Set Me Free ~ A turn back into Rahman’s life

22 07 2008

Now its time for a turn back to the maestro’s life. The first album of A R Rahman. “Set me Free” is the first Experimental album of A R Rahman. An experimental venture with singer Shubhaa. Set Me Free, the English pop album which flooded the market in October 2006, was originally released in 1991. At that time, the credits read ” Music composed by A.S. Dulip Kumar and rendered by Shubhaa”. Not surprisingly the album found no takers. Then Roja came along. The little-known jingle composer A.S.Dulip Kumar became music director A. R. Rahman.

Set Me free

Shrewd business minds at Magnasound lost no time in printing brand new cassette-wrappers with Rahman’s name and face prominently displayed on the front flap and announced the release of the first international album by the whiz kid. Huge hoardings sprung up all over Chennai city, publicizing the new album obviously in a bid to capitalize on Rahman’s current popularity. Madhav Das, the executive director of Magnasound, didn’t even feel the need to confer with A.R.Rahman before releasing the album. “Why should I ask Rahman about re-releasing an old album with a new name? After all Rahman too changed his name without asking anyone, didn’t he?” says Das. On the other hand, Rahman is livid. “I’m not ashamed of my old album. Neither am I trying to hide my past,” explained the music director.

But he wants the public to know that Set Me Free is an album which was done as an experimental venture with singer Shubhaa. Magnasound, he feels, is wrong in trying to pass it off as a brand-new album. When Set Me Free, the album that has stirred up a hornet’s nest, was released way back in 1991, only 8,000 copies of the cassette were sold. According to Magnasound, it’s because people weren’t ready for that kind of music yet.

Today anything with the name Rahman can turn to gold… which is why Magnasound has evidently flooded the market with 20,000 cassettes of an album that was once a non-starter. Set Me Free re-appeared on the store counters on September 26, 2006. Within 48 hours, stocks were sold out throughout the city. Spurred by the response, Madhav Das has decided to go for the kill. Zee TV, Star Plus and all other satellite channels thus advertises a ‘new’ pop album from A.R. Rahman. “I’m positive I will be able to sell at least two lakh cassettes,” Das claimed. “I’m also not guilty of cheating either the public or Rahman because I have the legal rights to exploit this album. And make it a Super-Duper hit.”





3 responses

23 07 2008

ohhhhhh appediya…?
cool cool…

23 07 2008

Appedi allae…. Sun burn pannicha ?

Sun = Surya

He he…burned you ~~~ Very good 😛

24 07 2008

Damn this is some cheap marketing! I do remember this old album (might even have some old MP3s languishing somewhere in my hard drive) — “experimental” is certainly the right word. But nonsensical exploitation like this will alienate Magnasound from the man himself — not sure why Das would not understand something fundamental like this…

PS – Nice blog!

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