this song i really really liked his voice. People plz listen the song “TU MERI DOST HAI”…from “YUVVRAAJ”…

25 11 2008

i love his Chinnama from Sakkarakatti!!!

1 12 2008
Meena Gajaraj

Benny rocks! Awesome singin..n he sounds so different in each song. Tat’s so cool.all de best Benny. God bless you dear!

4 12 2008


6 12 2008

My dream to b a singer so i always love to hear song and sing..now i have a new aim 4 meet Rahiman sir and Benny Dayal too..the song was simply superb(Chinnamma Chilakkamma)Love iT ya..even i never recognise him(Benny Dayal ) b4 but now..i’m a fan of HE!!ooppps..Fan of His Voice..

7 12 2008
Kinjal Rathod

Ohhhhhhhh, Mr. Benny Dayal, how awesome voice u have ?
I m totally bold by ur voice, listening “TU HI MERI DOST HAI ” Max. times in a day, yet can’t get tired, bye

18 12 2008

I love His Voice a Lot

28 12 2008
Sathish Naika

Benny has become my fevourites these days, I don’t know i get to hear him all the time. He’s that charismatic voice that comes out with alot of passion and soul. I’ve gone mad by listening to him in Gajani ” Kaise Mujhe tum Milgayi .. .. “. A.R. Rehman, a legend in his own world of Music and of course to the rest of the world. I’m a die-hard fan of Rehaman.

Love you all

2 01 2009

hai Benny

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!

We became a BIG fan of you. We love your songs because the feel which u given to the songs (“Kaise Mujhe tum…….. from Ghajani and ” Tu meri dosth hey……… Yuvraj) is great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We wish you all the best.



2 01 2009

hai Benny

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!

We became a BIG fan of you. We love your songs because the feel which u given to the songs (“Kaise Mujhe tum…….. from Ghajani and ” Tu meri dosth hey……… Yuvraj) are great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We wish you all the best.



3 01 2009
Mohamed Idris

I know Benny from school. We were in the de same school and infact same class. I knew him as a performer from school. One interesting thing I want to share with y’all is the we both once took part in Mimicking contest in school and I guess he came first and i ended up with 3rd position. It really surprised me when I heard from one of my friends that Benny has become a lead singer for A Rahman. Neverthelss, I didn’t doubt he couldn’t become one big guy.

3 01 2009

Hi Benny!!
u rock man
i adore u for ur work Tu hi to meri dost hai nd d latest sansational Kaise Main Kahoon-Ghajini
nd u r right music is life!!
Hope to hear more from ur throat coz it jst touches heart!!

6 01 2009

Liked the track ‘Kaise mujhe tum mil gayee’ from Ghajini…
Another good find by ARR…
Way to go 🙂

7 01 2009

Hi Benny ,

the song Kaise mujhe tum milgaye from Ghajini is awesome .i just cant express my feelings ,its too good. the way you have sung is outstanding after listening to that am so happy i cant express .thanks for Prasoon joshi .A R Rahman ,Murgadoss ,You and entire team for making such a very good song.


13 01 2009

benny….. i am an aspiring fan of you… i like your NEE MERLIN MONREO song a lottttt……. really no one could sing that song so beautifully like you…… 🙂 🙂 🙂 your songs in SAARAL ALBUM is also very nice…… You are Great !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

15 01 2009

hi benny!!! u r an awesome singer!!!PEEP HAD NEVER given me an intro with u !!!! i wud love to meet u!!! tc

15 01 2009

best of luck 4 ur future!!

30 01 2009

Hi Benny,
I’m falling in love with your voice.it just touch my heart,its so peacefull.
You’re Voice and Rahman’s music is just a perfect combination.Just keep on giving us such beuatiful songs/music.
All the best for the future.

lots of love

31 01 2009


3 02 2009
Arun Murali

I was surprised to see Benny in NDTV Imagine last week singing for a show by Farhan Akhtar. He sung Pappu can’t dance there and there also I was surprised to hear that he sung that one..

I remember him acting in a Malayalam film By The People and I knew that he is a singer. But today only I got a chance to browse more about him and yet again surprised too whole lot my favorite songs sung by Benny…

Benny, Hats of to you man..You are truly fantastic….Keep up the good work!

