Rahman’s Sakkarakatti ~ Music Review

18 07 2008

Taxi Taxi

Rahman strikes back with a foot tapping number again. Blaaze’s English rapping and Viviane Chaix’s French Lyrics add ice on the sugar cube. “il faut que je me depeche parce qu’on m’attend au chennai il faut que j’aille prendre le taxi à Paris”. I wonder how Rahman can add a French Lyrics to a Tamil song. He has added Arabic Lyrics in “Khalbali”, English Lyrics for most of his songs and I think this is the first time he has tried out French. Any how it has come out well and goes along with the song. Benny dayal’s sounds suits very much for the song. Its my second favorite song in the album. Jodha akbar fame Javed Ali has also sung in this song. I’ll not wonder if I hear people singing this song outside Railway station or Airport, calling for a Taxi. A Very good number.


Ahh Goosebumps. My favorite !! Song begins with heavy beats. This song is soo soothing and I fell love with it, when I first hear it. Madhusree’s voice is creating magic all over in the song. If you are looking for a love anthem after “Munbe Vaa”, then here is the next gift from Rahman. Do you remember Rahmans “Yelelo” humming in Roja ? That’s it. Did it create Goosebumps to you ? Then this song will also do the same. Now My Ipod is counting this song as 220th time and it will keep on counting. Its a must hear song. Go ahead, buy this CD. This song is worth for your money.


No, don’t worry this Rahman’s remake from Meenaxi is not bad. Rather, it’s an excellent mixture of western beats fused together with Benny Dayals voice . As odd as it may sound, Rahman once again weaves his magical touch all over this one to create another chart-busting hit. This piece is initiated by one of Rahman’s favorite instruments, the flute. He then leads the pan flute to blend into the opening line “Chinnamma Chilakkamma” and here on out begins a simply awesome number. The line Chinnamma Chilakkamma is so catchy that you’ll be tapping your feet before you even know it! The heavy drumming coped together with some of Rahman’s signature electrical beats back up the western aspect of the song, while the traditional flute and percussions, along with the lyrics of Chinnamma Chilakkamma. Not good as Hindi, but the song sounds cool.


Unnale Unaale fame Krish makes an entry for Rahman. Naresh and Krish’s combined effort in the song creates a youthful blend to the song. The song has a Roobaro touch all over. You might not love the song, when you first hear it. But slowly it can catch your ears. Violins in the backgrounds is excellent. Another foot tapping number in the album. I guess director Kalai Prabhu, shoots this song with complete justice. Rahmaniacs will love it. Rest will like it.

Naan Epoudhu

The song starts off on a beautiful note and never lets down. The beautiful note is the voice Reena Bharadwaj. Her rendition of the entire track is superb. Speaking of perfect, A R Rahman simply amazes! The way he builds the beat of a tabla-like drum throughout the entire song is uncanny and sets a pace at which Reena sings with ease. Just when you think that it can’t get any better, the Genius adds the sound of flowing water to accompany Reena Bharadwaj, creating the most peaceful effect. Lyrically, Pa Vijay pens some very meaningful lines. An interesting tid-bit to add to the Original number [ Yeh rishta ~ Meenaxi ] is that Rahman requested Reena to give an audition in his studio apartment in London and ended up recording the scratch version in his kitchen! That’s Mr. Rahman for you…doesn’t get his nutrition from food, but from his music!

I Miss You Da

I am not sure I will miss this song . Some may like it. Some will leave it. Its an average number. Yali strongly believes that it is a cool song. But I have to listen more before coming to a conclusion. Any how Chinmayee’s husky voice as she whispers romantic-nothings is cute. Indai Haza’s strong voice suits the song. Now are you wondering who is Indai Haza. Dont waste your time Googling. Its Chinmayee only. Chinmaye’ s Ego name. Sounds cool ne ? I was searching in ARR Yahoo groups who is Indai Haza. Some said that its a Malaysian Singer. Thanks for Gops. He just clarified it.

Rahmaniac Rating




19 responses

19 07 2008

buddy my favorite in the album is ‘i miss u da’!! simply rocks.. chanceless orchestration..

19 07 2008

My order of preference is
3)Taxi Taxi
4)Naan Epodhu
6)I miss you Da

Taxi was really different loved it..!

19 07 2008

hi friend. first of all i want say thank u very much .
im d daily visitor of ur ‘rahmaniac’ . its so much useful 2 us…..

19 07 2008
12th Man

Madhushree’s tamizh pronunciation spoils what would be the next Munbe vaa. Shreya Ghoshal and Sadhana are much better than her.
Why Rahman and Harris try Madhushree repeatedly is beyond me.

19 07 2008

hey guys…

ya that song is reallllyyyyyyy coooool… 😛

19 07 2008

the songs are too cool… hats off!

