Islam gives me peace – A R Rahman

27 05 2008

From a non-believer to a worshiper; from polytheist to monotheist; from Dileep Kumar to Allah Rakha Rahman, the famous music wizard has come a long way. This journey, he says, has completely changed his outlook toward life. Rahman is well-known in India. He revolutionized Bollywood music, giving it a new direction. But in Mina, the man was spiritually charged, relaxing in his camp after Isha prayers, remarkably very far from the rhythm of success.

He said that in India’s film world, people change Muslim names to Hindu ones to get success but, “in my case it was just the opposite from Dileep Kumar to Allah Rakha Rahman — and I’m very proud of it.”

Rahman’s music is everywhere: in discotheques, in malls, at wedding parties, on satellite channels, in taxis. He is a celebrity in his own right. His face adorns the cover of every album he cuts. Autograph hunters hound him wherever he goes. A couple of companies have tried to lure him into product endorsements, but he refused, preferring to distance himself from the glare and the sometimes self-indulgent afterglow of fame.

Such was his attitude when Arab News met him yesterday in Mina after a hunt of five hours that had started just after Maghreb prayers. Once a practitioner of idolatry, Rahman now talks about Islam like a scholar. He winced as he spoke about the ignorance of some Muslims and the divisions among them on trivial issues.

Rahman, who has come to perform his second Haj with his mother, utilized every bit of his stay in Mina, Arafat and Madinah in prayer and remembrance of God to “cleanse the inner self.”

He said Islam is a religion of peace, love, coexistence, tolerance and modernity. But due to the behavior of a few of us, it’s labeled as an intolerant orthodoxy. He says that the image of Islam is being tarnished by a small group of people and that Muslims must come forward to present before the world the correct picture of their divine faith.

“The enormity of their ignorance of the Islamic history and its code of conduct is mind-boggling. We should be united in fighting these elements for the cause of Islam,” he said.

“Muslims should go to lengths to follow the basics, which say ‘be kind to your neighbors, keep smiling when you meet others, pray and do charity.’ We should serve humanity. We should not show hostility toward others, even to the followers of other faiths. This is what Islam stands for. We should present before the world a model through our behavior, nature and presentation. The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) never used his sword to spread Islam; rather he spread the religion through his virtues, behavior, tolerance and righteousness. And this is what is needed to change today’s distorted image of Islam.”

Talking about his Haj, Rahman said, “Allah made it very easy for us. And up until now, I have enjoyed every bit of my stay in the holy land and I pray to Allah to accept my pilgrimage.”

For him, the stoning ritual is a physical exercise that symbolizes internal struggle: “It means the defeat of temptation and killing the devil inside ourselves.”

“I would like to tell you that this year I got the most precious gift on my birthday, Jan. 6. Allah gave me the opportunity to confine myself inside the Prophet’s Mosque in Madinah and pray all through the day. Nothing could match this experience and that too on my birthday; I am extremely delighted and thankful to Allah,” he said.

Rahman said that prayers release his tension and give him a sense of containment. He performs prayers despite heavy work pressure. “I am an artist, but despite tremendous work pressure I never skip prayers,” he said. “I am very punctual in offering the day’s all five prayers on time. This releases me from tension and gives me hope and confidence that the Lord is with me, that this is not the only world. It reminds me of the Day of Judgment.”

It was in the year 1989 that he and his family embraced Islam.

Talking about his reversion, Rahman said, “The wh ole process started with a sequence of dream. It was in 1988. I was in Malaysia and had a dream of an old man who was asking me to embrace Islam. For the first time, I did not take it seriously, but then I saw the same dream several times and I discussed it with my mother. She encouraged me to go ahead and to respond to the call of the Almighty. Also, in 1988, one of my sisters fell seriously ill and in spite of the family’s effort to cure her, her health deteriorated by the day. Then under the guidance of one Muslim religious leader we prayed to Allah, which did wonder for my sister and she made a miraculous comeback to life. Thus, began my journey from Dileep Kumar to A.R. Rahman.”

