“I’m mad about Ice Creamz”- Ar rahman

25 02 2008

While everything about him and his music has been written and spoken about, his craze for ice creams, curd rice and his second home in England might take you by surprise. “I go mad about ice cream and curd rice” he spurts almost like an innocent 16 year old boy. He asserts that the day music becomes a chore for him. Everything will come to an end. “Fortunately my work never stagnates because I get to work with some of the best from the industry for whom experimenting and taking up challenges are a part of their game”.

But like all of us he needs time off work too. “At times when I want to unwind I need to detach myself from all of it. The problem is that I find music even in silence ! I go to dargah or the roof top of my house in Chennai and spend a couple of hours alone. Interestingly , he also loves spending time at his second home in England. That includes playing role of a husband and that of a father. “My wife loves my chopped tresses and so I am not growing it back. And my kids, they are all insomniacs like me. They don’t sleep till one in the morning and wake up very early” the Maestro adds.




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