A R Rahman’s Jaane tu ya Jaane na ~ Music on May 20

26 04 2008

Aamir Khan has proved that he is one of the few talented directors from the industry who believes in perfection. It is learnt that Aamir who was known for his ghost direction for most of his movies, repeats history, yet again

Aamir’s next production Jaane Tu Yaa Jane Na marks the debut of his nephew Imraan Khan. However Mansoor Khan who was a recluse from the Bollywood circuit for several years, decided to make a come back when he came to know that his cousin Nauzhat’s son Imraan is making his debut in this film.

It can be recalled that Jane Tu Ya Jane Na was initially supposed to be produced by Jhamu Sughand but however things didn’t fall in place and Aamir came to rescue his nephew’s debut project. Aamir chose A R Rahman instead of Himesh Reshmmiya who was supposed to compose the music of Jane Tu Ya Jane Na.

Needless to say, Aamir and Mansoor both are very particular that the film has to be a right film for Imraan’s career, hence both are keeping a check on everything, from scripting to directing. The two are so engrossed that they have apparently forgotten that a known writer Abbas Tyrewala, is the director of the film.

A unit hand informs that Aamir has been involved since the scripting stage of the film. “Abbas Tyrewala is one of the best known script writers of the film, but as usual Aamir gives his creative inputs. Things were okay till the scripting and direction stage but now the film is complete”, revealed the unit hand.

Continuing on the same vein, the insider said, “But when Tyrewala started editing it, Aamir began attending the editing room more often. Earlier he gave some inputs but later when the director did not agree with his views, Aamir started intruding more and made changes accordingly. Once when Tyrewala disapproved of Aamir’s excessive involvement with the editing of the film, Aamir was enraged. Finally Aamir had a heated argument with the director.”

Aamir is infamous for his interfering act. Before this he was known for interfering in Amol Gupte’s work and eventually he ended up directing Tare Zameen Par which marked his directorial debut. “This time he is producing his second as a producer but Aamir showed more interest in scripting and editing of this film. It won’t come as a surprise to anyone if Aamir drops director Abbas’s name as a director,” opines the source.

Would JAANE TU YA JAANE NAA turn out to be the QAYAMAT SE QAYAMAT TAK of the 21st century? If reactions from trade as well as ‘aam junta’ have to be gauged then this pretty much seems to be happening.

“What had worked most in case of QSQT was its innocence”, says a trade expert, “People didn’t know what to expect from the film but the moment Aamir Khan and Juhi Chawla came on screen, they could sense that romance couldn’t have been more innocent and pure. It was a young film which struck the chord across age groups in a major way. I see something similar happening for JAANE TU YA JAANE NAA as well.”

How exactly? “Well, the first promo itself was an indication of things to come. Neither did it try to be overtly mushy nor did it give an impression that JTYJN was one of your usual mushy/romantic movies. Simplicity was the key word in QSQT and it pretty much seems to be the case in JTYJN as well”, he goes on to add.

Nostalgia is certainly revisited if one looks at the first song that is currently on air.

“There is a lot expected from A.R. Rahman here, especially since he is making music for a film that marks the launch of Aamir Khan’s nephew Imraan. In the recent past, Aamir and A.R Rahman have created magic in LAGAAN and RANG DE BASANTI, though MANGAL PANDEY wasn’t all that exciting. With JAANE TU YA JAANE NAA, it should be time for some young music again.”

Directed by debutant filmmaker Abbas Tyrewala (who has also written the lyrics), JAANE TU YA JAANE NAA is being presented under the banner of Aamir Khan Productions and PVR Cinema. Genelia D’Souza is the female lead opposite Imraan. The film releases on 4th July all over, the same day as LOVE STORY 2050 which has another debutant, Harman Baweja, being launched opposite Priyanka Chopra.


  • Kabhi Kabhi Aditi | Rashid Ali
  • Pappu Can’t Dance | Anupama , Benny Dayal, Blaaze , Tanvi, Darshana ,Satish Subramaniam , Aslam
  • Jaane Tu Mera Kya Hai | Runa
  • Nazrein Milaana , Nazrein Churaana | Anupama , Benny Dayal, Darshana, Tanvi , Satish Chakravarthy , Naresh Iyer , Swetha , Bhargavi
  • Tu Bole …. Main Boloon | A R Rahman
  • Kahin To | Rashid Ali , Vasundara Das
  • Jaane Tu Meri Kya Hai |Sukhwinder Singh




41 responses

2 05 2008

Hi Farzad: Do you know what date in May the soundtrack of Jaane Tu will be released? I can’t wait to it!


12 05 2008

i am eagerly waiting for the music release……when it gone to be…?

