Rahman fans ~ Strongest community in Orkut

21 08 2008

For the 3,00,000 strong A R Rahman Fans community in Orkut, virtual space is for meeting and organizing. The community is used as a platform for the planning of their outdoor activities, which include free food distribution for the poor, concerts, and aid for the disabled kids. It also serves as a platform for raising money for these charity works by selling Rahman tees, Pray for me Brother color books, etc.

A speck of the spotlight

Fans themselves come under the spotlight as they rally support from their communities to help their stars shoot high in online polls. Adding to these are the numerous games related to the stars that are available online. An SRK application in Facebook has 624 monthly active users, while another game on Aamir Khan attracts 205 users every month.

As a fan flaunts her pictures with the star, much to the envy of others, or another one brings out a link to a rare snippet on the star, the fan too gets a share of the star’s glamor. It’s all about show biz, indeed!

The real-time fans associations

Charity seems to be the catchword for the real-time fans associations, when not in their “cut-out” mode. Nagarjuna fans organise tree plantations and other charity works while Balakrishna fans caught attention with their generous Rs 5 lakh donation to the Indo American Cancer Organisation. Education and medical aid are the concerns of NTR Fans too. Chiranjeevi fans run a blood bank, but they have more business to do in the coming days.

Who’s the strongest?

On Orkut:

A R Rahman Fans :: 3,81,313
The Shahrukh Khan Fan Club :: 3,35,557
Aamir “The Ace” Khan :: 1,52,974
Megastar Chiranjeevi :: 1,05,192
John Abraham :: 1,04,521
Salman Khan :: 1,02,963
Nandamuri Balakrishna :: 72,811
Super Star Rajinikanth :: 63,451

On Facebook:
Shahrukh (King) Khan :: 20,947
Aamir Khan :: 19,143
A R Rahman 12,93




One response

8 10 2009
jeux R4

Thanx for the valuable information. Rehman is a rock star. I love orkut. But my friends are spending more time on face book. So Iv got no choice but to move.

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