He said the decision to embrace Islam was a mutual one with his mother. Not one to normally discuss this aspect of his private life, after taking a pause, Rahman narrates succinctly, “My mother and I resolved to follow one faith … we wanted to cleanse ourselves of our sorrows.”

After initial doubts, his three sisters also embraced Islam. For them he has tried to be a role model, he said. However, his eldest sister was divorced later.

Rahman began learning piano at the age of four. But life was not all that hunky-dory for the young boy who lost his father at the age of nine.

The responsibility of supporting his mother Kasturi (now Kareema Begum) and three sisters soon fell on his young shoulders. He began his prosperous musical career at age eleven out of necessity.

Rahman is married to Saira. They have three children: two girls, 10 and seven, and a three-year-old son.

Rahman performed his first Haj in 2004. This time, he is accompanying his mother.

“I wanted to bring my wife also for Haj this year, but since my son is only three years old, she could not make it. God willing, I will come again — next time with my wife and children,” Rahman said..




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28 05 2008

MashaAllah! A. R. Rahman is a genius, and I am proud of the way he represents Muslims by talking about how the religion gives him peace. It is refreshing to see!

10 08 2008
sajeeb rahman

asalamulikum …….. i m the big fan of a r rahman …….

18 10 2008


Rahman is one of the 99 beautiful names of Allah subhana hu taala, and you should not twist it to rahmaniac or whatever…

If you think I am wrong, then you can contact the imam of ur masjid or any scholar…

May Allah(swt) guide us all…Amin

10 12 2008


I agree with Umer… Among the ninety-nine beautiful Divine Names, neither Allah nor al-Rahman are permissible as surnames or first names for people; but Karim, Sabur, Shakur, Hamid, and others are permissible.

Rahmaniac has too much of a twist! like mixing silver and gold together for a man. It’s still Haram, I believe.

May Allah guide you in finding the truth in this message and avoid you punishment on the Day of Judgement.

Allah is All-Knowing, All-Merciful;

16 12 2008


6 01 2010

Islam and Muslims
“Islam” is an Arabic word which means “submission to the will of God”. This word comes from the same root as the Arabic word “salam”, which means “peace”. As such, the religion of Islam teaches that in order to achieve true peace of mind and surety of heart, one must submit to God and live according to His Divinely revealed Law. The most important truth that God revealed to mankind is that there is nothing divine or worthy of being worshipped except for Almighty God, thus all human beings should submit to Him.

Who is Muslim
The word “Muslim” means one who submits to the will of God, regardless of their race, nationality or ethnic background. Being a Muslim entails wilful submission and active obedience to God, and living in accordance with His message. Some people mistakenly believe that Islam is just a religion for Arabs, but nothing could be further from the truth. Not only are there converts to Islam in every corner of the world, especially in England and America, but by taking a look at the Muslim World from Bosnia to Nigeria, and from Indonesia to Morocco, one can clearly see that Muslims come from many various races, ethnic groups and nationalities. It is also interesting to note that in actuality, more than 80% of all Muslims are not Arabs – there are more Muslims in Indonesia than in the whole Arab World! So, though even though it is true that most Arabs are Muslims, the large majority of Muslims are not Arabs. However, anyone who submits completely to God and worships Him alone is a Muslim.

Continuity of the Message of All The Prophets of God Almighty
Islam is not a new religion because “submission to the will of God”, i.e. Islam, has always been the only acceptable religion in the sight of God. For this reason, Islam is the true “natural religion”, and it is the same eternal message revealed through the ages to all of God’s prophets and messengers. Muslims believe that all of God’s prophets, which include Abraham, Noah, Moses, Jesus and Muhammad, brought the same message of Pure Monotheism. For this reason, the Prophet Muhammad was not the founder of a new religion, as many people mistakenly think, but he was the final Prophet of Islam. By revealing His final message to Muhammad, which is an eternal and universal message for all of mankind, God finally fulfilled the covenant that He made with Abraham, who was one of the earliest and greatest prophets.

