My soul mates saw Rahman….I am crying !

19 04 2008

And it was their day….Sometimes luck never comes our way…say my way. To see Rahman was one of my dreams in life. I really adore him. Only not because of his talent, but his simplicity. His beleif in God, his down to Earth character. Standing with Ar rahman is my friends. Close friends. Shiras, Thayyib and Shahbad. Guys really Jealous of you. I feel like crying. You got once in a life time opportunity. And he made your day. But when will be my day coming…… I have no idea. Sometimes I will have the luck to see him, but to be a member of a crew of his concert. That would be dream for me.

I got a message from Shahbad,late night. This was the message

“Da, most happiest moment in my life. I touched Rahman. He is just in front of me now. I took snapz. We are in stage co ordinators team. Now rehearsals going on… Missing you…….”

I got up from my bed. Couldn’t sleep. Got excited that my soul mates are going to see ARR. Became happy. Then suddenly I thought when will I see….I got stuck… I didn’t had an answer. I wish I was in Dubai. But no…I thought can I fly now…The answer was again no…..My sleep went off…Got up from bed. Read the message again and again… And started crying.

I am crying………and will keep on crying….

All credits to Asif Bhai who made this possible to our Guys. Without him nothing could have been made possible.

He alone took the responsibility to manage the crew of this concert. His belief in his friends made every bodies dream made possible. After each song our guyz took initiative to co ordinate the artist and the instruments. After the sole performance by Shivamani, the next song was Khwaja mere Khwaja. For that song the stage has to be set up in a Sufi style and our Guyz had only 30 seconds. They had done it in great style and within seconds the stage had become a perfect venue to perform a Qawwali.


Shanavas is a die hard fan of Rahman and also acted as a vital part of the concert. They with Rahman made this show a musical Extravaganza.

One could not help but admire Rahman’s immense talent and versatility as the show moved from energetic dance tunes to deeply spiritual devotional numbers and rocking rap music to a soul stirring patriotic song.

Proud being Rahmaniac…… Proud of you guyz………You guyz made it !


[rockyou id=110292890&w=324&h=242]




One response

17 06 2009

Oh I am really jealous of those guys. Hope I would meet this Wonderful man once.

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