20 07 2008

I loved Marudaani (however, Sadana Sargam or Shreya Goshal would have been better), Taxi (heavy beats are really good) and Elay (violin in the background really creates a magic)

It’s a good album!!!! 🙂

21 07 2008

Huh … this album is not extraordinary but very very nice ! It’s to say, as a music director Rahman has been excellent ! Singers are splendid. But the lyrics are average (why Muthukumar hasn’t be a little bit poetic !!).
I expected so much from “Elay” because there were my actual fav. Krish and Naresh together after “Oru Mugamo”, but the result was not so happy !
Otherwise, all songs are really superb ! The technical work is excellent, particulary the quality ! As I tell always, ARR is the best sound engineer that we have ! All his songs are really outstanding even when it’s a folk !
In my website (in french) I also posted an official review of the album and I gave a 4.25/5 … so I think the 3/5 is a lesser for an ARR album.

22 07 2008

its really going to create magic when the film gets released. simply amazing (as usual) 🙂

27 07 2008

Madhushree’s tamil pronunciation spoils the “Marudhaani” song…

Chinnamma – simply refreshing in Benny’s voice… and boy! the lyrics… everyone in the crew should have had so much fun composing this song

3 08 2008

yea da marudhani song is gud n madhushree voice is so damn beautiful but……y da heck does she sound like my all time fav sadhna sargam……anyway its a gud song n thnx 2 da genius called ARR 4 creatin such musical phenomena………..

20 08 2008
Tamil to the bone

Its an Okay album not very good(like Sillunu Oru Kaadhal or for that matter even Sivaji)
Only exception being Marudhani song where we can hear vintage ARR touch but unfortunately the song is butcherd by Madhushree

Madhushree the worst tamil pronouncer of all time(after listening to this lady’s diction even Udit Narayan pronunciation sounds like Puratchikavi Bharathiyar)
simply killing the nice songs with her awful pronounciation

whats more baffling is continuous use this lady by tamil music directors(especially arr,harris and vidyasagar)

5 09 2008

I agree… Madhushree kills the pronunciation of “Marudhani”. What a beautiful composition and lyrics by Vaali.

I cringe everytime a North Indian singer mispronounces Tamil words. Hindi music directors will never allow mispronunciation of Hindi by a non-Hindi person — so they won’t even ask Tamil singers to sing in Hindi, for the exception of Shankar Mahadevan these days. I have a bone to pick with my fave ARR, “why use singeers who cannot pronounce Tamil?”

15 09 2008

The genius goes all round the world with his taxi….. Yet the lyricist makes a blunder in chinnama chilakamma and naan eppodhu pen aanen. The hindi version was amazing. It was the lyricist who created chaos yet the songs are excellent. Shreya ghoshal would have been a better option for marudhani.. This genius is growing tall with his innovations unlike the other music directors who does not innovate yet use permutation combination of their previous songs..

25 09 2008

omg… so many Madhushree haters here…

people, i think, ofcource id marudhani had Sadhana or Shreya singing, the diction would be better, but Madhu’s voice is just too beautiful ….. infact, i dun think those singers could have emoted that song better than Madhushree. Madhushree tough dunno the meaning of the lyrics, and sometimes had some offs in her diction, but she sings them as if she is feeling them… thats 1 thing she has and the others singers dun have…..

4 10 2008
hate what?

omg… so many Madhushree haters here…

Well….let’s put it this way…her pronunciation SUCKS!!!

How many songs has she butchered?:
1. Mayilirage
2. Ding Dong
3. Unakul naane (the first version by Bombay Jayashree is way better!)

and the latest “Marudhani”….Udit was bad enough in “Yaaradi Nee Mohini”…

We need some critics who have the guts to stand up and say that her voice sucks when she sings in Tamil…..Would this happen in the Hindi music industry?

What the hell does AR Rahman see in her voice? or for that matter, Harris Jeyaraj, or Yuvan and the others? Her “Vaaji Vaaji” was one of the most irritating songs ever and “Mayilirage” which had a good tune going was spoiled by her humming and her pronunciation. ARR please wake UP! Udit and Madhushree should sing a song together:) 🙂 :)…in Tamil

1 06 2009

Being a French ( non Hindi or Tamil speaker ) A.H.Rahman fan I was like O_o

when I played the Delhi 6 album I heard some French lyrics coming out of nowhere ^^
I thought it was my imagination running wild … Can’t wait to listen to this one : )

And unlike it sadly seems for Tamil lyrics, the singer can pronounce it well ,
for it’s her mother tongue I presume ( or so it sounds like )

11 07 2009

Very difficult to rate the songs… they are all so good

1. Marudhaani (ARRs humming reminds me of Yelolo)
1. Taxi Taxi (The best, French & Indian connection)
1. I Miss You Da (some may not like it, I am NOT amongst those)

1. Elay (Roobaroo recreated)
1. Chinamma (this did much better justice to the original version)
1. Naan Eppodhu (same magic as that of Yeh Rishta)


6 01 2010

Please ARR no more Madhushree 😦

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