Sufficient is it to say that the way of Islam is the same as the way of the prophet Abraham, because both the Bible and the Quran portray Abraham as a towering example of someone who submitted himself completely to God and worshipped Him without intermediaries. Once this is realized, it should be clear that Islam has the most continuous and universal message of any religion, because all prophets and messengers were “Muslims”, i.e. those who submitted to God’s will, and they preached “Islam”, i.e. submission to the will of Almighty God.
Read more

7 08 2010

please remember to add PBUH when u write the name of our prophet Muhammad…do not write without giving respect please

12 01 2009

His Family was Converted from Christianity …asalamulikum

23 02 2009
23 02 2009
2 03 2009

What a proud moment for all Muslims of the world. A.R.Rahman is not only an Icon but he represents the real Islam, conveying the true message of Islam to the world. There is nothing wrong with the name Rahman. There is no punishment for naming your child as Rahman and one does not need to ask any Imam. Please stop preaching against Quran. May Allah gives you enough knowledge to distinguish right from wrong. Thank You Khalid

2 03 2009

I love this guy, His music is one of a kind, Selam!
Greetings from Macedonia.

4 03 2009

I’m very happy A.R Rahman is a very honorabe guy i respect him as he respect Islam and guess what he got oscar ALLAH BLESS YOU RAHMAN 🙂

6 03 2009

There are flowers everywhere for those who want to look.


9 03 2009
Prof. Shaukat Chaudhary

My father was named Allah Rakha. Indeed this name is an adjective meaning protected by God in Urdu and Punjabi and Hindi. If a name like Abdullah is permissible then why should any scholar disagree with the name Allah Rakha. The grammer in these languages and in most other languages is different from Arabic. Those who object to this name do so because of ingnorance of languages other than Arabic. Or out of ignorance of a language spoken or understoood by more than a billion people. The name Allah Rakha is always used together as Allah-Rakha and people do not and should not use the first part alone as the name of a person!
Use of the name Rahman is very common amongst Muslims! But most Muslims–vast majority of Muslims– use this as a name only because it is considered as a Muslim name. The name Allah alone should be considered sacred but not so when used as a composite like Abdullah or Allah-Rakha!
The ninety nine names of Allah signify only the adjectives–the atributes of Allah and otherwise are nothing more than common words. Objection to the use of the word Rahmaniac is being narrow minded. Let us use our common sense and not depend upon the interpretations for the sake of interpretations, or as they say ‘skinning a hair’.
Millions of persons were put to death as heretics during the inquisitions by the Christain clergy about half a century back. Let us make sure that our clergy get out of doing the same rather stop doing the same as thousands of Muslims and othet human beings have already suffered and lost their lives as a direct or indirect result of these interpretations. May Allah make us humane human Muslims. Ameen!
Meanwhile we are proud of the achievements of Allah Rakha Rahman!

15 03 2009
Seema (Canada).

A very strong and straight message to all (masha-Allah).
He is very humble…true muslim.

22 03 2009

A.R.Rehman is an idol for me. Inspite of being born hindu, he get himself converted into muslim. I respect him for that. If he can, he should tell the entire world why he accepted islam, through media or any other way he wish, please , so that non-muslim can have respect for islam. They should know the importance of islam. Being the idol of majority, rahman sir can easily do it

14 04 2009

i love Allah Rakha Rahman, no one can compose instrument like him

14 04 2009

Yes, thats true Anuna

26 04 2009
aasif raza

salaam to all,

13 05 2009
Arshad Ali


12 07 2009

rahman is great no doubt but at the same time I do not like his idea of converting to Islam.Although Islam is great religion but I do not think that it is necessary to renounce ur religion to be a god human can be the best human being even without cnversion.This will be great if he comes back to his original religion no matter if he practices Islamic ritual ,practices and methd of worship even after that.I think officially converting to any religion does not send a healthy message in a secular society.

