Rashid Ali ~ The New gem of A R Rahman

25 05 2008

With the release of Jaane tu ya Jaane na and Ada, the maestro has come out in flying colors with the songs as well as a brand new finding to the Indian Cinema Music, Rashid Ali. It is strange at times, that Rahman even gets notified about each and single men in his group. After sharing the credits of his success to his fellow musicians like Naveen and Shivamani, Rahman gives an opportunity to his lead guitarist Rashid Ali to sing the foot tapping track of Jaane Tu ya Jaane na and the solo duets of Ada.

Rashid Ali is was introduced by A R Rahman during his Third dimension Tour, conducted all over the globe. Rashid Ali is quite senior in A R Rahman troupe and this cool guy is born in Hyderabad. Rahman met him in London and was impressed with his immense talent in playing guitar. As per the info of Siddharth Iyer, an active member of A R R Yahoo group, he did a jazz version of Ooh Lala Laa in the Dubai concert. He has already rendered his vocals to the movie Paarthale Paravasam.

Rashid makes promising vocal gestures in his modulating tones and should be finding enough substance for the new kid Imraan in the flick. As per Amir, he felt so happy that Rahman has choosed a perfect voice for his nephew Imran. Will Rashid, be another Naresh Iyer ? Wait and see 🙂 We in behalf of all the Rahmaniacs, wish Rashid best of Luck.



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25 05 2008

Super Post

29 05 2008

Rasid has done a superb job in “Kabhi kabhi aditi zindagi” from Jaane tu ya Jaane na………superb

4 06 2008
Deelip K

I don’t know about aditi, but Ada is fabulous.
This is my favorite song in the album.

8 06 2008


8 06 2008

usually Rehman’s songs takes time to like it and once you like it will haunt you throughout..but aditi song..i jus feel in love with it the minute i listened to it the first time..very simple and catchy tune and beautiful voice..good work!!

9 06 2008

rashid ali’s first song was for rahman’s parthaale paravasam….he sang the song love check (nadhirdhina nadhirdhina) picturised on lawrence and simran….i heard him for the first time in rahman’s concert which was aired in some channel….he sang love check and ooh la la la (jazz version) frm bombay dreams album…..hes simply rocking…..and his voice really suits imran khan…..waiting to hear more of him…..

10 06 2008

I’m big fan of A R Rahmaan, I think rahmaan’s latest song “kabhi kabhi” from jaane tu ya jaane naa is awesome, I’m crazy about this song.

10 06 2008

Such a wonderful song it is “Kabhi kabhi Aditi, the sound of Rashid is great, the use of flute is amazing. I loved it the moment I heard it for the first time:-)

11 06 2008
rahul r

u heard dat track……its realy rahmaniac n rashid ali ‘s voice has been really really great………..rahman’s singer selections r absolutely fantastic

11 06 2008
Sajith Fakhruddin

Well Rashid Ali is a new find…no doubt…his vocal is really heart touching..He is a great find like naresh iyer by this music maestro A R Rahman…i heard for the first time in radio i rushed to internet cafe to download the song…well great song “kabhi Kabhi”….thanks to A R R for introducing such a great talent in the bollywood industry.

11 06 2008
Priyesh Kumar

Kabhi kabhi…..tooo cool,simple,heart touching….no words to express…lyrics+vocals+Music really matching for this song….Rashid Ali a great find…thanks to rahmanji…pls do not hide such talents…introduce more and more…coz people needs changes always…A R R ur the one people who introduces such talents very often………..when i heard this song for the first time i could never recognise this was done by rahman…coz this is entirely different from his usual tracks….another track i liked was Nazrein Milana…great compositions….

16 06 2008

rashid ali and Rahman rocks.

22 06 2008
Aslam Saja

WoW………. a r r Choose back Rashid to sing agian after long gap.. superb.. The song from Jaane Tu ya Jaane na – kabhi kabhi will be one of the best song in 2008.

I’m wishing Rashid to be success in future on behalf of ALL A R R fans..


25 06 2008

The song kabhi kabhi aditi is just so awesome. The fresh & young voice of rashid makes it all the more beautiful. Definitely it is one of the best compositions ever. Have been listening to it continuously & every time it makes me feel fresh & joyous from inside. It is the best feel-good song in a long time..

Kudos & credit to Rashid for such fabulous singing. The initial guitar strumming is just superb though it is short & instantly catches the listener’s attention.

And finally kudos to the genius of ARR for finding a gem as u rightly say!!!

27 06 2008

”Kabhi Kabhi Aditi” & ”Ada” – brilliant beyond words. ARR, you rock.
Rashid has got such a different & fresh voice and it completely suits Imraan. Yet to watch Ada song…but just love both the albums & Rashid’s voice.

2 07 2008

A.R.Reheman is my most favorate music director.Rashid has got such a different & fresh voice and it completely suits Imraan. all songs in janee tu ya janee na are so nice i would like to tell them plz continue with their good work that we will enjoy there music…….

12 07 2008
Kartik Jaggi

If you have not heard the track “Kahin to Hogi” from Jane tu Jane Na, you owe it to yourself to listen to this beautiful track with Rashid Ali and Vasundhara. I get goose bumps listening to this track. Great job and another reminder on Music’s ability to bring out the best in human beings.

