Touching Story of a Rahmaniac – Rajith

27 04 2008

This story is an extract from Yahoo Group. This is the most touching story I have read of a Rahmaniac. A drop of tear came out of eyes after reading this story. The story is about a Rahmaniac living in Dubai. His name is Rajith Ram Nivas. Now Rajith will talk to you.

” I’m a silent member in this group. I’m Rajith 29 years, married, working as a Sales executive in a Glass company here in Sharjah. I know that I’m too late to post this, but coz of my busy schedule in my job I couldn’t post this, sorry. I’m a crazy fan of Rahman Sir and always I listen his music with my MP3 player which I carry out always with me. I cant sit without his music for a minute. Mostly I will be in my car and I can play his CD. My wife always says with a smile that I love his music more than her. She also loves his music a lot. My big aim in my life was to meet Rahman sir. When Roja released I was studying in 8th std. I love those songs and I planned to meet him or to get a job there as a driver or something else. I know driving very well since very young age. Let me start the story….

Four days before the Sharjah concert there was a contest started in a well known radio station Hit 96.7 FM Dubai. It named as `Meet and Greet A. R. Rahman.’ It is very easy for all rahmaniacs to answer their question, but luck should be there also. But to qualify as a contestant they will ask a preliminary question. We have to answer it by sending message. And they will select 2 people from the right answers and will start the contest with them. They will play a music bit from a Rahman song and we have to recognize it as which song and which movie. Whoever knows the correct answer they have to say their name and he or she has to answer it. If it is not correct then chance goes to the other person to answer the right one.

Like this 5 bits they will play and minimum 3 have to answer. This contest was going on in 3 shows for 3 days. So they will select the 9 winners from them and they will enter to the lucky draw. The lucky draw mega
winner name will be announced on the day before concert (17th Apr). I tried from the first day itself, but I didn’t have luck, 2nd day also passed. Third day is the last day for the contest, they already have had 4 winners with these 2 days. No one answered 5 questions. I was praying to God that atleast I want to participate the contest.

Prayer answered, I got a call from the radio station and the show was going on `Fun at 1′ Arjun was the RJ and he called me and told that be ready for the contest. I was so sure that I can answer all his questions. I answered the 5 and I was the only one who answered the 5. Now tomorrow is the lucky draw and only 5 people qualified for that. I thought they will announce my name as the mega winner, becoz I answered all the 5. But they want to select the winner through lucky draw only. My mind was still saying that I’m the winner and I will meet Rahman Sir.

UNFORTUNATELY, the winner was not me, it was a Smitha. They said congrats to her on-air and I became too much upset. I couldn’t eat or sleep, coz I was expecting that much. But I thought anyway I will meet him. I was having the VIP tickets for me and for my wife which I purchased on Mar 19th through online for seeing his performance without any obstacles. On the day of the concert, I told my wife that I want to buy a bouquet for him. She discourage me from that coz if I couldn’t get a chance to give that then I will be more sad than now. But I told her we will meet him. I purchased it and I told that guy make it special this is for Rahman Sir. He asked me,” are you sure? ” I replied yes. By collecting that I wanted to go to see the cricket stadium what is going on there, maybe sir will be there also. We both went there and no one was there some banner works only was going on there. I saw the VIP area where we have to sit, but it is a little bit far away from the front stage.

Anyway we spend there 30 minutes and returned home. I didn’t sleep last night and didn’t eat also. This morning also I skipped my breakfast. When I reached home I prayed a lot. The only way to see Rahman Sir now is through something like a miracle to happen. I started posting msgs to our group says that we will meet each other before the concert and together we will meet our BOSS. I was sure that he will allow our group members to meet him, as we all know. Some group members started calling me. You will not believe this….. It was about 12:30 pm I received a call from Hit FM radio station says that can you please come to Sharjah Cricket Stadium at 2 pm. I asked them why, they said that the winner Smitha for meet and greet contest can’t participate for that. Because, this meet and greet was planned after the concert but Rahman Sir has to fly back to Chennai next day and he will be tired after the concert, and he himself changed this plan for 2 pm (Before concert). The winner informed Hit FM that she cant reach there by 2 pm and they asked her whether they can give this opportunity to somebody else, she said ok and they chosen my name as the lucky person to meet and greet Rahman Sir.

