When Rahman forgot a song….

4 06 2008

AR Rahman has been a huge fan of Shammi Kapoor’s films. In fact he has seen most of his black and white films too. So when asked him to sing any of Shammi Kapoor’s song, surprised to see a blank expression on his face. “Hey this is very embarrassing.

I seem to have gone completely blank. I don’t seem to remember any of the songs. However let me tell you that the music of his films was very peppy. Kapoor is a man who changed the way songs were sung and shot. It was a beautiful experience to meet him and his family and it was a dream come true for me,” says the media-shy music maestro. Let’s hope the feeling is mutual!

Tulsi, Shammi Kapoor’s grand-daughter, is an ardent music lover, writer and an avid A R Rahman fan. So when heard that Rahman would be coming to her grandfather’s house, she rushed there to meet him.

I find her sharing a striking resemblance to Kiran Rao, Aamir Khan’s wife. Here, they are photographed together at Shammi Kapoor’s residence, during the music release of Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na.

Aamir along with the cast and crew of his film and family members visited Shammi Kapoor to present him the first audio CD of his film’s music.

“Shammi uncle is my lucky mascot. Whenever I have started something new, I have sought his blessings … be it my first film as an actor or as a director,” he said. “Jaane Tu…” marks the debut of my nephew Imran Khan and hence Shammi uncle’s blessings are important,” he said.

Regarding the movie’s music, Aamir said A R Rahman’s score is “very youthful and fresh”. Responding to questions on how he chose to launch his nephew, Aamir said he did not believe in launches. “Films are important. Whoever suits the characters should be taken. Abbas Tyrewala narrated the script to me and I liked it. He had already screentested Imran and had decided to sign him. ‘Jaane Tu…’ was not designed to launch Imran,” he said.

“I have to be convinced about the film as a producer. I would not like Imran to do a film which I didn’t like,” he said. Aamir said his biggest contribution as producer has been bringing his cousin filmmaker Mansoor Khan on board to oversee the production of the film. “We are all hoping that he will take to direction again,” he said.




One response

27 06 2009
f.mohammed Ashique

Dear Rahman Sir,

Assalamu Alaikukum,
You who always kill my heart by your wonderful music must live long with more achievement than you achieved up to now & Please hold our relegious activities for mahsar life. I think you will pass in it too.

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