Lord of the Rings Musical ~ Next Big Venture

4 02 2008

Rahman sees this album as his big international leap. “Every song has a minimum of 200 musicians and technicians involved in it. Huge choirs and orchestras were brought into play. We recorded the album in London and mixed it in my studio at Chennai. The whole crew came down from all over the world.” All the songs are in English and in Elvish…the language of The Lord Of The Rings. “I had lots of help from fellow musicians like Christopher Nightingale. It took me three years to do the album.”

Looking back, Rahman is not the least content with his achievements. “It’s never enough,” he rued. “Music is my only therapy. There’re so many awful things happening in the world. I wish I could heal the world. My peace anthems like Vande Mataram and Pray For Me, Brother are a small candle light in the storm. But you never know which candle will light a thousand other candles.”




One response

12 07 2008

Hey people i went watch this show it was simply amazing and Astonsihing The Lord of the Rings The Musical Spectaculer(Drama)

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