I just couldn’t believe what they said. I was out of control and soon got ready to go. I reached there with my wife at 1:45 and was waiting for Jean (He is an RJ from Hit FM who takes me for meet and great). Jean reached there before 2. And we all were waiting for Rahman Sir. At 2:30 pm one member from Oasis promotions (They are the sponsers), her name is Sangeetha, came to us and said sorry, we can’t meet him now he is busy with rehearsals and all and the program again changed after the concert. I was like I’m not sure maybe Rahman Sir will say he don’t have time after the concert.

Sangeetha also asked me that which category ticket I am having, I said VIP she told me that we will upgrade your ticket as VVIP. I was like what is going on? I forgot to take my mobile from my home coz of this big surprise. Show started exactly by 8:30 pm and I had my handy cam with me to take videos. When the 1st song played `Jaage hain…’ when I saw him for the first time in my life in real, Oh God….. my hands were shivering and shaking and I couldn’t even focus my camera properly and my heart started beating higher and higher I do not know what all things were happening to me. He is really a great person, he can only make people heart like this. I enjoyed the concert with my wife very well and it was a great event. When the concert finished Sangeetha told us to come `behind stage’ and there we will meet and greet him. I was going `behind stage’ and coz of the crowd we couldn’t reach soon. Sangeetha asked me where were you,he is asking you.

Oh my God!!! Sangeetha told me you can go to this room he is there. In front of the door his Manager was there and he asked me you are the one who won meet and greet, I said yes and he told me go inside….. Oh God…. I knocked the door and opened it. God God… I just couldn’t believe my eyes, it was a big room with some Sofas. On one of them the great man is sitting and drinking water from a small bottle. When he saw me he said come come… God promise, I couldn’t control myself I gave bouquet and I fallen down on his leg and caught his leg and cried allot. I told him by crying, I love you so much sir, and he said I know I know. His face also little bit changed when he saw me with cry. He stood up and slowly hold me like a support to get up. I hug him after I stood up. (No one else willallow to hug, that is Rahman Sir) I became speechless and I couldn’t ask anything to him. He asked me are you in Yahoo group (Coz I was wearing our t-shirt), I said yes and he asked from where you got this t-shirt, I replied I got it through one of my friend Hakkeem from Kerala. Also he asked me where I am working, how long I have been married and what is my wife’s name etc. I couldn’t reply all coz I was not hearing anything, I was in another world and my wife. She said me he is asking reply him.

Then I started replying one by one. I was like I’m in a dream. Then Hit FM people and Sangeetha took photos of us. Most of the photos were shaky becoz everybody became out of control when we saw him. My hands were shivering too much. He is having that divine power, when I touched him I realized
it. He is very simple, no big talks he knows very well about him. And I LOVE HIM A LOT!!!! Am I that much lucky to meet him??

Sorry to post this longer one. I got little time to share my experience and love to Rahman Sir. I thank to God first and then to Hit FM to gave me an opportunity to meet and greet him and to Sangeetha too. Who knows that you will be next luckiest to meet Rahman Sir….

Isn’t it touching ?




10 responses

28 04 2008

seriously man..

he is like a god to many of us

2 05 2008

Do you believe in the almightly power?.. 20 years of divine consistent,persistent, music!!! This is not sheer talent….its pure miracle…U better believe in God!!! No man do such a thing unless the almight himself lets it happen!!!!

2 05 2008

I myself has had a similar experience when I met him at the Taj Malabar @ Kochi, Kerala, so I can relate to it better. 12 years gone by…….yet it still stands as the most memorable day in my life…!!! He might be short in stature, but he is standing tall…..above all… the world of music.

4 05 2008

For the last couple of years I hear people complain of Rahman sounding rusty….. eg..Sivajietc…. They say the audio might be a hit, but it is a miss compared to the talent and range of Rahman. My answer to them was – it is the director who needs to be blamed. Those fools get the golden opportunity to work with Rahman and they waste Rahman’s time and ultimately our time!!!!…..Even Guru was disappointing. I think either Rahman is too busy or the directors are too foolish!!!!!