Arun Murali

6 02 2009

hi Benny Dayal…….i became ur fan right fromm ur 1st song maduraikku pogadheydi….it was ausome…….then marlin monroe was fantabulous……..
the recent hit of ur noneother “taxi taxi” the way u hav sung have made it a gr8 hit…..especially the “tillana tillana……adangamaattae needhana”………

6 02 2009

Hi Benny……….i became a gr8 fan of u from ur debut song madhu pogadd….it was wonderful and ur nee marlin monroe cloninga was fantabulous…….
Obviously i hav 2 comment abt ur recent hit…noneother than “taxi taxi” the way u have sung the song made it a super hit song 4ever….especially the lines “tillana tillana… adangamaatae needhana” u end is somwat diffferent which makes u spl……..to say i wud hav heard ur taxi taxi more than 1000 times………….my best wishes for ur future……

8 03 2009

I don know if you would remember me, I was with you in the same Geetha M’am dance class. Today I was watching filmfare and that’s when I saw you and searched if you are the same Benny Dayal, I’m so happy for you. All the best wishes for you.

13 03 2009
bhavana gupta

hey benny!!!!!!!!!!!
i jus love d way u r ………. d way u enjoy ur singin………. u r an awesom singer n ull for sure reach heights …………. any one ll fall flat for ur live performance……. keep rockin………… all ur songs hindi or tamil be it anytin r d best ………… love u loads ……..

15 03 2009

hi benny,
u r having such a voice that, its very close to A R R’s voice so nice its to listen n i am biiiiiiiiig of A R R ………..

17 03 2009

you are great benny we are enjoying your songs.
god bless you.

19 03 2009

benny really rocks 4 “kaise mujhe tum milgayee…”from Ghajini..

1 04 2009

Hai Benny we will met on 11.03.09

6 04 2009

Taxi…. Taxi…..song from sakkarakatty ……. benny dayal rocking yaar………….. he had a powerfull & energetic voice……

20 04 2009
Dennis Dayal

What can a proud brother say? You make me proud and my love and blessings are always there with you my brother. I always had the confidence in your talent and you are doing a fantastic Job.
With love

Your brother

16 05 2009

wat can i comment on u man ? a mind blowing enthusiastic singer !! your body language clearly reveals your fun loving attitude and ur passion for music ! i have never stopped dancing when u r on stage and am madly in love with your amazing voice (and of course with u 2 🙂 )
just keep rocking man and i will catch u soon in a live show ….. with love and passion – preeth 🙂

2 06 2009

Benny Dayal absolutely rocks!!! You are my favourite singer since i heard your Nee Marilyn Monroe song. Good luck Benny for now and for your future! I hope you sing more songs for actor Surya. Your voice suits for him. Don’t ever forget your Guru, A.R Rehman for your entry to your career now. Till ur last song, The Night is Still from the movie Muthirai composed by my favourite Yuvan….your are doing great. Take care.
siva91_st@yahoo.co.uk…my e-mail address.

14 08 2009

I love his Vizhiyoram from “saral”
Ilove you my benny
ur amazing voice
i love………………………………………………uuuuuuuu

25 08 2009
niyasbay trichur

i love u somuch ar rahman & his singer benni dayal

22 09 2009

benny, i became a great fan of urs after listening to ur kannada song..’tangali tandeya’..its amazing.. love it a lot.. hats of to u..

27 09 2009

1st of all i dont know who is he?after his taxi taxi i liked him a lot i became a fav fan of benny.BENNY DAYAL ROCKZZZZZZZZZZ FOR EVER .

22 12 2009

hi benny…. i am glad to type this. I AM ONE OF UR FANSSSSSSSSSSSSS…..u r so precious that A R RAHMAN picked u from a corus. this shows your ability to sing a kind of songs.pl continue to sing more songs. all t best for ur future….bye.


16 01 2010

gr8 2 kno even more abt benny frm d blog……
lookin frwrd 2 c u in our clg fes dis march,,,,,,

20 02 2010

Sir. I am studying in anna university chemical engineering I love music But i dont know proper music just i will sing songs by hearing knowledge only.I want to learn music and to become a good singer.

13 04 2010

i just love his latest hit in “vinnaithaandi varuvaaya”-omanna pennae
and i go absolutely crazy over his song in Paiyya-poongattre…
i think benny dayal’s voice is unique and one of a kind….and suits today’s generation very well!!!!he rocks!!!

21 05 2010

Hello Benny you are voice is totally amazing 😉

28 07 2010
Norbert Mathias

Dear Benny,

Kindly get in touch with Mr. Imtiaz Sheikh of Stagestar 4 Bollywood (Johny Lever’s Group Manager). I can provide you with his mobile number if you write to me on my email address. This is regarding a stage show in November 2010. The details of the show can be discussed with him.

Thanks Nobby
for Glamour & Glitter Events Management Co.
Abu Dhabi, UAE

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