‘Bombay Dreams’ to be staged in Pakistan

2 04 2008

An adaptation of “Bombay Dreams”, Andrew Lloyd Webber’s musical that unraveled the romantic Bollywood to the world on Broadway, will be staged in Pakistan next week.

Directed by Sharabeel Shah, the musical extravaganza is believed to have cost Rs 3 million, making it the most expensive stage show put together in Pakistan.

The play, which had a run for a select audience in the federal capital last year, will be staged at the Alhamra Art Council.

“Bombay Dreams”, which comprises a huge cast of 75 Pakistani actors, is expected to run to full houses in the country’s cultural capital.

“The play has been colored in a local fashion to make it look real. Though the play is in English, it proceeds in a fashion that a person not familiar with English can very well understand it. The actors have been working hard and we hope to have a big crowd,” Sharabeel told the Daily Times.

The original Broadway musical starred London-based actors Preeya Kalidas, Raza Jaffrey, Raj Ghatak, Ayesha Dharker and Dalip Tahil. The music was scored by India’s A R Rahman.

“The play is known for its rhythmic tones composed by A R Rahman and will definitely cheer the audience,” Sharabeel said.

The story revolves around an ambitious young guide, Aakash, who is brought up by his mother and lives in the slums. He fantasies about being a Bollywood star. A young lawyer’s franc offers him a shot in Bollywood and takes him to Mumbai, where he experiences a side of the city he had never imagined.

For the Pakistani version, actors have been drawn from various elite educational institutions of Lahore.




2 responses

4 04 2008

I’m glad that a telecom company like Warid which has been sponsoring Shahsharabeel in each of its venture is taking an active part in bring this play to the Pakistani audiences. CAn’t wait to see the play

16 04 2008
shahwali shayan

the play was AWESOME!!!! i loved it ….. the glamorous costumes….the humor added by “sweety””dolly” (the khusras) was toooooo good!!!!! awesome work Mr. sharabeel….. inspired by ur work, loved it and truly admire it!!!!!

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