17 07 2008
Srikanth R.

Hey da, I belive you created the Rashi Ali article at Last.fm.
I copied info from there to Wikipedia.
I hope you don’t mind.
I felt it was time that those not in the know came to know about this singing genius.

17 07 2008
Srikanth R.

Those dodos at Wikipedia deleted the article as Rashid Ali apparently is not notable.
Well, let’s just hope he wins the award for Best Male Playback next year, and then we’ll show those guys.

18 07 2008
Jyoti salve

For me A. R. Rehaman is God… and about Rashid ali.. He is wonderful..

18 07 2008
Jyoti salve

For me A. R. Rahaman is God…hmmmmmmmmm I dont have words…….. I just Love A. R. Rahman and A. R. Rahman’s music..
Well about Rashid Ali.. I like his voice… He is amazing singer…

22 07 2008
Rachna Nirudu

kabhi kabhi aditi …..gives me goose bumps ……….nostalgic about a lost last friend who used to pamper and console me the same way …….rashid is tone is simply divine …….. damn sexy ……………

Rashid you are awesome

22 07 2008
Rachna Nirudu

oh btw im from hyderabad as well…….wanna meet rashid just for once …..i wish

23 07 2008

hey Farzad,
It’s amazing man where do you get the information.superb dedication and marvellous work.I came across this blog first when I searched for ‘How Music Director compose songs’.I was enthralled to see How ARR composes song with your magnanimous provision of info on that’
keep it up.

23 07 2008

By the by ,rashid Ali is not Hyderabadi I too think. he is from UP brought up in London accordingly

25 07 2008

Evey one is talking about only kabhi kabhi , which s a fabuloous song , But haven`t you heard the best track from jaane tu ya jaane naa , rendered by Rashid Ali called KAHIN TO HOGI HO, who has done a very much great job , he has modulated his voice very nicely in that song .

12 08 2008
Ashok KTV

“Kabhi kabhi Aditi….” ..wow..the song is simply awesome……after many years, for the first time i listened to the same song on end….., may be some 20 times…thank you Rehman for giving gems to the music world, you do it with every film..and why not, you are the kohinoor……….

28 08 2008
Mudassir Zamin

Hi Rehman Sir, What if I want to learn playing guitar & wants to work with you is there any ways to get in touch with you.

5 09 2008
Ditto! Mere Mehboob! R.I.P. my Bollywood lovin’ billi. « Bollywood Food Club

[…] to cheer her up. The beautiful music is by the illustrious A. R. Rahman, with playback singer Rashid Ali, picturized on D’Souza, Khan, and a […]

19 09 2008

hai sir,
i’m ur big fan of u .i like ur songs very much .

26 09 2008

Rashid Rocks………
Great voice … I hear Janee Na Kaha Vo Dunia Hai…. alteast 10 times a day…
thats a great song with great voice and music…
Leaders like Rahama.. are really great.
Ada Album also rocks with Rashid voice…

22 10 2008

there is no body like ar rahman . his every song is a new one and always inspires
and rashid is memeber of rahman troop so there is no reason why he is not good
he did fantastic in ada as well as jtjn and after naresh iyer he is the next booming singer og bollywood

25 10 2008

I love Rashid Ali’s voice, the song kabhi kabhi was superb

8 12 2008

This picture is not the picture of Rashid Ali. He does not look like this. Please kindly change it.

21 12 2008
Girish appu

benny dayal s rocking voice,Rehman sir is amazing,ghajini music is beautyful
“kise thum ” is highlated

19 02 2009

Rashid Ali………rocking the “Jamana” with A R Rahman…………..ARR is bosssss…………

4 03 2009
ali mn


19 03 2009

A R Rahman ….. The god gifted man for indian music industry. Rahmanji you are very talented in music & singing. your every film songs is very beautiful. I like your songs every time. Muze bahut maza aata hain aapke songs sunaneme. Aapke gane swarg ka sukh dete hain aapko meri umra lag jaye yehi god se sada mangu sirf aapke liye

18 05 2009

I am a gr8 fan of ARR & in diz sng both Rashid & ARR has done a fantabulous job. KEEP ROCKING ARR.

1 06 2009
shemy riyadh

he is a scientist of music…. songs such as jai ho..kabhi kabhi..chinna chinna aasai..lucky lucky…………. many more….. really magical creations…… may be we can say ar rehman is a magician of music….!!!!!

3 06 2009

omg this guys voice is just amazing! the best singer ever!!!!! xoxoxoxoxx

23 01 2010

Rashid Rocks……you are fantastic singer ,,and your leader sir ar rhaman is god gifted ,,,i wish you every day every time of the life whatever you want your all wish come .Fi Amanillah

1 07 2010

He remindes me of Christopher Cross. His style of singing.

7 06 2011
anubhav rastogi

hi this is anubhav . i m big fan of rahman SAHAB.He is a godly image in my eyes .since my name also consists of A.R. i wish to add rehman in my name also

7 12 2014

Verү descriptive post, I loved that a lot.
Will there bе a part 2?

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