7 09 2009
Santoshkumar B Pandey

‘Bismillah hir Rahman nir Rahim’.

I am birth by hindu but l follow lslam beacause I always inspired by A R Rahman Sir in my life and he is great follow of lslam . when l read Quran then l now that lslam greatest peace religion in world , l pray the namaz, roja , zakat . l belive in Allah and his prophet and also l think lslam is best religion in world sent by Allah to make world peace and love .

Thanks and Regards,
Santosh Pandey

24 09 2009

learn quran online, learn quran, learning quran online
Islam is the religion of peace and The word “Islam” itself means “Submission to Allah.” The religion of Islam is not named after a person as in the case of “Christianity” which was named after Jesus Christ, “Buddhism” after Gutama Buddha , “Marxism” after Karl Marx, and “Confucianism” after Confucius.
Similarly, Islam is not named after a tribe like “Judaism” after the tribe of Judah and “Hinduism” after the Hindus. The Arabic word “Islam” means the submission or surrender of one’s will to the will of the only true god worthy of worship, “Allah” (known as God “the Father” in Christianity).
And Mosks are the place where we do our prayers
“Whoever builds a Masjid, seeking Allah’s pleasure; Allah will build for him a similar place in Paradise.” (Al-Bukhari)
“Do you know who will go first on the Day of Resurrection to the shade of Allah? Those who when given what is right accept it, when asked for something give freely and who judge in favour of others as they do for themselves.” (Tirmidhi)

All this can be spread through the learning of Quran so learn Quran online and join learn quran online, learn quran, learning quran online

13 10 2009

All the best for AR Rahman

1 01 2010
Warrior for Peace

I read this article on another blog/site. But I was saddened to see some comments by few Hindu Indians, they were enraged at the fact of A R R’s conversion saying that the reason for his conversion is **** (they used very demeaning words). They said that Hinduism was the greatest religion and only a fool will leave it for ANY OTHER FAITH.

CLEARLY, they are severely misguided and misinformed. May Allah guide all of them AND US, the way He guided A R R to make us imbibe in the same way as A R R, the the true spirit and state of mind that Islam facilitates… Clearly A R R proves himself to be a better Muslim than many of his Muslim fans, ME included. may Allah inspire us from him and others like him. Insha’Allah!

14 03 2010

Open sinner.

22 03 2010

if you strongly believe in Islam, then you should not be associated with music because music is Haram in Islam.

What is your say Mr Rahman??

14 08 2010

yes thats the whole point brother …music is haram in islam and ar rehman emraced islam for a reason that some miracle cured his sister b bla bla bla …islam dosent stand on chamatkar ko namaskar principle stands coz its true and in due course u see the sign everywhere n thats y u r called believers ..nevertheless he embraced islam Alhumdulliah but what did he do after that …it is very important in islam that u spread the right msg to all other coz islam is the religion for all …by doing something which is completely haram in islam i do not understand what msg pl r trying to convey and i see here our brothers n sisters calling him a true muslim …that means even a drinker a womanizer can be called a true muslim if he is famous …coz these mentioned things r in the same category as music…we have become blind and we do not want to see the truth coz the truth will deprive us from these great earthly pleasures which we do not count as sins coz we r modern muslims n modern islam (Nouzobillah) permits us to drink, watch and act in movies , listening to music and of course dance n womanize …this is a grave situation where we muslims r too afraid to say the right thing ….and not saying the truth is haram in islam as well !!!

