Marmayogi ~ A Musical from A R Rahman

21 07 2008

Marmayogi, the immediate mega venture of Kamal Hassan after Dasavatharam will have more number of songs, says A R Rahman. The music maestro, who is joining hands with the versatile actor after a gap has said in an interview that Kamal has demanded more songs for the film, as the script has ample scope for music.

To a question on Kamal’s reported remarks that movies should be made without songs, Rahman said, `I don’t think so. If it is the case, then why Kamal should ask more numbers from me for Marmayogi.’ Actor Kamal Hassan says that his next mega venture Marmayogi is purely a historical subject, which has more scope for music than Dasavatharam. According to the actor, the story of Marmayogi is based on some interesting incidents happened in 7 century.

“There is no History Science mixture in Marmayogi. It is totally a different attempt and it has lot of scope for music, which helps Rahman to play as he like. The initial budget of the film has already crossed Rs.100 crores and I hope it would touch a new high in the history of Indian Cinema. The film will go to floor in August in a grand manner. I don’t like to disappoint my media friends by refusing or denying any of their reports on this project.”

“As they suggested in their reports, I will launch the movie in Mumbai amidst my Bollywood friends. Why I’m saying like this is, before I read those reports, I didn’t have any such idea. Now, I planned to do as they reported!” Kamal says with his typical smile.

When questioned about the mixed responses for his recently released Dasavatharam, the actor says, “Yes, I did some mistakes in Dasavatharam. I never tried to hide those mistakes. But it happens to any creator in such mega projects and the same was happened with me too. That’s all. In fact those mistakes help to correct me in my next project.”




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21 07 2008

im eagerly waiting for the teaser trailer of Marmayogi which itself going to create a Magic from Rahman…im Sure…:)

22 07 2008

Theres more to Marmayogi… Guess A R Rehman would be coproducing this with Kamal Hassan Guess this would be new innings for AR Rehman.

22 07 2008

ok da coooooooool 😛

22 07 2008

Ok da . Okda … Ok Ok………… Womennnnn 😦

22 07 2008

Kamal may also remember that he have to release “Marudhanayagam” one day !
Huh … concerning “Marmayogi”, I am eagerly expecting an oustanding album of ARR (like all his albums) … and I hope that Tamil Cinema could one day compare with Bollywood projects in term of period movies (or war movies). And if it’s the case .. it would be also thanks to the greatest ARR !

23 07 2008
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20 08 2008
By: Dayan | Kamalhassan's Marma Yogi

[…] Kamal haw also advert that he hit to promulgation “Marudhanayagam” digit punctuation ! Huh … concerning “Marmayogi”, I am eagerly expecting an oustanding medium of ARR (like every his albums) … and I wish that Dravidian Cinema could digit punctuation study with screenland projects in constituent of punctuation movies (or struggle movies). And if it’s the housing .. it would be also thanks to the large ARR ! View Full Content at Dayan […]

20 08 2008
By: Ridhima | Kamalhassan's Marma Yogi

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20 08 2008
By: By: Dayan | Kamalhassan’s Marma Yogi | Kamalhassan's Marma Yogi

[…] […] Kamal bush also name that he impact to act “Marudhanayagam” member mark ! Huh … concerning “Marmayogi”, I am eagerly expecting an oustanding job of ARR (like every his albums) … and I desire that tongue Cinema could member mark think with industry projects in essential of mark movies (or effort movies). And if it’s the structure .. it would be also thanks to the super ARR ! View Full Content at statesman […] View Full Content at By: statesman | Kamalhassan’s Marma Yogi […]

30 08 2008

It should be perfect for ARR…………….
But it wont opt for Kamal Hassan…
Better to use RajaSir…..

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