Rahman fed up with Bollywood !

3 02 2008

Ar rahman is really fed up with bollywood ! Bollywood’s loss is going to be the Western world’s gain.

A R Rahman is deliberately turning down big assignments here because of copyright and royalty issues regarding music sales. The reticent retainer of the raga and rhythm is reluctant to discuss the issue.

“It’s too complicated. But, yes, the issues do stop me from accepting more Bollywood offers. Those who want to work with me in Mumbai but won’t agree to my conditions, are going to other composers. At the moment, I’ve also cut down film assignments because I want to focus on creating a Western-classic music conservatory in India. With this I hope to bridge the gap between Western classical and Indian ragas. Imagine a thumri being played by an orchestra! Or a Carnatic raga being a part of a big Hollywood epic,” said Rahman.

The musical visionary says he needs to take his music to another level now. “I can’t be doing just films, films, films all my life,” said Rahman. “But whenever I work in Mumbai, I give my fullest concentration, as I did for Ashutosh Gowariker’s Jodhaa Akbar , which I’m proud of.”

However, international assignments are getting more prominent in Rahman’s career. “I enjoyed doing Shekhar Kapoor’s Elizabeth — The Golden Age . Now my music for the stage adaptation of The Lord Of The Rings is ready. The album is being released in Feb.”

Is Rahman going away from us? Do you think Ar rahman have the right to acquire his Music Right? Can he go away from Bollywood ? Respond Rahmaniacz !!!




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3 02 2008

Its my gut feeling that we will not be disappointed for a shortage of a class music by a class personality like him. You can’t stop a genius from delivering what he is good at by slapping him some crap copyright’s issue. Well, I feel that the man’s got the right to retain the legalities of the music that he composes. I am happy that we are going to see some revolutionary work from him.

Hats off to ARR 🙂

19 05 2008

I don’t think people realize how wonderfully talented and impactful A. R. Rahman is. When he takes a break from Bollywood is when the mainstream will miss him.

It was like that in 2007, when he worked on only the music to Guru. 2008 is a lot more promising though. I think only the best scripts and stars deserve his music, so I am comfortable with him and especially Aamir Khan! They have created magic together more than once, and Ghajini and Jaane Tu will be no exception.

14 08 2009
Joby Joseph

It’s a big loss for Bollywood if Sir. A.R.Rahman leave this Indian film industry. Issue such as copyrights and royalties regarding music sales is a big problem for all the other Indian music directors. But he is an ultimate genius, & nobody can’t stop him for the magic he would create in overseas..

I think his decision is the best and perfect decision, but bollywood music will loose its virginity….

27 09 2013


12 02 2014

Respected Rahman sir,

I am Praveen Kumar and I have completed graduation from Allahabad university in 2013,with science stream.
I am beginner and wanted to become a good singer.
I loves your music and your voice also.
your Sufi songs are the path of heaven.
we can’t explain it.
sir,i request you to guide me. if any probability their,please suggest me at kpraveen.yadav414@gmail.com.-

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