29 06 2013

well said and so true

23 03 2010
Sharma C P

God Almighty sent ARR as Dilip in the Mudliar Hindu family where in his father
was a reputed musician and an affluent man of whose musical blood runs
into ARR verins. Even after ARR conversion,his mother going to a Hindu
astrologer gives a different outlook. It shows unfaithfulness to a Hindu
father as well as to the God Almighty “Allah” who sent to the world as a Hindu.
This is betryal of both. This is India where majority is Hindus where ARR is
being worshipped even after abuse and insult to the religion of his origin.
Think of any Muslim doing so in India and particular ly in Muslim country
where people of other faiths live in fear of conversion and torture. Thanks

14 08 2010

Allah sends as all as muslims my dear friend ..if u read ur vedas properly u will get the true answer coz it mentions about our Last Prophet SAW in detail ..but then how can u be told the truth coz u dont seek it …if u really want to know then study and then its a challenge from God itself that once u see the truth u will never turn your back at it ..muslims never change their faith is true i challange u to read the Holy Quran and once u understand the word of God u wnt be able to turn your back from it …try it my dear friend and you will know

7 04 2010


10 04 2010

MashAllah A.R.Rahman, wonderful to know that you have found the light. May Allah bless you and your family. You make beautiful music and it is from the heart. Never let anyone tell you different!
Wish you and your family all the best in all you do. And I hope that you will be able to complete Hajj with your whole family, not just your wife and children.



11 05 2010
M.A. Khan

sometimes i get very depressed by seeing all that hatred shown against Islam by some people including Muslims. but then we know it is one of the signs of Qiyaamah or doomsday. Hoping that one day the way of God prevails and people all over the world unite in its name.

I just happened to listen to the naa’t by Rahman sir (Marhaba Ya Mustafa). It is so soothing and so heart felt. what sincere devotion to the holy prophet (sallallahu alaihi wa sallam) !!

20 05 2010

i am a mad of AR.Rahmaan……In future i want 2 get converted 2 ISLAM…..jst bcos of my IDOL…………………..

14 08 2010

please do not conver to Islam blindly i urge u to read the Holy Quran nd then decide do not just change your faith and use the word IDOL as its completely forbidden in Islam …IDOL worshiping in any form is forbidden so plz understand that ..

16 07 2013

Dear jammy, I do not know you. Bt u written if someone does not follow payh of Islam he will be punished on doomsday. As a hindu brahmin I learnt this doomsday from my muslim friends. I was very surprised to learn muslim people vows to god in fear of doomsday or hell or in lure of heaven(jannat) . See in hindu dharma there are lots of paths. A hindu always knows GOD or ISHWAR is almighty. He is one and only one. Only he has different expressions. The whole universe is his expression. He does nothing yet he does everything. Bt I dont believe any doomsday. I do believe THE ALMIGHTY coz he is the only truth. All others are untrue as they are liable to destruction. I worship in my way and feel HIM during DHYANA ( not western meditation). I can say heaven does never allure me nor I fear any hell. Coz if I get opportunity to serve GOD or his blind children in HIS BLESS and for that am thrown to hell for millions of years I shall go in smiling face.

29 07 2010

may god bless you!!!!!!

8 08 2010

As Salamu Alaikum,

I too a Converted Muslim from hinduism, but with a tragedy in my life that My Father has been killed by a muslim for his non acceptance of islam.

Even then I realized it is a true religion of peace and I am following it. Insha’ Allah.

14 08 2010

Waleku Salam Wa Rehmatullahe Barakatahu

my dear brother i do not believe tht a true muslim will kill your father for not accepting Islam ..its not allowed in Islam..Islam is a religion of peace but how ..does it allow killing of people …yes it does ..but under what circumstances also says do not kill old , women and children in war …once u ve won do not disrespect the women and only bring therm home if they agree to come with u and once u bring them home treat them kindly and protect them …if there are non muslims living with u invite them to embrace Islam and if the are following their own religion truly and do not listen leave them alone as God knows all and they will pay on the day of judgment…if u r the ruler of that country then u ask for a tax and once they pay the tax protect them and do not harm them and let them worship the way they want to ….so no where it says to kill just bcoz some1 doesn’t embrace Islam..but if that person did that it was a wrong and anti Islamic thing to do and i feel sorry and ashamed for it …may Allah give u peace brother

2 05 2013

Respect from A Muslim Mauritian! (Y)

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