4 05 2008

I think Rahman should take time to revise!!!!! I strongly believe he should take a couple of days off from his busy schedule, travel to some interior part of Tamil Nadu, sit down and listen to his earlier compositions starting from Roja..Anthi Maalai….Pudhiya Mugham…Pavithra…….May Maadham..Duet….Kizhaku Cheemayilae….Andhi Mandharai…Kangalaal Kaidhi Sai….etc…..I am not saying he has lost his talent……but I feel he must come out of his HIBERNATION of quality music.

9 05 2008

Man. it really was touching! I saw a video when he came to V Super Singer. The contestants cried because they were so happy just to see him!
Congratulations. This must be greatest moment of your life.

11 05 2008
Rajith Ramnivas

Thanks allot for the valuble replys. And a special thanks to Farzad who post my article from Yahoo group. I still couldn’t come to my normal stage after I saw him. He is really great and I know that I am not normal it is maybe because of I’m that much dedicated to him…. yes I’m, I know….

29 04 2009

ohhhh….god………u’ve met A R sir…………congratulations…..first of all……………but really A R rahman sir is far beyond a genius…………nd can u please give me some information about the yahoo group…………what is it actually??……………i will join it if i can join it………i’ve been listeneng his songs since the age of 4………….his songs r always played at my place!!………..

30 09 2009
Nitin Bhatia

man…this is a really touching story…I was also at the Sharjah concert in 2008 and I was dying to meet ARR…

Here’s my experience…

what do I say about the A R Rahman concert…they were the best hours of my life…you know, the concert started at 8 PM …the gates opened at 5 PM…and I reached the staduim at 3 PM in the afternoon and was waiting for 5 hours in the heat for the concert to start!!! but the wait was worth it….!!! the concert started at 8 PM and went on till 12 AM…..4 hours of pure magic…. ARR and his entire troupe manages to just take you off your feet with their music, their passion and perfection…the songs managed to recreate nothing but pure bliss…..and the crowd (including me) enjoyed like anything…. When I reached at 3 PM, the sound check was still in progress and guess who was conducting his sound check?… Sivamani !!! I was in the first row next to the sound station and when he came down from the stage to the sound station, I walked up to him and said hi..I took his autograph and told him how much we enjoy his and ARR’s music and how blessed we are to be living in an era where we have artists like ARR and himself…after that he went to the sound station, got the sound level perfected and when he came down, I clicked a pic with him!!…He was so down to earth…kept on saying thank you…I was too thrilled to just sit there and see magic being created…Neeti Mohan (singer of ‘Maiya…Maiya’ from Guru) did come to practice her dance choreography…. ARR was not there in the practice before the concert…(He dosent need to practice anyways!!) but when the concert started and he came on the stage, the crowd went mad!!!….everyone could’nt just help standing up and shouting and applausing him….the security went crazy trying to control the crowd….during the concert, there was a solo performance by Sivamani, as is the custom…He made music from the surface of briefcase bag and the big 20 Litre hard plastic mineral-water container used in dispensers….!! He’s not called the best percussionist for nothing….! There were many points in the concert where people went just mad…like when ARR did ‘Pray for me Brother’, ‘Humma Humma'(Bombay), Rang De Basanti songs and many more…. and the most amazing thing is that he (ARR) is so humble even after acheiving such unprecendented success….he is so down to earth….he was adressing the crowd every now and then… Unfortunately, I could not meet ARR that day……I went right upto the performer’s dining area…I met Naresh Iyer (Singer – made his debut in Rang De Basanti), Mohd. Aslam (Singer), Steve(Guitarist) & Naveen Kumar(Flute, this guy is pretty well known in the music fraternity, it seems…)…too bad could not meet ARR…

but I will never forget that day,….It was the best day of my life…!

reading this blog made me recollect those memories…Hope I’ve not bored anyone…

ARR is GOD…!

Jai Ho…!

30 09 2009

whenever i listen to ARR sir song on my MP3 player — i always get question in my mind — if i could get a chance to meet ARR sir – wht i am going to do? — wht will be my reponse to it? but i always get a same answer — i will do nothing more than getting cry in front of him …… and thats wht i got a perfect answer by reading this story– thx Rajith for saring with us.

i think every true ARR sir fan will do the same…..

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