Rediff chat with Rahman

12 02 2008

Still after the concert in Chennai, everyone thought that Ar rahman wont attend the Live chat program organized by But no — he was upbeat, obviously in a great frame of mind, when he appeared on Rediff chat. During his interaction with fans worldwide, there was no sign of impatience, no indication that his mind was on other things — though he had, after the chat, to complete work on some remixes and catch a flight to London for the music release of Lord Of The Rings.

During the chat, Rahman came up with an interesting story about Michelangelo.

It seems that he was painting beautiful pictures at the back of the church. People told him you are a fool because you are not painting in the front where people can appreciate your work. The answer was: I do my work for God. I think he can watch it anywhere. I thought it was a brilliant answer because everything doesn’t need to have instant appreciation. Even if one of you have appreciated those fine nuances, that is enough for me.” rahman added.

Rahman’s view towards life is “Love makes the heart lighter and makes you see things objectively. Hate darkens you and makes you heavy at heart and uneasy. Make a choice. God bless.”

He also added that he never intentionally neglect people, but due to overwhelming queue in his work, it might seem so. “I have all of you in my prayers and love you all.” Mozart became speechless on his fans

ARR read most of the fans questions and just picked and choose the ones he felt like answering due to lack of time. He thanked all his for taking their time for writing all those beautiful kind words.

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