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10 07 2008

Pray for me Brother ~ Coloring Books

Pray for me Brother ~ Coloring Books

A few years ago, A R Rahman was appointed as the United Nations’ ambassador to spread awareness about the Millennium Development Goals. Thus the idea of an anthem to promote the message took shape. Rahman then teamed up with his singer friend Blaaze to develop the anthem and thus was born ‘ Pray For Me Brother’. As they worked on the song, Rahman realised that ‘Pray For Me Brother’ could play a much larger role, one that could spread the message of peace, love, brotherhood, caring & humanity and alleviate suffering & poverty.

This also inspired Rahman to initiate the A R Rahman Foundation. Here is an opportunity to spread the word about the A.R.Rahman Foundation and contribute to it as well. A series of 9 coloring books for children, based on the theme of Pray For Me Brother are being released over next year. The first book was released by ARR at the Delhi concert. This is an entirely non-profit venture and all proceeds from the sales of these books will go the Foundation.

The books are priced at Rs. 100/- each. Here is how you can contribute to this effort.

  • Buy copies for personal use.
  • Buy copies to gift to relatives and friends.
  • Buy copies to sell/donate/distribute to schools and institutions.

Shipping is presently available only within India. For fans located outside of India, you could ship these books to family and friends in India. If someone is interested in a bulk order, the publishers will consider shipping them overseas too.

From Rahmaniac Blog, We are hoping to guarantee minimum sales of 500 copies per title. That is the least we could do given our commitment, devotion and size. Even at 2 copies per person, only 250 people need to buy. We could surely do much more than that.

Looking forward to your ardent support. If you have bought the coloring book, please don’t forget to write a comment below with your Name and Email address.

Buy now

Pray for me Brother ~ Coloring Books 1

Pray for me Brother ~ Coloring Books 2

Pray for me Brother ~ Coloring Books 3




5 responses

10 07 2008

nice nice…

how r u doing, “busyman”..?

10 07 2008

I am doing good with “MY LIFE”. Mark it “MY LIFE” ……. 😦

and Jaane tu is damn cool… you muz watch it .. Ok ?

26 02 2009
Kavi Akbardeen

Kavi Akbardeen
Writer and freelance journalist, poet,, Song writer,
script writer and motivation speaker.

Dear brother A.R.Rahman,

I have written a TV screenplay entitled “Fire” in Final Draft that I hope will interest you.

ROJA,young and beautiful wife,refuses one day sex pleasure to her husband,JUMBOO,a young labourer.He goes out and have sex pleasure with prostitues.He is infected with AIDS. Later the disease spreads to his wife. They fight medically to cure the disease.They lose in their bat
tle against the disease.
Their villagers are illiterates and uncivilized.They are afraid of the dangerous disease. What they do to eradicate the dangerous disease is the climax of the story.
Please ask Danny Boyles if he is interested to direct this script.You can take the profit for your foundation.

May I please send it to your kind consideration?

Thanking you

With kind regards

Kavi Akbardeen

5 05 2010

hi i need yr foundation help for my higher education.

18 01 2012
Kavi Akbardeen

Dear brother A.R.Rahman,
Assalamu Alaimkum
How are you? Do you remember me?I came to your house from Malaysia and
gave a poem,well framed, for your prosperity Now your are already famous.
You forgot me. Allah is Great!
I want to donate your foundation,but I don’t have
money.I want to contribute my script FIRE, which is about AIDS With the help
of Danny Boyle you produce it and take all the money for your foundation.
Refer my letter(25-2-2009) above in this section..Please take action.
Thank you
Kavi Akbardeen

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