Sakkarakatti Music download : Music release on July 11

4 02 2008

Ar rahman’s next venture is all set to release on July 11th. Its name Sakkarakatti and huge publicity is given for the music of the film. Cut out of Ar rahman with a guitar are seen all round Chennai. Kala Prabhu is the director of the movie.

The film features Bhagyaraj’s son Shanthanu in the lead and Vedhika as his pair. Kala Prabhu says that he spent around 2 crore for shooting a song in Prasad studio. The song portrays New York City after 500 years. Shanthanu and Vedhika were dancing around with a lot of French girls for the song.




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17 02 2008

waiting for march 2nd……Rahman i know u will rock again,again,again and again

27 02 2008

Music means that rahman only…… ill give the 100% guarntee that sakkarakatti songs was going to be a bloackbuster hit…… how ever my pray will be always there for rahman….. i love u rahman…… 1 of ur greatest fan in the world……

3 03 2008
mental machine

where is the music you never make statements which you cant full fill

3 03 2008
mental machine

never make promises which you cant full fill

5 03 2008

where is the sakkarakatti music when it will be released

10 07 2008

cant wait for sakkarakatti to release………. rahman already rocked with jane tu ya jane na this year……….. for sure sakkarakatti will be the biggest music mania of the tamil cinema………………..

11 07 2008


12 07 2008

Thanks for the songs

12 07 2008


12 07 2008
Niaz Ahmed

the genius s been rocking the world with his wonderful music from
roja to recent sakkarakatti. he is the great man who revolutionised the
music of not only tamil but also hindi.. he took the poularity of indian music to world level. its my life time ambition to sing in his movie. Insha Allah i will get that wonderful chance.

14 07 2008


15 07 2008

hi my man rahman, im jus looking u in robo . i know u rock it. keep it , no one is there b4 u u u..

16 07 2008
Syed Ajees Rahman

AR Rahman is the best…one of my wish is to meet him at snap a picutre with him…

20 07 2008

one sun
one moon
one earth
one music
“the one&only music king”
rules the entireworld by his music
cannot be replced
lets salute the spirit&spark of ar rahman

22 07 2008

i wud luv to see rahman….once…atleast once in person….its been a long time wish…..hope it wil turn out true….dat day, i ll be the happiest person in this whole world….

30 07 2008
Jeya Mithiavani

I would love to see a.r rahman atleast once before my last breath. I grew up with his music and i just cant get enough of it. I cant explain the feelings i feel when i listen to his tune. I feel like im living myself in each of his music notes. A chant that had charmed me as a kid since i heard Roja and never knew who the music director was. And cant think of anyone else but A.R Rahman ji. Wanting to see you is just a wish, but upon getting the chance it’ll be the most cheerishable gift that i would carry with me till my days on earth. You have played a part in shaping the person that i am today. Your voice and music is heard within me at all times. YOU ARE THE BEST, Rahman ji.

14 08 2008
Dr Alvin

Frdzz…Rahman is someone most talented.
I knw he would succeed wherever he goes……..
He always tried to satisfy his die hard fanzzzz.
wish..his songs would Rock 4 ever!!!!!

20 08 2008

super baa

31 08 2008

i cant understand tamil
still i heartly appreciate all d songs of d movie,

10 10 2008

sakkaraikati songs are really superb. once again rahman trend setted in tamil music.

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