Naresh Iyer : Discovery of Rahman

26 12 2007

Talking about Naresh, like many other youngsters participated in Channel V’s super singer contest in 2005 with major dreams and even made it to the top 25 before being ousted. But Naresh was offered a chance to sing in films by none other than Rahman, who was judge on the show.

Naresh, die hard rahmaniac said ” Meeting Rahman was a big thing in itself. And frankly speaking, I was a little sceptical when he said he would get back to me within a week. I thought Rahman was just trying to console me. But I got a call from his studio within four days.”

The R. D. Burman award for a new musical talent is the latest feather in his cap. “What makes the award even more special is Rahman got this award when he began his musical journey as well,” explains the ardent ARR fan and adds, “Sometimes, I am very happy with the way things have shaped for me, but then I also realise I have a long way to go.”




One response

10 01 2008
Sunil Sanghani

Its not Naresh Iyer who sang it. Its Javed Ali. Listen people listen porperly before saying something.

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