Aamir adds a song to “Jaane tu ya Jaane na”

17 07 2008

Jaane tuEveryone has been singing praises and talking about Jaane Tu…Ya Jaane Na. Over two weeks since its release, the film has gathered worldwide fame and adulation. Imran and Genelia have become stars overnight. Looking at the positive response from the audiences, Aamir Khan and Abbas Tyrewala have now given the audiences another reason to watch the film again.

Few days back, Aamir had put up a debate on his blog, http://www.aamirkhan.com, asking his fans whether he should or should not add the female version of the track, ‘Jaane Tu Mera Kya Hai’ sung by Runa picturised on Genelia Dsouza in the film. Apparently, Aamir and Abbas felt that the song should be deleted in order to match up with the
pace of the film. Hence, it was not a part of the film when Jaane Tu… released on July 4. Now, since Aamir got feedback from a number of people that they missed this song in the film, he has decided to add it to the film.

The female version of ‘Jaane Tu Mera Kya Hai’ will now be added to the film from this Friday ~July 18 and will run for a week. Moreover, depending upon the response they get for it, Aamir and Abbas will decide if the song should remain in the film or not.

This was Aamir’s question towards the blog readers. “You see we had two more songs in the film, one is the female version of Jaane Tu Mera Kya Hai, Jaane Tu Mera Kya Tha… sung by Runa , and the other is the male version of the same song sung by Sukhvinder. Both songs had been shot. In the test screenings we decided to cut out the male version because we felt it stopped the flow of the story. However opinion on the female version was divided. Through all the test screenings and the final edit we were not sure whether to cut that song out or retain it in the film. Sometimes we would remove it, then we would put it back in A.R Rahman , if I remember correctly, wanted it to stay in. We finally decided to complete the final copy (first print) with the song in it. We figured we would see the final film and then take a final call whether to keep it or cut it out.

Now is that a good enough reason to watch the film again or what? Or is it Aamirs marketing strategy? Lets wait and watch 🙂




3 responses

18 07 2008

Now is that a good enough reason to watch the film again or what?

nice article…keep it up

18 07 2008

Which theaters in Chennai / LOL….. I will be watching from Chennai…… 😉

20 07 2008

Wow! That’s another reason to watch the movie….

I have already seen the movie twice 😉

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