Outstanding Indian contributing to International Cinema

22 05 2008

This year IIFA (International Indian Film Academy) has recognised A.R. Rahman as the ‘Outstanding Indian contributing to International Cinema’. Rahman is credited with increasing Indian film music’s popularity all over the world by his music compositions. He has been recognized as the ambassador of Indian music.

The award bestowed upon A.R. Rahman is one among the three special recognitions of IIFA, the other two being ‘Outstanding contribution to Indian Cinema’ and ‘Achievment in Indian Cinema’. The other two have been won by eminent director Shyam Benegal and Mumtaz respectively.

Shyam Benegal is considered as one of the best filmmakers of India. He marked his debut with Ankur, the impact of which can be felt even today. Shyam Benegal has a very simple but unique style. At the moment, the director is busy storyboarding for his film on Buddha. He is also working on a comedy subject which has received a lot of attention and is on the verge of completion. It is about a postman of a small village full of illiterate people, who becomes the confidant of everyone by reading them their letters.

Mumtaz, the Bollywood actress who was the queen of every heart in the 70s, has been recognized as an achiever in the Indian Cinema.

These awardees will be presented trophies at IIFA Weekend, which will be held in Bangkok from June 6th to 8th, 2008.




One response

25 08 2008
Anil Kumar

I would be thankful if this message reaches to Rehman.

I love you Sir.You are a truly genius.May God bless you and your family.
I always wait for your next album.I have no words to express my happiness.When you took the award at IIFA Istood up from my chair and saluted to your achievement.

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