14 05 2008


Eagerly waiting for the soundtracks of Jaane Tu …ya Jaane na

19 05 2008

i like this song very much.
A.R.Rehman is the best singer and music director.

23 05 2008

fantastic album…the best this year

24 05 2008
Tanmay Ghadavale

I like a song of yours Kabhi Kabhi Aditi

24 05 2008

iam a big fan of A.R.Rahuman sir he is a great singer i like his music and new release jane tu ya jane na is a very nice to listen the music thanks to ar rahuman sir i love it music

24 05 2008

i like is music very much and i love it thanks to ar rahuman sir

25 05 2008

I love the music very much. Especially song jane tu mera kya hai (female) version is simply superb. She sang so nicely.. Rashid ali rocks again. kabhi kabhi adhith superb

25 05 2008

A.R.Rahman is God of music.Jaane tu ya jaane is God’s one of the best
creations.Waiting for other creations…..

26 05 2008

hiiiiiii i like d songs

3 06 2008
Still a Rahmaniac

Can’t believe this is A R Rahman material. Highly dissappointing.. it would have passed off for any new composer’s good debut 😦

I love Rahman n his music.. but this is a disaster.

4 06 2008
Deelip K

Definitely loved these songs.

5 06 2008
Abhilash kumar

“Kabhi Kabhi Aditi Zindagi ” is awesom..may be one of the bests this year..rest all are okayish

6 06 2008

really fantastic, soothic, extremely stunnish, at last A r rehman rock’s-possibely no. 1 track of the year.

10 06 2008

ar rahman sir is the god of music. the one who dnt like his music is nt a true music lover. his song kabhi kabhi aditi is the best. even jane tu meri kya hai is good. one should listen to songs in detail. when i listen to ar rahman sir’s songs, i listen to each and every music piece and different sounds which he uses in his music which makes his music different from others. he is something different.

14 06 2008

I love this film’s music! Rahman at his best!

16 06 2008

Aditi hasde… gr8 song

17 06 2008

i liked this album jtyjn very much that too “kabhi kabhi” song was really superb.

21 06 2008

Pappus start smash it…..

lets start the party………………….

21 06 2008

i love tu bole mein boloo… the jazz influences are so soothing…
it was almost like listening to michael buble

and of course kabhi kabhi aditi is awesome too..

21 06 2008

oh the song has a striking resemblance to Gershwin’s old but popular number ‘Let’s call the whole thing off’

24 06 2008

the best song of the 2008 summer is kabhi kabhi…
The guitar is so soothing and mast.
by the way,i am visiting ur site for the 1st time and its GREAT..
keep it up

27 06 2008

What can we say abt A R .Rehman sirs music.
its simply superb.
Sir hats off to you.
Awaiting to hear much more from you

30 06 2008

i simply love A.R Rahaman’s song. u r truly amazing. i really love the the kabi kabi

3 07 2008

Watch Online Jane tu ya jaane na videos, promos only at Latest Bollywood Releases. Enjoy!

3 07 2008

i am willing to see the movie…

4 07 2008

simply the great,kabhi kabhi zindagi
Tooooooooo Goooooood

4 07 2008
Arvind Kumar

hi…. gr8 songz enjoyed lot

18 07 2008

supporb movie

19 07 2008

kabhi kabhi aditi song was sooo good!! Love it!

20 08 2008

i love you rehman
aap kaam ke sath sath namaz bhi pade
kyunki namaz sab ke liye farz hai

20 08 2008


30 10 2008

Yes he is amazing in this film he did great job all songs are very nice…..

9 12 2008
love for life

he is doing great job. so is AR Rahman

29 08 2009

love the songs…..

can anyone give me the link to the BGM when “Jai” meets “Meghna”…..

9 06 2011

even i am looking forward for that eagerly!….i love it and m now its years that i am humming…i want that BGM at any cost!….plzzz help someone!

9 06 2011

this the link which will offer you all the BGM of JTYJN….i gt it from dere itself!cheers!

9 09 2009

Rahman is great and best guy.

17 11 2009

hey folks, dis is peter 4m calcutta,
the more u say abt rahman, the less it seems, he is truly a miracle to indian music industry. i’m a die hard fan of his and hope to see him smtym.
his tracks are totally unimaginable and the ideas that he comes up with,displays his xpertise in his field. i liked jodha akbar the best… tkcr

12 03 2010

hey rahman i love your music…but I have a problem…I am in love with the background music/tune in the scene where jai and his group go to a disco and meghna is spotted by jai and he starts liking her….thats when meghna is troubled by the 2 cow boys (arbaaz and sohail khan)


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