A R Rahman’s ADA ~ Music Review

24 05 2008

A R Rahman is back again with the magic. As the tagline indicates “The musical journey of A R Rahman” continues with ADA. The experiment of Rahman with Rashid Ali. Sonu Nigam, Alka Yagnik, Chithra,Sukhwinder Singh, Udit Narayan makes a come back in Rahman’s team. Sunidhi Chauhan, Viviane Chaix, Chitra, Sukhwinder Singh, Naresh Iyer, Udit Narayan, Parul Mishra & Jayachandran gets a chance in the album as well.

Ada (Male Version) – The maestro makes the title song always a masterpiece. ADA starts off very well. Rashid Ali continues his magic with Rahman. We’ve never heard of him. Maybe a new guy who’s gotten a chance to sing for the great maestro. Rashid does a great job and will be in Rahman’s favorites for long. The song after seems to be a slow poison that I will have to get use to and I know I will like it once I do get used to it. The chorus seems to be catchy. There are compositions that Rahman makes will you will instantly fall in love with, then there many which you will have to get used to. But once you do then you realize how great his work is.

Hawa Sun Hawa – Alka Yagnik makes a come back to the team and seems to be a great return with this song. She doesn’t sound stale like she has in past few songs. Alka seems to be fresh and very young. This one is a lovely, soft, feel-good song that I can really relate to. Watch out for the flutes in the middlle, amazing work by A R Rahman. The song backed up by a strong lyrics. Just close your eyes and get swept away by this great composition.

Gum Sum – Labelled to be a Non ARR compositon by the critics. Its a kind of ordinary tunes and beats used in the song. The veterans Sonu and Alka are back with this song. Its an upbeat number with good lyrics and is also used to be a remix number, with Nokia teams up with Rahman. The weaker number from the lot of songs in this album.

Gulfisha – Sunidhi gets a break with the song. Sunidhi makes a shine with this song. Her presence in this song makes Sonu look like he isn’t even there. Beautifully sung. This composition broke the genre barriers. Rahman is all over in the place with this song. Hats off to Sunidhi for sounding so powerful.

Meherbaan – I have dedicated this song to someone special for me, So as should be everyone who have special in your mind. I guarantee you that this is the special gift you can ever give to your loved ones. Thanks to Rahman. Rahman behind the mic with his mezmerizing voice. The maestro takes us to heaven with this song. It is sure that the song has some magic in it. Thanks a lot to Jithin for notifying me about this song. I love Rahman’s range. Just absolutely adore his voice. This is probably the strongest song in this entire album. Rahman turns down the volume here when it comes to background score. from low pitch to hig h range all over in the song. Everything is smooth. And he let’s the lyrics and his voice do the work. If you hear this song you will feel its worth buying this album.

Tu Mera Hai – Classic Chitra starts this song off with her high notes. She’s an absolute delight to hear. I haven’t heard her for long since the starting notes of Rang de Basanti. So it was nice experience to listen to her again. This is practically her song and she carries it with Sukhwinder, a lending support. This is a great, dark, serious song that is very catchy as well. I didn’t need any time getting used to this track. I liked it from word go.

Hai Dard – Slow sad song of Udit Narayan. song backed up by deep lyrics.It’s not a song that I would repeat though. Its something I’d listen to once and forget.

Ada (Female Version) – Similar to the male version. This is the first time Rahman lets Parul Mishra sing. The voice we have never heard before. She does well and has a complete different voice. A voice that can suit situational tracks in my opinion. Overall, good song. Just got to get used to it like the male version.

Milo Wahan Wahan – the next great song in this album. Nice background music used, with the violins and strings as most effective part. This is a mature song with amazing lyrics. This song is more focussed on AR Rahman’s beats and tunes. Rahman is the most versatile and most impressive indian music director out there at the moment and if anyone have a question on this, just listen to this song. Alka is very good in her low notes. Male singer JayaChandran is pure and unique. It is the first time he is singing for an Hindi cinema and he does absolutely great. More hopes on this great singer. There is something about this voice that just stands out. Really I liked this song. A R Rahman ends the album with an impressive track.

Meherbaan and Milo Wahan Wahan stands out in this album. There are other songs like Ada, Hawa Sun Hawa and Tu Meri Hai which are good tracks. But it seems to be a slow poison. Later it will create an impact on every music lovers. Every reviewer must get puzzled on how to judge or rate. Keep listening to these tracks to really find out how good they are. There are some songs that you instantly praise and some that you are doubtful about. Nice soft, romantic, depressive, smooth, calm and chiller album here from Rahman. Not the best work ever from Rahman, but really a good stuff. Three out of Five Stars 🙂




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31 05 2008

Great review,

1 06 2008
Dr Bhaskar Ramaiah

A very nice review. I am in agreement with most of the things except the rating ofcourse. 3/5 is too low for this one. It has to be atleast 4/5. Rahman is just too good to put out bad albums.

4 06 2008

Hey..the review is really cool..
ya, i love the song “Meherbaan”..
background music,beat and interludes are amazing..and apart from that rahman´s voice…wow..really emotional..no words to explain…

i donno hindi..but somebody translated it for me…men..what a lyrics..really cute..
the song is very catchy and it´s close to my heart..

7 06 2008

i too like this song milo wahan. what a song and what i say for ar rahman music.
its too nice and silent music.i always listen rahman music.
i say thanks to rahman.

7 06 2008

rahman is the only few music director of whose music gives soothing pleasure and as if his music speaks…really u can check without singers u can makeout that his music really speaks…rahman is the far best and the far talented than any other and himesh should learn from his master that is what he called rahman ….rahman is incomparable

27 06 2008

I think the overall album of ‘Ada’ is a flop. Not a single song in the movie is good to hear. Like everybody, I am also a die-hard fan of ARR. But I don’t know, something has gone wrong with Rehman in the recent time.

The songs of JTNJN is OK, but are not the typical ARR type except the ‘Adit’ song. Sometime, I feel ARR is bit bias towards Mani Ratnam. Look at all the movies of Mani Ratnam [Roja, Bombay, Sathiya, Yuva, Guru]. All these movies have fantastic movie.

Rehman sir, please don’t upset your fans. We despartely wait for your music…
Rehman sir, you have set a very high standard for yourself and we expect you to only raise this standard with every new album…..

22 07 2008

Hi Guys!!! all songs are very nice and ….. sure these days ARR is giving new and fresh music … i like it very much 🙂

4 08 2008

Hai i am amaan i want ada album in tamil

14 08 2008
Shashank Lakhotia

Agreed Guys!

29 11 2008

Wow that’s great i love all the songs specialy maherbaan.great,surper,good,pakka,fantastic.

29 11 2008

Wow that’s great i love all the songs specialy maherbaan.great,surper,good,pakka,fantastic.thanks to rahman.i am one of the rahman fan.

29 12 2008
shashwati paul

A R rahman’s music is very unique and day by day it is getting better and better, it is dream for every singer to get a chance to meet this genius master I am also a very big fan. I am a classical singer and my album has been selected by songlines magazines for awards 2009 at U.K.

2 02 2009

I always think how the life would have been without ARR songs….i just cant imagine that…probably it will be too horrible…i almost continously sings his songs…he is gem of gems….Rahman please continue to make lots of your fans feel very very happy

18 03 2009

Great blog Farzad .. will never miss out your posts . A good review of Ada .. my fav number is gulfisha .

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