A R Rahman & BlaZe working on Thirukkural.

29 07 2008

In spite of his busy schedule, music director A. R. Rahman has managed to find time to carry out a project, which is very close to his heart. After kindling the spirits of youngsters with his album ‘Vandematharam’ with which he retuned our national anthem ‘Janagana Mana’, Rahman is now working on an album based on Thirukkural.

It may be recalled that Ilayaraja had rendered an album on Thiruvasagam with loads of spirituality in it. Rahman in the company of rap singer Blaze is working on the world famous Tamil literary work Thirukkural now.

‘We want to take Thirukkural to the next generation. We are doing it with utmost care and dedication in such a way that the poetic genius of Thiruvalluvar is retained’ says the highly talented Rahman. Rahman is producing the album which is sure to captivate the hearts of the young.

In a recent interview to a tabloid, A R Rahman expressed his desire to release the Tamil verse collection Thirukkural in rap format. He replied so when asked what would be his contribution to the younger generation.

Rahman further mentioned that the project would involve desi Rapper Blazee, who is already on the job of preparing the format and would be a novel attempt to popularize Tamil literature. As per Rahman, Blazee would sing Thirukkural in rap version and Carnatic music would be used to mix in the background.

Rahman was also quoted as saying by the tabloid that he would only produce the album and music would be rendered by Blazee himself.




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4 08 2008


26 08 2008
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12 10 2008

Really great to hear. I pray the god for the success(Definitely)of this project.
Once again thanks to A.R.R on behalf of TamilNadu…
Thanks a lot…. It should continue… we are here to support u………

1 07 2009

This is a great thing. We cannot wait to buy this. Could anybody share the news on when the album is planned to be released?


16 09 2009

such a wonderfull decision by arr sir

28 03 2010

RAHMAN sir is doing a Great great job..he’s my first GOD!!..yes really i love him so so much.. i listen only to his music..according to me only his music exists..every time i come online i jus search for his photos and and info about him..more than i care for me i care for him!!!!….anything he does wil be tooooo gud!..ppl cant say the word “HATE” if they listen to his music..its tooooooo good..i can never find a better person and a better musician…no1 can even reach or touch him..love u loads sir..waitin to meet u..gud luck for all ur projects..all your fans blessings are always there wid u..:)

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