A R Rahman answers specially for his fans

4 08 2008

In an interview for Leading Tamil Magazine, Music maestro A R Rahman answers to the questions of his crazy fans about Political leader’s to his best music composition ever. Here we go…

Do you consider you have achieved in the field of Music ?

Music is not a running race. Its a spiritual journey. If some people, say, its good, it cant be believed, and if some say its excellent, then too it cant be believed. The future generations have to make a garland out of the beads, whichever is suitable

Who is your favorite Political leader ?

After the period of Umar Nabigal Nayagam, there was a person by name Umar, who ruled. He behaved like a servant, by lying down in a bed made of ropes, and lead a very simple life. I came to know of all this, after reading his bibliography. After him, I like Mahatma Gandhi very much. I don’t know much about World Leaders, but amongst the few people, who have had impact on me, these people play a prominent role. A good leader must have patience and forbearance. He shouldn’t have differences between the rich, poor, good and bad, and must have the benefit of the nation and the people to be at his top priority.

You have cherished your long standing dream of starting a Music College. What next ?

Starting a Music College has been my first desire, and it is over. There are a lot of faces which follow to the school, and they have to be done, and the school has to be converted into a moral school. I have the intention to transform it that way.

Which country doesn’t love Music in the world ?

There is no nation, which doesn’t love music. Music is the common language of the world. Is there a nation, which doesn’t love the language. If so, please tell me ?

Can anyone achieve success in life fighting with poverty ?

For success, there is nothing like being rich or poor. If at all, something of that sorts exists, it would be for a very less percentage. For success, the aim and focus is important. The aim must be rooted very strongly in the hearts. If done so, success is bound to come one day. As the Divine Self within, and it will drive victory.

Whats your notion about people, who keep doing sinful actions ?

we start judging everything and everyone. This man has done good deeds, and that man has done bad deeds is the differentiation that we do. Without doing this, if we go in depth a bit, then we will try to understand. Because, even if a person is most sinful, and even if he does a good deed, his sins may be forgiven. In the same way, if a good person does something bad, he gets termed as a sinful person for the rest of his life. So, its upto us to decide which is good and which is bad. Everything depends on us.

You have been flying all around tirelessly composing for Hollywood and Bollywood. Happy. Cant we hear some songs on Carnatic Music from you ?

Very soon, you can hear

What would you call as comfortable pain ?

Our lives..

For the peace of the soul, you have attached yourselves to Islam. There are crores of Poor Islamists who are living an unsecured life. What you say?

Its not only Islam which tells about that. There are a lot of Nishneeni Sweeha which is present here. For some important Nishneeni, there are a lot of Minibeekshigal, which are needed. If there are specific leaders in each field, those Nishneei Sweeh will succeed. Instead of that, if we differentiate this as bad, and that as good, then the entire Nishneei Sweeh become bad.. If we do good, its not only for the community, and its for the entire mankind. This sort of intention must come for everyone. Be it be, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, it should be for the betterment of human beings, and for the welfare of the nation. Every Veda has a good message. If we study and learn it, it becomes proud. we tell, “Assalamu Alaikkum” which means, let there be peace for everyone. This has been told as common for all languages. In the same way, in Christianity, they say, “Let there be peace here”, and in Hinduism, they say, “Om Shanthi Om”. Likewise, all religions desire peace

Hello Sir, Is the wife after the mother,,,, Is this true and right ?

Absolutely true. At the same time, the wife is also a mother.

Ilayaraja, who has achieved the pinnacle of success, has never forgotten his mother land or his native place. and he wont forget in the future too. But, you haven’t spoken anything about your native place . Why is it so ?

I have sung a song, “Thai Manne Vanakkam”. What more can be said ..

Which is the best melody song of your composition that you like ?. Amongst Illayaraja ‘s melody songs, which is the one which you keep humming. Please answer

Amongst my music, its going to be , “New York Nagaram” from Jillenu oru Kadhal. Amongst Illayaraja ‘s composition it would be “Kaatril varum Geetham” from Jaani

The notable famous Play back singer T.M. Sounder Rajan hasn’t featured in your music till now. Why ?

He is going to sing soon,. No particular reason behind it

For a good cinema, songs are a hindrance as said by Actor Kamalhassan. I also accept it . What about you ?

Oh is it so. Kamal Hassan’s for his next film, “Marmayogi” has been asking me for a lot of songs…




5 responses

4 08 2008

WOWOW!!! Nice…

For success, the aim and focus is important. The aim must be rooted very strongly in the hearts. If done so, success is bound to come one day. As the Divine Self within, and it will drive victory. >>> very good one! true.. 😉

Thanks for sharing buddy!

4 08 2008

My Favourite is also “Newyork Nagaram” among his chart busters..But among Ilayaraja’s i like “En Vaanile” from the same movie “Johnny”.

Hats off rahman for your answers on Politics & Motherland….:)

4 08 2008

Among Ilayaraja’s compositions, there are many beautiful songs like “Neela vaana odaeyil”, “Ilaya nila”, “Vaa nila”, “Aagaya ganghai”, “Kalyaana thenila” and so and so …

But in ARR’s composition, in each album there are alwayz one or thwo songs which are more than excellent ! To say the truth, some of his earlier works like those one in “Roja”, “Kaadhalan”, “May Maadham”, “Gentleman”, “Indira”, “Bombay”, “Duet” …. are … huh how to say … really really great !

He is Alwayz the Maestro of Music ! I have never known Mozart, Beethoven or someone else … but for me, AR.Rahman is the Emperor of all time.

5 09 2008

hmm talking about the interview
wat kind of a questions are those for a music director,like he is appearing for a managment university,which country doesnt like music,whats your notion abt ppl who are sinful……….!!!!!
questions should be totally orrinted towards musicand his life.
and some of the questions seemed harsh.

29 11 2008
santhosh P kumar

Mr ARR you are Grt but still Illayaraja is Giant in music .I think you will accept with me . I hope you are also a grt fan of Illayaraja.
good luck
AR Rahaman

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